Raising kids in the Philippines: Indoctrination or Inspiration?

w One of the greatest cultural clashes I have had to deal with in the Philippines is the style of education and parenting here. As I have a young son in elementary school, the style is sometimes troubling. I wonder if the Philippines is getting what it’s Department of Education pays for. Are students graduating with healthy values … Continue reading

The Country’s Only Shield Against Bongbong Marcos

w by Wilfredo G. Villanueva I wrote about her in this same blog but hadn’t seen her in person. I have seen her on tv, heard her voice, saw her in posters and leaflets. Little did I know that she stood a little over five feet tall. I thought she would be commanding in height … Continue reading

Stockholm Syndrome – a Filipino malaise

By Chempo The Stockholm Syndrome is a term used to describe a psychological reaction of victims of a hostage-taking or captive situation where the victims eventually bonded with their tormentors. Whilst psychologists have known this phenomenon for a long time, it took its name from an incident in 1974 in Stockholm, Sweden. A bank robber … Continue reading

Thank you, President Aquino

I’ll make this simple, Mr. President. Your term is coming to a close. Over 100 million people benefited from your six years of honorable service. You call them your bosses, and that may be, but you were their leader. You were our leader, for even those of us who are not citizens gained from your leadership. … Continue reading

The line of sight

w By josephivo The line of sight. I realize that the old surveyor practices are getting outdated, with GPS becoming the more rapid, easier and more precise method. Destinations are now expressed in coordinates or with a code name. A line of sight is becoming irrelevant. GPS will calculate how to proceed step by step. Are … Continue reading