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    The Society of Honor has picked up a lot of new followers thanks to President Aquino's mention of Joe America during his SONA speech, and thanks to the discussion that followed, and mentions by notables such as Buddy Gomez III. Given that some may wish to "brief up" on the work done here, and 800 blogs is a little much to wade through, I thought I'd list the most popular blogs, the wide . . . (click the pic to read more)

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2015-SONA gov dot ph

The inside story: President Aquino quotes an anonymous blogger

People have asked for my take on the SONA speech but I’m inclined not to judge it. I take it at face value, a report card packed with information and human interest profiles. I don’t really care for all the critiques done by others who claim greater wisdom, and who would have done it better, differently, or right … Continue reading

aquino-sona-2015 inquirer

When SONA is NOT really SONA

x By  Popoy  Del.  R.  Cartanio (This piece is written — 26 July 2015 before P NOY’s SONA was read or delivered.) When SONA is NOT really SONA is a probable choice of a title on how a journalist, columnist, opinion hack, media or TV barker —  who gets his bread from catchy headlines — will  prefer to … Continue reading

INC studyINC dot com

The INC forest fire: Politics corrupts, corrupt politics corrupts absolutely, even religion

x By Popoy Del. R. Cartanio The title begs with sincerest apologies to Lord Acton who said in almost the same tune the power syndrome, now almost a clichéd broken record: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  Power and politics, they are not brothers like the thief and the liar as declared by the clean as a … Continue reading

grace poe

A dislike of Grace Poe rolls across social media

Some people look at Pulse Asia or Social Weather Station polls and make their decision who to vote for. “We MUST beat Binay! Go with the favorite! Go with Poe!” That’s their way. But it is somewhat problematic because it does not factor in the future. It does not factor in time and circumstance between … Continue reading

aquino-akihito inquirer

“Hey, you don’t care, Philippines, I don’t care!”

The “I” is not a personal “I”, but a collective “I” representing any outsider who has a decision to make, do I want to have anything to do with the Philippines or not? Do I want to travel there? Invest there? Live there? Send my sons and daughters to fight there? Let me walk a … Continue reading


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