“I not be understandin’ President Duterte”

Forgive the lingo. It’s street talk, aimed at making me more legitimate as a commentator to an administration that seems to dislike intelligentsia and favor the earthy. Rather like the crows in Disney’s “Dumbo” singing “I be done seen everything when I seen an elephant fly”, which was a bit of a spin on black … Continue reading

Joe America: Lunch with President Aquino

What are the qualities of President Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III that are generally not recognized in a popular press busy leveraging conflict to sell papers or build audience? Here’s the President I met last Friday: A hard, calculating, impeccibly reasonable man. Holding a fierce loyalty to friends or those who help. Resigned to accept … Continue reading

Federalism? What are we talking about?

w By Josephivo Change. A new president with a new administration, new people, new ideas, new priorities. Two central concepts, federalism and the parliamentarian system, both container concepts, covering a wide range of solutions for a wide range of problems. So what are we talking about? To be meaningful, the discussions will require specific plans … Continue reading

Managing NIMBY: the good the bad, and the TBD

Understanding President Duterte #6 TBD means “to be determined”. As in the good, the bad, and the to be determined. I suspect most of us fall into the common trap of what I will term “the intellectual NIMBY”. NIMBY means “not in my back yard”. Take electrical power plants. People want them for the everlasting … Continue reading

Can an iron fist create unity?

Understanding President Duterte #5 We humankinds are always in the business of drawing lines here and there. Some are spacial or geographic, maybe consisting of 9 dashes across a sea. Or perhaps there is a red line somewhere west of Panatag Shoal of which China should be very, very aware. There are also lines in time, … Continue reading