2018 This New Year Is Really Old

by  Popoy del R. Cartanio 2018 This New Year Is Really Old, Never was New after the Birth of Christ. In Christendom the New Year began and ended the year of the birth of Jesus Christ. The New Year is really old; it’s much older than the previous one in all aspects of nature where change … Continue reading

Every hike has hills or rivers

By Joe America After I retired from banking, I took up hiking. It was a good way to get the poisons of stress and the burdens of responsibility out of my system. There is a trail in the Western United States that runs from Mexico to Canada. It’s 2,659 miles long, beginning in the deserts … Continue reading

Gloves Off

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva His lola on the mother side never saw his lolo again after a Makapili (collaborator) pointed him out to Japanese military and thereafter hauled off to an unknown destination. She insisted he would return to their home in Floridablanca, Pampanga anytime. It was only ten years later, in 1955, a year … Continue reading

A Hit, A Very Palpable Hit

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Events are happening in quick succession like the President’s curses on automatic to feed his dwindling congregation. It is nightmarish to those who refuse to learn, but a dream come true to those who will never give up. Can’t stop thinking of the “Christmas gift,” as Dick Malay said. Deus ex … Continue reading

Democracy in the Philippines is in the ICU

By Joe America I had originally written that “Democracy in the Philippines is dead” but then reflected on the fact that there is an election in 2019 that will determine if one should just pull the plug . . . or maybe find a heartbeat and figure out how to strengthen it. Right now that … Continue reading