The Big Dogs of Philippine Agribusiness

In a prior article on agribusiness, I wrote that Philippine agribusiness as an industry is “dead in the water” because small farms are inefficient and the cooperative form of business management is very weak. Cooperatives lack the clear accountability and profit incentive that corporations thrive on. The article did not consider the major “name” players … Continue reading

Why China Can’t Be Trusted

I’ve mentioned in several blogs that we create our own intellectual reality based on what we personally experience, feel and believe. Different people can look at the same facts, same truths, but get very different read-outs based on the half-baked knowledge they hold to be 100% true. Well, I want to disabuse you of any … Continue reading

The Mindanao Protocol

I’ve read just about every mystery and spy author known to English-speaking mankind, and even some translations. I can snoop and connive with Hercule Poirot, Mrs. Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Jack Ryan, Harry Bosch, and Jason Bourne, to name a few.. They all work on cases. “The Case of the Scarlet Murder” or “The Yamashita Legacy” … Continue reading

Obscenity is Contextual

My headline writer and I got into an argument about the headline for this article. He wanted something like “Canadian Comedian Insults the Philippines!” I argued that our audience is not a bunch of shallow sensationalists. They want something worthwhile to think about. He argued that Filipinos are passionate and like getting riled up about … Continue reading

Philippine Agriculture: A Failing Industry

I occasionally spout the opinion that the Philippine penchant for small farms is hurting the nation by constraining its ag productivity.  This comes from  having seen California’s huge farms, knowing of the agricultural knowledge and skill that spouts from the ag universities there, and knowing that California supplies a huge part of the American food … Continue reading