Du30 may be right after all . . .

By Paul Lazo After reading an article about US President Donald Trump, I suddenly had a sense that there is “light” at the end of the tunnel. Not that I have ever failed to see a “light;” but at least the light seems brighter now. I will attempt to summarize my views of the article … Continue reading

The stream of history

By Josephivo In our turbulent times, it might be difficult to see in what direction history is taking us. What are the long term trends? What will last? How will the world or mankind look like a (few) generation(s) from now? History gave us some clues. History was not a steady stream of changes, driven … Continue reading

What is your role in building a strong, upright, unified nation?

By Joe America Let’s start with some brief definitions to get on the same line of thought about what a strong, upright, unified nation looks like. Strong means safe and wealthy enough to promote opportunities for citizens and durability for the State. Upright means morally sound, committed to the kind of “right” that helps people while avoiding the … Continue reading

Military honor in the Philippines is dying

By Joe America My bias is that of an American soldier, trained under the hot, humid Missouri sunshine, taught to forgo personal comfort for success of the unit, taught to kill with a rifle, bayonet, grenade, cannon, or bare hands. Taught that victory and honor are more important than life. Taught to leave no man behind. Americans worship … Continue reading

China’s 9 Dash Lines and the demise of the $ (Part I)

By Chemrock I had wanted to do a follow up on my November 2016 blog on the Rube Goldberg US$ printing machine, but following Distant Observer’s article on “Scarborough Shoal, it’s not about fishes or oil, it’s about power”, I decided to tie 2 issues together. Due to its length, I’ll publish in 2 parts. … Continue reading