On a clear day you can see the MRT

w By Chempo The MRT-3 is owned by MRTC (a private enterprise registered in Hong Kong) which is also responsible for the maintenance. The govt operates the trains. It started operations in 2000 with 24 trains handling a capacity limit of 350,000 pax per day. Today, the pax load is 600,000. The red line for … Continue reading

EDCA is a process, not a promise

What do you call an acquaintance on Twitter? A Twerp? A Tweep? Not twirp, I think, unless they are trolling. I engaged in a brief discussion there shortly after the Supreme Court declared by a 10 to 4 vote (1 abstention) that the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) is constitutional and is an agreement rather than … Continue reading

Enrile’s Mamasapano hearing an ‘epic fail’

Senator Enrile would have the families of the SAF who died at Mamasapano believe that the troops’ effort to capture and kill a notorious terrorist bomber was a “sordid affair”. That is the Senator’s description of this action at today’s Senate hearing. Senator Enrile was in full prosecuting attorney mode as he spoke in large terms and … Continue reading

The SSS in the Philippines

w By Bill in Oz My thanks to Society of Honor members for providing information and insight for this article. I would particularly like to thank Edgar, Karl, Mary Grace, Irineo, Chempo, Giancarlo, NHerrera and Caliphman. ________________________ I want to start with a couple of definitions. Knowing what we are talking about is very important. … Continue reading

May Diyos Naman

w ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva Nakasimangot ang mga lolo’t lola ko. Akala kasi nila pa-abante ang bayan, na sa kalaunan, siguro isang daang taon magsimula ng sila ay pumanaw, eh, maganda na ang hinaharap ng mga salinlahi. Hindi pala. Paano ba naman sila matutuwa kung: Una, ang matibay na pwesto sa mga survey, eh, ang … Continue reading