Why the Philippine Propaganda Machine prospers

By Joe America Here are some things we can observe about the official Philippine State propaganda machine run out of Communications Secretary Martin Andanar’s office and taken up by cabinet secretaries, spokespeople, compliant legislators, and the troll brigade anchored by Asec. Mocha Uson: It is an orchestrated effort that seeks to diminish critics and elevate … Continue reading

The science of bullshit

By Joe America Science is the discipline of discovering new truths. Statistics are the stuff of scientists and liars alike. I learned a little bit about statistics in college, which is one reason I joined the army right away. To get away from it. But then, later in life, I found the disciplines useful in … Continue reading

Putting some order to Boracay

By Joe America Boracay has become a political potato, hot to the touch. I’ve not aligned with any view because I think it is not as simple as people are making it. I’d like to organize my own thinking. Out loud. Here. You can then offer additional insights and information in the discussion that follows. … Continue reading

Update: The US and the Philippines

By Joe America What is American policy toward the Philippines these days? How will the relationship go in the future? Let me offer some perspectives. I’ll do this in the form of a somewhat disjointed commentary that we can piece together later. Leftists oppose the “US-Duterte” regime. This produces the absurdity of leftists protesting Duterte … Continue reading

What’s Happening to Leni Robredo?

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva In Agutaya, a town on the coast of northern Palawan, Vice President Leni Robredo found occasion to manifest her grit and passion. To reach it, you have to travel over land and sea for 12 hours. The children of Agutaya do not grow to full height because of malnutrition. Electricity visits … Continue reading