Way too many Filipinos are looking for culprits; grief is personal

I got into a twitter argument with popular columnist Boo Chanco over President Aquino’s decision to welcome Japanese investors to the Philippines rather than welcome war casualties for burial. Boo was livid about it. I like Boo. He did a story about one of my blogs long ago. He thinks earnestly. Blogger Cocoy Dayao explained that this … Continue reading


As with many topics, I don’t have full knowledge or complete conviction in my opinions. I put one version out here, as close as I can get to what I think is right, and leave it to the discussion to correct or re-aim the matter. This one I will break into two components: (1) the … Continue reading

Education, kids and the culture of impunity

I ask this as follow-up to questions that Society member Juana Pilipinas fired up about how to end submission as a way of life that feeds into the culture of impunity here in the Philippines. How do we get to candid expression focused on reason, not emotions? In the Philippines, emotions seem bi-polar, swinging widely between: (a)  insecurity, fear or … Continue reading

Free Mayor Jun Jun Binay!

Free Mayor Jun Jun Binay!   I agree with Senator Nancy Binay, today’s meeting of the Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigations (Blue Ribbon Committee) was a farce. The committee on accountability was wholly unaccountable. Here’s who showed up: GUINGONA III, Teofisto L. (Chairperson) TRILLANES IV, Antonio “Sonny” F. PIMENTEL III, Aquilino “Koko” … Continue reading

A quick look at what the Boy Scouts lost on the Alphaland joint venture

Thanks to commenter parengtony at Raissa Robles’ top blog for the suggestion that we look at the Alphaland-Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) joint venture in Makati from a financial standpoint to put some order to things. I’d like to do a quick and rough sizing of the deal. Let’s look at: The history of … Continue reading