Rappler: anchored to a different standard than other mainstream media

By Joe America What makes good journalism? Good journalism is: Objective news . . . with correctly labeled opinions and interpretations important for deeper meanings. We have to read or watch multiple sources to get good balance. Well-written and well-presented. Informative, which generally means it has context and facts that clarify. Authoritative, which means sources … Continue reading

Australia steps up in Asia, and in the Philippines

By Joe America I personally have tremendous respect for Australia, the government, and for Australians, the people. Australia is a democracy that favors debate over dogmatism. Her people favor reason over religion or emotion. Not that Aussies can’t be of faith, or passionate, or dogmatic. They can. Opinions are often hard and sharply spoken . … Continue reading

BPI systems horror of June 6

By Chemrock Having made a comment elsewhere that in deference to some sensitive accounts in BPI, the systems horror of June 6 need to be openly explained, it’s a matter of need to do right that I share some thoughts on what the Senate inquiry revealed. It is also to oblige a request from a … Continue reading

The De Lima Demeanor

  By Wilfredo G. Villanueva She looked at me with prosecutorial but friendly eyes while I asked her about the elephant in the room: “For whom does your heart beat now?” “No one,” she said matter-of-factly without surprise or resentment. After all, it was the first time she had seen me and she didn’t know … Continue reading

Killing Jose Rizal once again

By Joe America Jose Rizal is best found in his writings, in his ideas, his resistance to oppression, his recognition of indolence and how poverty and disenfranchisement create it, and his belief in Filipino independence and self-determination. He was a genius, an artist, a lover, an inventor, and a hero by being what a lot … Continue reading