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Energy Fuels to 2030 DOE

The Philippines: a nation unplugged

When people talk of infrastructure, we generally think of roads, trains, planes and ports. But there are four other components of infrastructure we should put on the table, right in front of the President and Congress: Electricity Broadband access and speed Computers in education Problem solving Now the first two you are probably familiar with. You … Continue reading

haves and have nots in manila

Binay, the poor, and changing from a rent seeking society to a competitive society

By josephivo Rent The word rent has a long history. Here we use it in its more modern definition, e.g. according to Robert Tollison (1982), economic rents are “excess returns” above the “normal levels” that are generated in competitive markets. More specifically, a rent is “a return in excess of the resource owner’s opportunity cost”. Joseph … Continue reading

protest-laude-epa-h_51620132-20141017 500

Two reasons why the US should hold an accused murderer in US custody

Reason Number One A Philippine judicial system that is not based on reason, but on emotion and political influence. The attorney for the victim’s relatives, one Harry Roque, intends to lead the family on a storming of the US ships docked in Subic if the U.S. does not turn the suspect over to the Philippines. Mr. … Continue reading

Ten commandments heston

A secular moral code to take the place of The Philippine Golden Rule

It is a mind-bender for those of us who subscribe to The Golden Rule to recognize that self-dealing in the Philippines is an accepted moral value. The Golden Rule says: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It is a fundamental value statement that advocates for kindness and consideration among any group … Continue reading

binay inquirer

The Mad Mad World of the Binays

From time to time in a blog, I elaborate. Embellish. Is elaboration fact? No, it is elaboration, similar to the way an editorial cartoonist draws caricatures to make a point. So in today’s article, I align some words to embellish . . . and make a point or two. No harm intended. No foul. Trust me. Every … Continue reading


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