The Duterte Admin is failing miserably at one stated goal: unity

By Joe America The Duterte Administration is failing miserably at one stated goal: unity. One does not achieve unity through political jailings, undermining human rights, rampant killing of defenseless Filipinos, or climbing into bed with enemies of the State. Nor does one achieve it by demanding obedience of thought and deed and stripping legislators of … Continue reading

Senator Koko Pimentel, the Fiddler of Manila

By Joe America Earth watch is important, but I can’t seem get past the people inhabiting the planet. It is like observing a wild amalgamation of Alien, The Three Stooges, and Apocalypse Now. I have little hope for the planet, frankly. Mankind is the dominant species on the grand blue orb, and it has collectively proved … Continue reading

Is China’s aid an entrapment?

Chemrock To drill down to the very basics, the admin’s economic platform is a slew of infrastructure projects to drive growth. Their tag line screams “Golden Age of Infrastructure” which of course gets lots of oligarchs’ adrenaline rushing. There is no doubt the Philippines need to improve on its infrastructure to take the country to … Continue reading

Is Marcos greed undermining President Duterte?

By Joe America First, let me thank those who read and comment here, for you provide the insights that I use to try to simplify complex issues. Second, let me ask readers to set aside the issues you may have trouble moving past because they are so troubling. We need to do this to understand the … Continue reading

Senator Angara shows why the Philippines is a failing state

By Joe America What makes a successful state? Success is achieved when laws, institutions, and leaders inspire citizens to work together for the common good. Citizens choose to sacrifice to build something special because it makes their lives better and helps them feel proud. Dictators have a hard time generating success because leaders too often … Continue reading