JoeAm’s findings: Day 3 of the Senate hearings on the Battle of Mamasapano

In the Day 2 blog, I cited what I felt was the outstanding work done by five senators in pursuit of understandings on the confrontation between Moro rebels and SAF troops at Mamasapano. Day 3 showed the opposite, senators pursuing political aims rather than neutral fact-finding (Marcos, Binay), Senator Santiago stirring up the tabloid media … Continue reading

Revisiting the Sandiganbayan and Binay’s Graft Case

  By Yvonne  Sometime ago the news media reported the pronouncement of Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno that she does not serve the President. Presumably she does not serve the Vice-president also. The subtext of her statement is that her loyalty belongs to the Filipino people and our Republic. I admire Chief Justice … Continue reading