To whom Mr. Obama was talking; what he said

I sense a need to do a little translation here, especially for those who wanted Mr.Obama to be more warlike in his remarks, you know, firmer in committing America to engage in shooting to remove the Chinese from Filipino seas. First, let us consider to whom Mr. Obama spoke. The three audiences: Americans, who are … Continue reading

Stop complaining, start dreaming

 Stop complaining, start dreaming Not about what is, not about what has been, but about what could be. A vibrant nation is a respected adult in the family of nations. An effective and efficient economy, a young and innovative culture, a democratic beacon in Asia. How to get there? One answer: PEOPLE. How to free … Continue reading

CBCP goes NIMBY to interfere with Biliran’s thermal energy project

Please excuse me for going a bit Santiago on you. This article is mainly about a few political priests, not the Catholic Church, a good and important humanitarian institution in the Philippines. However, if Church officials decide to “dish out” political acts, they should expect to be taken to task in that same political arena. Their robes form no … Continue reading

Pew Global Attitudes

This brief commentary is submitted for the benefit of those obstinate people who believe Mr. Aquino is not doing good things for the nation. The negativists argue anecdotally about his friend Puno or his DAP or anything they can get to the table that can be spun in a critical direction. Then they project that concocted complaint as … Continue reading

Proposed Bilateral Agreement between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea

Thanks to Society of Honor contributor Micha for inspiring this blog. Micha characterized players in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute, shepherded along by the U.S., as “immature”. Well, he was more elaborate and powerful in his description: ” . . . an immature mankind, polarized and in perpetual war with itself over a minutiae piece of land … Continue reading