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    ABS-CBN news anchor Korina Sanchez is regularly mocked or criticized on social media. I've mocked the shallow, sensationalist "talking head" method of news reporting employed by ABS-CBN. She is one of three news anchors there.

    Her husband, prospective presidential candidate Mar Roxas, gets criticized . . . click the pic to read more . . .

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Does Senator Santiago figure the Philippines for a beggar-me nation?

It seems to me that Senator Santiago is one of the most negative people around. She is always hammering at someone, often in an indignant rant with five or six juicy quotes for the Inquirer’s crack reporters to wrap their keyboards around. Her quips are legend. She’s a veritable Aesop unchained, lecturing the rest of us … Continue reading


“Flipping Manila”: exposing the rot in the walls

Every once in a while when the kid is in school and the wife is downtown buying her way through the wet market, I grab the television remote and check out my favorite shows: (1) various senate hearings, (2) “Flipping Vegas”, and (3) some Discovery Channel survival show with two goofs trying to make their … Continue reading

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The odds are that Mar Roxas will be the next president

Whenever I do forecasts, I check with my bookie Sal, currently of Manila by way of Las Vegas and Macau. He’s a pro at probabilities. He claims he is Sicilian and chances are he is right. The scars are real. It is not commonly known, but Vegas is the place where more people pray than anywhere on … Continue reading


Mar Roxas and weaknesses in Filipino character

Let’s get ready to RUMBLE! The recent incident of Mar Roxas being captured in a photograph slipping on a motorcycle while not wearing a helmet is to me representative of bad character. Not for Mar Roxas. But for his critics. Ridicule is a common feature of Philippine character. It is an element of “amoral interdependence”, … Continue reading

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The continuing occupation of the oligarchs

  by josephivo (1) Wayang kulit and the Philippine political reality A wayang kulit (= Indonesian shadow theater play) is the political reality we are looking at in the Philippines. Wayang kulit is special because of its double abstraction. First you only see shadows not the live actors. Second, the shadows come from leather puppets … Continue reading


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