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    The word rent has a long history. Here we use it in its more modern definition, e.g. according to Robert Tollison (1982), economic rents are "excess returns" above the "normal levels" that are generated in competitive markets. More specifically, a rent . . . (click the pic to read more)

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Two reasons why the US should hold an accused murderer in US custody

Reason Number One A Philippine judicial system that is not based on reason, but on emotion and political influence. The attorney for the victim’s relatives, one Harry Roque, intends to lead the family on a storming of the US ships docked in Subic if the U.S. does not turn the suspect over to the Philippines. Mr. … Continue reading

Ten commandments heston

A secular moral code to take the place of The Philippine Golden Rule

It is a mind-bender for those of us who subscribe to The Golden Rule to recognize that self-dealing in the Philippines is an accepted moral value. The Golden Rule says: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is a fundamental value statement that advocates for kindness and consideration among any group … Continue reading

binay inquirer

The Mad Mad World of the Binays

From time to time in a blog, I elaborate. Embellish. Is elaboration fact? No, it is elaboration, similar to the way an editorial cartoonist draws caricatures to make a point. So in today’s article, I align some words to embellish . . . and make a point or two. No harm intended. No foul. Trust me. Every … Continue reading

Binay moral hazard

Warning: the moral hazards of the Binay family

by Edgar Lores Recently I came across three concepts in economics that I think may be applicable to the eruptions of corruption surrounding the Binay family.  These concepts are: Tragedy of the Commons Free Rider Moral Hazard Tragedy of the Commons The tragedy of the commons is a situation wherein individuals, acting in their own … Continue reading

ong dismisses napoles rappler

A political Supreme Court? Or a Court with weak integrity?

Philippine Supreme Court justices and many judiciary employees often raise the cry of “judicial independence!” It is a demand to be left alone from interference by the Executive and Legislative branches of government. Backers of impeached Chief Justice Corona claimed that charges against him were an attack on the independence of the Court. My argument at the time was, no, … Continue reading


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