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pacquiao-binays inquirer

“Get out, Manny! Get out!”

No, no, Manny. Not boxing. Stay in boxing as long as your body can meet your high expectations. Get out of UNA! Now. Right now. You are a sportsman. You deal fair, you fight fair. There is nothing personal against other boxers when you enter the ring. You are a professional, something that cannot be … Continue reading

Gettysburg-Address 01 wikipedia

The Philippine Constitution: is it set in cement or is it a living, growing document?

The Supreme Court of the United States last week ruled on two ground-breaking cases, one preserving President Obama’s national health care program, the other permitting same-sex marriages. The rulings were groundbreaking because they were “liberal” findings among a court stacked by former presidents to be conservative. What happened? Why? What does it mean to the … Continue reading

Senators 2016 A

Re-inventing the Senate in 2016 and 2019

Let’s look at the senators who are up for re-election in 2016 and 2019 and see if there is a strategy that can be articulated that points to achievement-oriented law-writing in support of a fast-rising Philippines. It seems to this observer that a part of the drag on Philippine success is weak law-making. The Senate … Continue reading

rice planting by Fernando Amorsolo

How to break the Binay lock on the CDE class: “speak at an angle”

One of the subjects that comes up often, usually with no small amount of frustration, is how rigidly members of the CDE laboring class and poor are unbending on their political views: “Binay can do for the Philippines what he has done for Makati.” “Binay is one of us.” “All politicians are corrupt.” “President Aquino is … Continue reading

junjun-binay-court-order philstar

Is the Condonation Doctrine unconstitutional?

Is the Condonation Doctrine unconstitutional? And should the Supreme Court revisit its decision in G.R. L-11959? By Yvonne Much has been said about the condonation doctrine. This subject has come into public awareness and intense scrutiny when Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, Jr. invoked the condonation doctrine to stop his suspension as ordered by the Ombudsman in connection with … Continue reading


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