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    How is it that JoeAm, who ballyhoos his support for President Aquino, could easily learn to like a candidate who calls our president an "awful manager" and condemns the President's cabinet as "NPA", or "Non Performing Assets"? (Rappler Article, look for links within links.)

    Well, one view of President Aquino is macro . . . (click the pic to read more)

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Mural by Australian street artist Meek.

The Philippines: Human Rights versus Culture of Impunity

What are human rights? Why are they important? Why does the government need to protect its citizens’ human rights? What do they mean for Filipinos? What can a citizen do to help in the preservation and maintenance of his/her or fellow Filipinos’ human rights? The basic premise of human rights is that any human being … Continue reading


I’m American. Do I want a Filipino in my foxhole?

The U.S. and Philippines are about to strike up an agreement that stations Americans on Filipino soil in non-permanent facilities. It took eight working meetings for negotiators of the two countries to iron out the details about what kinds of facilities would be involved, where they would be, who would have access, how long the … Continue reading

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The Philippines: Assuming the Role of Leader in Asia

I suppose that it is natural, in a nation that has been abused by occupiers and her own empowered class, that it would be difficult for some citizens of the Philippines to even grasp what good leadership looks like. This is a diverse nation, and often an argumentative and highly divided nation. As in most things in … Continue reading


Why Making the Right Choice in the 2016 Election is Crucial

The nation needs to prepare early for the 2016 national election. It is a very important election because Filipinos will choose their leader for the next six years and their choice could either make or break the progressive streak that the incumbent administration has started. Political pundits are in consensus that the Philippines needs another … Continue reading


Philippine Industries. Where are the jobs?

Filipinos want to work but the jobs aren’t there. What’s to be done? This article is a bit of a diary. I’m writing as I discover things, so pardon me if there is a shift in direction here or there. . . It seems to me that to develop a model for job growth in the Philippines, it would … Continue reading


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