The Philippines: rising to leadership in Asia

Most of Asia is free. China is not free. North Korea is not free. Other nations have more citizen participation in their affairs. Viet Nam is socialist. Malaysia is a high control republic, Indonesia a high-control federation. Japan and South Korea are self-contained, disciplined democratic societies. The Philippines is different. The democratic nation is loud and … Continue reading

Their own worst enemy: the Binays and the extreme left

By Binays, I mean Jejomar, Junjun, Elenita, Nancy and Abigail, those family members previously or now entrusted with citizen well-being, several of whom – from all available evidence – used those positions to enrich and empower themselves. By extreme left, I mean communists and ideologues who believe the only path forward is destruction of the current … Continue reading

Do you make decisions according to surveys? Should the President?

The Pulse Asia  web site provides public survey readings of Philippine governance, elections and social issues. The most current studies are listed on the organization’s home page. Information on Mamasapano and the BBL can be found there, along with government performance and candidate comparisons. Lets think about these resources and how they might be applied. I spent my younger working … Continue reading

Eureka! I have found it! Why the Philippines is this way!

It is right there in plain sight, for all of us to see. For the smartest minds of the Philippines to read and gloss over without even thinking about what it means. Consider all that we’ve talked about here over the years. What are the main drags on Philippine success? The culture of impunity that routes … Continue reading

A Filipino ACLU and lawyering in the Philippines

  by Lance Corporal X Part I: The forces against justice Around the time I was in the Philippines, the Mamasapano fiasco was then Dinagat. Or more precisely Cebu, since the murders, shoot-outs had already happened, PNP and AFP working together captured their man. I’ll let you dig into the Ecleo story if you wish (“22 … Continue reading