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    One of the aspects of Filipino culture that I find most endearing is the respect granted to people senior of age. The giving of blessings is most touching. The dedication is so serious that Philippine family law mandates that children take care of their parents.

    This is different than in America, which is a place where, as we slam the door behind us to embark on our own path . . . (click the pic to read more)

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Noynoy Aquino, a kaleidoscopic president

“You gone yellow-zombie on us, Joe?” Yeah, yeah. Sorry, I can’t help myself. I’ve gone patriotic on the Philippines. I can’t figure out how the nation can get stronger when so many Filipinos insist on diminishing their country and its leadership. Just as the nation is rising. “Born to lose“ So I push back. If you are inspired by failure, … Continue reading


Audiences . . . and building middle class clout. . .

Every newspaper, every television or radio show, every blog has its audience. All publishers and producers want that audience to be bigger, generally for commercial profit. But most accept that their audience will have certain characteristics and write or broadcast to that audience. In the U.S., Fox reaches conservative whites, CNBC MSNBC reaches liberals, Brietbart News reaches extremist tea-party reactionaries, … Continue reading

supreme-court philstardotcom

Getting the Supreme Court out of the business of operating the nation

We have a shoving match going on between the Executive and Judicial branches of government here in the Philippines. The Court is sensitive about “independence”, even to the point of employees engaging in political rallies, and the President is irritated that the Court keeps throwing wrenches into his efforts to run this dilapidated, dirty, diesel … Continue reading

aquino arrives in france inquirer

‘Dear Mr. President, about those term limits . . .”

Dear Mr. President, Good day, Sir. I trust that you had a delightful time in Europe. The French are okay, eh? They offered a rather touching tribute to you and your mother. It seems to me that the trip was another important step to elevate the Philippines in the world’s eyes, spark an interest among investors … Continue reading


Manila is to New York as Davao is to Los Angeles

A man’s dreams should exceed his horizons, or what’s an imagination for? Manila is a like Atlas with the weight of an entire nation on her shoulders. She shrugs, shudders, and staggers under the weight of 10 million people looking for opportunity. It has long been this way. Shipping barons of the great shipping era, as the … Continue reading


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