“What’s Your Bag?”

I love idiomatic expressions. Sancho Panza is my idol. Well, one of them, along with Barak Obama, George Carlin, Grace Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Charles Dickens and a bunch of people rich of character who are both compassionate and drop dead intelligent. Well, I suppose it could be argued by some that Carlin and Bierce were … Continue reading

Racial Discrimination by the U.S. Embassy in Manila

The American Embassy in the Philippines has a huge problem. It is overwhelmed with applications for tourist and other temporary visas. It is a processing nightmare, something like 1,000 to 1,500 applications a day. This is complicated by the fact that, historically, a large number of Filipinos granted a visa to visit the U.S. have … Continue reading

The Pork of July

Kindly allow me to slip this brief unscheduled blog into the blogpile. It’s a slow, contemplative weekend, and I have an idea. This is the land of pig and honey, a peculiar brand of patriotic fervor. The oink and I. Emphasis on the I. And the oink, come to think about it. Sty and the … Continue reading

Breaking up Dynasties by Breaking up Campaign Contributions

Compiling this blog has been fascinating as I was forced to confront my own presumptions and discover them to be, if not wrong, at least a bit shaky. The headline was written in anticipation of what the blog would conclude.  Let’s go through the facts and arguments and see where we come out. Philippine democracy … Continue reading

Hearts of Darkness: Revelations of Zimmerman & Nicole

Heart of Darkness  is a short novel written by British author Joseph Conrad in 1899. It is hard reading, but it is one of those artistic gems that lasts a lifetime. In this story, we are forced to confront the potential for evil that is deeply bred within our souls. OUR souls, not just those … Continue reading