The Bee Fleet

I scrapped a blog by the same title. Sometimes warmongering gets a little old, a little tired. So let’s look at this as an economic initiative instead, eh? Why should the Philippines spend hundreds of millions of United States dollars buying a few huge ships that can, after all, only patrol a few places among … Continue reading

It Isn’t Easy When Culture Supports Corruption

I need to be careful in this blog. The last thing I want to do is be an arrogant outsider who claims loudly “ya’all get a life, your whole culture is corrupt!” Indeed, American culture is going rapidly downhill given that political debates are rich with deceits and intent to injure. The well-being of the … Continue reading

What Are We to Make of Rappler?

Rappler is a fast-paced source for online news, commentary and entertainment. I don’t think it intends to be the kind of entertainment I find there, for I laugh a lot when I ought not. And sometimes the laughter is masking tears of pain. But  sometimes, I think it strives for real entertainment, too. Let me … Continue reading

Does Catholicism Make Us More Tolerant of Corruption?

Theories On Why Corruption Is Pervasive in our Catholic Dominated Society Guest Article by Andrew Lim As I write this, the Napoles scam grows more tentacles by the day, ensnaring much of the past Arroyo administration’s officials, (some of whom jumped ship to Pnoy’s Liberal Party in 2010) , local government executives and even the … Continue reading

When the President Follows Instead of Leads

I suppose if I were looking for a unique word to describe President Noynoy Aquino, it would be “reflective”. He thinks about things. Reads, talks to people, gathers information, and then makes a decision. Sometimes that decision is fast. That is when his mind may already have been made up. This occurred when the Sultan … Continue reading