Open Discussion #2: The Philippines, an occupied State

What are the characteristics of occupancy? A ruling nation invades, takes charge, and assigns its dogmatic leaders to control the occupied state. Filipinos are born and raised to understand this, because the time of true democratic freedoms has amounted to perhaps 25 years over a span of six centuries. The current occupation is not by a foreign … Continue reading

Is ICC Duterte’s Waterloo?

by Chemrock “Criminal case vs Duterte filed before International Criminal Court” …screamed Philstar headline. There is no case against the president, at least not yet. The self-confessed hitman Edgar Matobato, through his lawyer, lodged a complaint at the ICC against Duterte and 11 others, that’s what transpired. There are only 3 ways a case may … Continue reading

Open Discussion #1: Who is the enemy?

Open discussion blogs can address any subject, even the clientèle of Donald Trump’s hairdresser.  But let me kick this one off with a starter conversation: * * * * * Traditionally, the enemies of the Philippines have been: (P1) Islamic terrorists: Abu Sayaff, BIFF and other splinter groups, and recently ISIS (P2) Communist groups seeking … Continue reading

Last week was a regular Fernando Poe shoot ’em up!

By Joe America Last week, the Philippines was full of action, a jam packed, knock-down drag-out drama as exciting as a Fernando Poe shoot ’em up. We had Time Magazine dropping it’s Leila bomb, giving international recognition to both President Duterte for his killing streets and Senator De Lima for standing upright in opposition. We had China … Continue reading

Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . .

By Joe America . . . . . . . Passion and compassion were sitting on a fence . . . Compassion fell off, and who was left? (Pause for effect) A Filipino! (Drum crescendo) . . . . . . . Generalizations are inherently discriminatory, for they bind the generalized and the exceptions as … Continue reading