Your Fitness Bank

w By Wilfredo G. Villanueva The following article is a perfect follow-up to Joe America’s humdinger of an article Greed in America, Joy in the Philippines. Why? Because I would suggest to JoeAm that another metric of progress in the Philippines is the percentage of ailing seniors. Who would be the best defenders of the … Continue reading

Seguridad ni Duterte

w By Irineo B. R. Salazar Maraming humahanga kay Rodrigo Duterte. Sa totoo lang, marami talaga siyang nagawa sa Davao, hindi mapagkakaila ito. Pero maraming gustong siya ang maging Presidente, para lumaki raw ang seguridad sa Pilipinas. Maraming krimen ngayon sa Pilipinas, maraming takot, at maraming sawang-sawa na. Pero siya ba ang solusyon? Tignan natin … Continue reading

Greed in America, Joy in the Philippines

What is the energy that drives capitalism? I’ve called it greed in the past because I don’t know a better emotional word, one that is directed toward aggressively acquiring something, one packed with energy. It is a drive for material gain, an obsession, really, of executives and employees working hard and smart to compete and earn more … Continue reading

When trolls run for President

Social media has changed the world. Attention spans are shorter, emotions erupt in a flash, ignorance is passed around as fast as electricity can fly, and politics is dumbed down to headlines, sound bites and tweets. Newspapers and television networks peddle trials and titillations. We are witness this year to two elections, one in the … Continue reading

The Islamic Renaissance, in the Philippines

  by Lance Corporal X This article isn’t so much about the BBL, the MILF or Muslim Mindanao. It’s about the decline of Islam, resulting in a very specific opportunity for the Philippines and Muslim Filipinos. It is in keeping with the spirit of Joe’s first article (“Our own intellectual Truth Commission starting with the … Continue reading