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    A "three-fer", or three subjects for today:

    Mary Jane Veloso

    A Filipina who was evidently taken advantage of by relatives to smuggle drugs into Indonesia, and was caught, is on death row and scheduled to be executed by firing squad in about a week. The case is obviously tragic . . . (click the pic to read more)

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How daily newspapers promote nonsense in the Philippines

We live in an era where our surroundings are defined by social media and the mainstream press. Even when we get information from our friends, it is usually filtered through the press or undisciplined social media. Our minds are made up through an accumulation of shallow readings and loose information, or we follow a handful of columnists, … Continue reading


The Philippines: “Please pass the Mighty Bond”

I remember an old glue commercial where a hefty guy hangs upside down on a cross-beam, his shoes sealed to the beam by a few daubs of Mighty Bond glue, or some similar product. My recall is a little fuzzy on the particulars, but not on the upside down man. Mighty Bond glue is not recommended for dentures or pasting … Continue reading

Philippine_Sea 500

Shift the China burden to the US; take care of the Philippines . . . and look east

The Society’s Chief Wildman, formerly known as Pinoy in Europe, drops off more insight in a day than most of us can do in a month. Well, I suppose it helps that he types 200 words per minute and his brain runs at 500. My keyboard is smokin’ at 50 WPM and my brain starts rattling and vibrating … Continue reading

grace poe mamasapano hearings coconutsmedia

Is Senator Poe a trapo or just a friend to VP Binay?

What is a trapo, and is Senator Grace Poe one? Here’s the best explanation of the term that I’ve read: trapo, n, a traditional politician believed to be corrupt. Trapo is also a blend word or fusion, combining the first syllables of TRA-ditional PO-litician. In the beginning, Philippine journalists and “street parliamentarians” (that is, activists) … Continue reading

A metallic chain with an explosed link.

“Free the Philippines! Join the Liberation Party!”

That’s the rallying cry I imagine would attach to a group of middle class and enlightened upper class Filipino citizens who believe the nation is not yet free in the fullest, richest sense. How is the Philippines not free? Enrichment opportunities are bound in ways that favor the entitled. The poor are bound by lack of … Continue reading


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