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    By Andrew Lim

    Vice President Binay chose Trillanes probably because he is not a lawyer like Cayetano who can scrutinize the legal and corporate maze or because he loses his temper quickly. Or because he is the least experienced politician among the members of the sub-committee. . . (click the pic to read more)

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Of division, diversity and an admiral

One of the discoveries I have made in blogging is that it is extraordinarily difficult to find successful ways to bring people of different backgrounds and thinking into a common community that nurtures itself. Rather, the division caused by our diversity inherently wins out. And thus we find hostility in the blog threads, protests and violent complaints across the … Continue reading

una-binay inquirer

UNA: Political party or cabal of crooks?

I admit to getting frustrated with Philippine political parties because they are like smoke, hard to grasp. Personalities are more important than principles and platforms. Indeed, as we will see, the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), a major player in the 2013 national election, apparently never even got around to formulating a set of projects, or … Continue reading


Of perverts and sovereign states

Let me drop off this blog before hitting the road for one of my family’s annual explorations of Philippine tourist delights. I may not be able to tend to comments diligently, but I trust you can deal with this unusual topic with the normal wise maturity of Society members. It is a serious topic. Stipulations As we … Continue reading

Energy Fuels to 2030 DOE

The Philippines: a nation unplugged

When people talk of infrastructure, we generally think of roads, trains, planes and ports. But there are four other components of infrastructure we should put on the table, right in front of the President and Congress: Electricity Broadband access and speed Computers in education Problem solving Now the first two you are probably familiar with. You … Continue reading

haves and have nots in manila

Binay, the poor, and changing from a rent seeking society to a competitive society

By josephivo Rent The word rent has a long history. Here we use it in its more modern definition, e.g. according to Robert Tollison (1982), economic rents are “excess returns” above the “normal levels” that are generated in competitive markets. More specifically, a rent is “a return in excess of the resource owner’s opportunity cost”. Joseph … Continue reading


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