The Society of Honor: the Philippines

Knowledge rising in the Philippines

University students on the march against Marcos burial [Photo source: Rappler]

By Joe America

I think the Duterte Administration has a new enemy much stronger than the “Yellows”.  It is knowledge, an awakening of Philippine universities and students to the offensiveness of the Marcos burial. An awareness of history, a compassion for victims, and an understanding that this sneaky burial was simply not right. An awareness that Marcos was not a hero, but the great destroyer of the Philippine economy that left millions of dreams and opportunities lost in the rubble.

Marcos gifted the Philippines with a half-century of broken nation and a lot of pain and poverty, never acknowledged by the Marcos family. That’s what knowledge knows.

Knowledge knows that the burial had Duterte sponsorship.

Knowledge can’t be swept under the rug by thousands of trolls pounding out propaganda on behalf of the State.

Knowledge is not political. It has no leader to crucify, no senator to set up as scape goat to distract attention from thousands of Filipinos being murdered, mostly poor people. It is knowledge.

In one of the most extreme ironies in this century, we can see that a wrong-headed deed promoted by the President of the Philippines awakened knowledge, through its disciples, people who actually read books and are not internet zombies.

Now the trolls will call them “elitists”, and Mocha Uson and Sass Sasot will condemn students and schools in an effort to put out the fires. But that can only inflame them more because knowledge knows truth from fiction and decency from indecency.

The Marcos burial awakened knowledge, and along with it, hope.

The young people of the Philippines, and the institutions to which they belong, have done Filipinos proud. They stood up. For truth, for decency, for honor.

It will be interesting to see, should the burial be undone by Duterte or the courts, whether or not they will sit back down. Will they get distracted by the telesyres in the Senate and House? By Facebook chatter? Or will knowledge continue to rise to welcome and arm the activists, to enlighten the gullible, and to push the Philippines toward modern thinking? Thinking that does not countenance EJKs or the death penalty or jailing 9 year-olds. Or running a government with sycophants who do not put the people first, but themselves and their allegiance to a President, right or wrong.

Knowledge is great.

It knows wrong.

It knows right.