Pinakamahalaga Ang Politika Sa Buhay Ng Tao

By Popoy Del R. Cartanio Ano ba yan? Saan ba napulot yan ideya na yan. Kahit basura sa Payatas o sa Isla Puting Bato meron pakinabang. Pero politika? Hah! Galit ang mga karanniwan mamayan diyan. Ang politika, salot sa mga mahirap yan. Ugat ng katarantaduhan sa lipunan yan, Eh. Teka, teka muna. Pag ganyan ang … Continue reading

AFP: Running dogs of the Chinese master?

By Joe America President Duterte is a man of action, a risk taker, a gambler, a man who sets aside civility, laws, and tradition to uproot convention. He encourages . . . nay, demands . . . that we take up the Eastern mindset and set aside the Western. In the Eastern mindset, laws are … Continue reading

The Ten Good Things About Our Country (or What We Stand to Lose)

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva A friend said he had stopped reading his Facebook feeds. “Why?” I asked. “They’re negative.” And so we have come to this: that what was once a prosperous or at least a forward-looking country is down in the dumps. My personal experience is evidence of the truth behind my friend’s observation. … Continue reading

Open Discussion #7: Accepting nominations for the barons of a mature democratic Philippines

I suspect many of us are tired of the nonsense infesting Philippine (and American) governance. The abuses of civility,  childish fights, and overweening ego-arrogance are just too much. It is the kind of thing we had to deal with as pubescent teens facing off against kids out to prove something, when they were not old … Continue reading

Open Discussion #6: Knowledge is relative, but acts are exact

Einstein theorized that space and time are relative and it seems to me that knowledge is the same. Yet we act with absolute confidence that what we think is what is real. It isn’t. Knowledge says we are better with earnest, civil leaders, but we elect people who for sure do not represent the best … Continue reading