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    A man's dreams should exceed his horizons, or what's an imagination for?

    Manila is a like Atlas with the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders. She shrugs, shudders, and staggers under the weight of 10 million people looking for opportunity.

    It has long been this way. Shipping barons . . . . (click the pic to read more)

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The Philippines is lookin’ good!

After typhoon Yolanda, my wife and I stopped going to Tacloban on our monthly trek to the supermarket and mall. The storm and desperate pillagers ripped the mall and most of the town from its foundations. We shifted our shopping to Ormoc like about half of Leyte did, judging from the congestion there. The other … Continue reading

jejomar-binay philnewsdotph

The Binay road to power

Let me move this article to the front of the line because I think it is important considering the dueling going on now between those trying to make visible Vice President Binay’s alleged shenanigans as mayor of Makati, and those seeking to obfuscate and bury the conversation. I come neither to praise nor bury Caesar, … Continue reading

dynasties in political parties 2012 voxeudotorg

Organizing Philippine social media as a force for good works

We tend to look at social media as a way to communicate with each other quickly and conveniently. I’d like to propose that it is more than that. Or can be more. It can be a representative community. We all know what social media are and have our favorite on-line playgrounds. It seems to me … Continue reading

diet of worms

Why Filipinos should convert to Lutheranism

Now religion is a tricky topic to take on, but I’m sure we can do it without too much apoplexy. Just keep in mind that this is an intellectual blog, a discussion forum, where ideas are open, denigration of others is rejected, and spiritual matters are left to the individual. Martin Luther was rather like Carlos … Continue reading

trillanes-cayetano philstar

The Binay defense team: Philippine media

Have you noticed the subtle difference in media reporting about allegations of corruption regarding the Makati parking garage, versus what we witnessed regarding allegations of abuse of presidential discretionary spending (DAP)? The difference is to be found in the headlines and volume of stories favoring either the defendant or the accusers. The trial is being held in … Continue reading


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