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Eight reasons to vote for Binay

w by Edgar Lores I have thought deep and long — and long and deep — about the presidential candidates, and I am convinced there is only one man who deserves your vote as the new president of the Philippines.  That man is no other than Jejomar “Jojo” Cabauatan Binay, Sr. I hope to convert … Continue reading

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People powered journalism

I’ve been noodling on an idea, and that’s a potentially troublesome thing. It causes me to lose sleep. Maybe it will also cause readers to stop what they are supposed to be doing to think about it as well. Here are the premises to my noodling: Today’s media are disappointing , especially in the presentation of news. … Continue reading

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Tito Sotto is not a woman

w by Cha Coronel Datu Tito Sotto is not a woman. Going by certain types of definition, he is what would probably pass for a man. And so this one man has taken it upon himself to decide on the options that could be made available to a certain kind of woman in his country. … Continue reading

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Si Maria at ang Pila Para sa Malunggay Pandesal

  w ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva (English precis at the bottom of this article.) Linggo, magaalas-ocho ng umaga. Medyo malamig pa ang simoy ng hanging amihan—may silbi naman ang China. Masarap ang dampi ng ginintuang kamay ng haring araw sa buong katawan magmula sa mukha, para kang hinahaplos ng anghel. Brisk walking kami ni Niccolo … Continue reading

freedom-of-information-law philstar

FOI is not needed if leaders are honest and earnest

Let me raise your eyebrows. I’m going to tell you something that you most likely don’t agree with right now. All I can ask is that you not shut down your mind before I’ve had a chance to present my case. I’ve come to the conclusion that the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) is unnecessary. … Continue reading


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