Why discretionary authority is a good thing

I am struck by how different and isolated my view about DAP seems to be. I view DAP as a GOOD tool, and have argued consistently to that point since it became a popular issue. I favor significant executive authority and discretionary power. I don’t know how to get a troubled nation going and growing without it. … Continue reading

Enemies of the Philippine State: China, Leftists and the Corrupt

I actively roam the discussion threads attached to blogs and news articles, popping in and popping off now and then as the mood strikes. It is easy to get agitated there, and I often have to punch the little red X on the browser tab when I find myself getting overly worked up. You see, my … Continue reading

Impressions of a Senate hearing

Fine television drama. Government is a complex set of interrelationships, and Executive has huge responsibilities. The cabinet people who appeared are capable and forthright, and they have great respect for the President, and for other members of the cabinet. Do you realize how rare and precious that quality is? Senator Ejercito asked a few questions … Continue reading

A New Philippine Economic Plan: “Get out of the way!”

Let me offer up a negative characterization of the Philippines because it helps make some sense of the proposed economic solution that follows. Outsiders observe that Filipinos are always fighting among themselves. The battles are merciless, from bickering over national artists to bitter personal arguments on the Senate floor to coups and impeachments galore. The fighting has a … Continue reading

Free flailing in the Philippines

This is not an anti-blog. I am not against the Philippines or interested in making disparaging remarks about the nation that is my chosen homeland. But I would like to try to define the special quality of the Philippines that too often seems to have a lot of people operating out of touch with sense. (For new readers … Continue reading