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    Now that I'm famous, I figure I can shift gears. Instead of writing to learn, I can write to preach, to instruct, to lecture, to lord it over all the people who thought they were coming here for wisdom, and are instead stuck back in the school room.

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Andrew_Classroom_De_La_Salle_University wikimedia commons

“Hey university students: I’m calling you out! You’re not doing your job to take care of the Philippines!”

As an outsider, I have no place to make demands here. If I were a properly papered insider, a citizen, I could righteously try to shake some social fruit from the Philippine cultural trees. And, to be frank, I get mighty upset with student apathy and negligence in the Philippines, the negligence being that young people, … Continue reading


The Philippines, land of the walking dead

“Shock and awe” satire is an exaggeration, a literary technique that magnifies meaning and provokes. One should not read it literally, or personally. Rather, one should think about what the author might mean, and laugh if you get the humor wedged here and there between the thoughts. __________________ Mostly I don’t like zombie movies because … Continue reading


All young children born in this country

w A letter to future generations about corruption in the Philippines by Andrew Lim Congratulations. You have been born into a country blessedly rich in resources, from the fish in the sea to the farms that bear fruit and produce, all sun-kissed to perfection. Its islands are like jewels strewn across the sea, providing home … Continue reading


2016: Desperately seeking Ninoy

Kindly allow me to sneak in one final political commentary before I retreat to the seats way high up in the bleachers, back row, from which the foreigners can be seen, but their voices not heard. This one is rich with generalizations and speculations, all in the interest of provoking discussion, something the loquacious members … Continue reading

enrile inquirer

The Supreme Court Ruling on Enrile shames the Philippines

What are we to think when a man who, by all accounts, is too ill to be in jail can get released from custody and return to the senate as a hero. Never mind that evidence suggests he stole taxpayer money. He is held up as a hero. [See Inquirer: “Enrile returns to senate”] Well, I understand … Continue reading


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