The real Mar Roxas: a kind, intelligent, earnest man

We have been snookered by the tabloids once again. The sensationalist rags have relentlessly portrayed Mar Roxas as a goof, a man directing traffic in the rain or hauling bags of rice for the camera or doing a nose dive into the mud from a motorbike. A man totally out of the loop on the … Continue reading

When will the Philippines reach a Tipping Point?

  by PinoyInEurope A lot of things have been happening in the Philippines recently. Even more, a lot of Filipinos in the country abroad, as well as foreigners interested in the country, have been adding to a groundswell of discussion on the Internet. What is interesting is that in spite of a lot of negativity … Continue reading

Moving forward after Mamasapano

 I have a hard time doing a comprehensive review of Day 5 of the Senate public hearings on the Mamasapano conflict due to periodic brownouts on Biliran.  I did catch the middle part of the hearing, and it was pretty heavy . . . emotional, tense, argumentative. Constructive. Here are the highlights of what I … Continue reading

A primer on the organizers of the Aquino resign movement

    By Andrew Lim We did a similar piece before on the DAP critics.  While several cast members are similar, there are some notorious additions. We also divine their motivations and add colorful descriptions. GROUP 1 –  Marxist-Leninist-Maoists. Inaccurately called by media as leftists, militants, or progressives for convenience, the Makabayan reps, the above … Continue reading

Day 4 of the Senate Mapasapano hearings

The 4th day of public hearings focused on the responsibility of the President in the Mamasapano fighting, the engagement of the cease fire team, the role of the US, the commitment of the MILF to Philippine law and order, and, pushed back to private hearing, the operating failures and lack of coordination between PNP and AFP. … Continue reading