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    Fine television drama.

    Government is a complex set of interrelationships, and Executive has huge responsibilities.

    The cabinet people who appeared are capable and forthright, and they have great respect for the President, and for other members of the cabinet. . . (click the pic to read more)

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A New Philippine Economic Plan: “Get out of the way!”

Let me offer up a negative characterization of the Philippines because it helps make some sense of the proposed economic solution that follows. Outsiders observe that Filipinos are always fighting among themselves. The battles are merciless, from bickering over national artists to bitter personal arguments on the Senate floor to coups and impeachments galore. The fighting has a … Continue reading


Free flailing in the Philippines

This is not an anti-blog. I am not against the Philippines or interested in making disparaging remarks about the nation that is my chosen homeland. But I would like to try to define the special quality of the Philippines that too often seems to have a lot of people operating out of touch with sense. (For new readers … Continue reading


Waste segregation: Sorting the good critics from the bad

A beginner’s guide to the personalities and groups opposing DAP by Andrew Lim The noise on the DAP issue has reached deafening levels, and it is time to classify the sectors that are doing the screeching. Just like household garbage, we need to sort them out, since many of them have very dark motives why … Continue reading


The working class: breaking out, moving up, or stuck?

A few blogs ago, I said that there are two voting classes in the Philippines, (1) those with opportunity to educate and enrich themselves and (2) those without. In the former are rich people and the middle class. People with the means to get educated, get a decent job and grow. Or people with connections, usually family … Continue reading

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A matter of trust: the rest of the Abad story

A Society reader kindly sent me a report, recently made public. I read it and was suddenly struck with a new awareness. What if the shrill cry for Secretary Abad’s  resignation has been wrong all along, built on an emotional bubble provoked by enemies of the straight path, fueled by sensationalist headlines and leftist rants? … Continue reading


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