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    How much politics can we take, eh? Or dealing with Philippine media and its pandering, sensationalist ways. It is time to get cerebral.

    Are there any Filipino philosophers?

    That was my starting point for this article, along with wondering what Google or Wiki have to say about existentialism. . . . . (click the pic to read more)

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The pork protest: the insane try to take over the asylum

It is always important to start with definitions so that we eliminate misunderstandings to the extent possible. Pork (noun) discretionary spending by elected officials. Protest (noun) a public gathering advocating for a position, usually a change from that which now exists, or against an act, usually perceived as bad. Insane (noun) people who do not … Continue reading

ethical-journalism pushdotpk

What is the Inquirer’s game?

My general impression for some years has been that, of all the nation’s newspaper publications, the Daily Inquirer is the best, the most respected and popular. It offers broad news coverage and appears to have no discernible axes to grind. The newspaper does work the sensationalist angle to boost circulation by emphasizing scandal or  conflict in big bold headlines, as … Continue reading

Nancy-Binay filipinostarnewsdotnet

Have Filipinos sold their souls to family bloodlines? And Mr. Aquino?

“The world is in a constant conspiracy against the brave. It’s the age-old struggle: the roar of the crowd on the one side, and the voice of your conscience on the other.” [General Douglas MacArthur] An Aquino family endorsement of Jejomar Binay for president, along with the Aquino sisters’ recent off hand remark that they could … Continue reading

address to nation re DAP

Why President Aquino is right to push back against the Supreme Court

Context is everything. When we want to judge something accurately, we need to get the context right or we are likely to end up with the wrong judgment. I think that is broadly what has happened regarding President Aquino’s “push-back” against the Supreme Court on the Court’s DAP ruling. And his comments about a second … Continue reading


Why tying in with America makes sense

Why did the Philippines eject American bases from the Philippines in 1991? First and foremost, to preserve Philippine sovereignty. Here’s what happened as reported by the New York Times on December 28, 1991: American and Philippine officials reached tentative agreement last summer on a treaty that would have extended the lease on the naval base for at … Continue reading


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