News is getting dissembled on us

By JoeAm How do you get your news? How do you vet that it is factual and not propaganda or political pap? It is getting more and more difficult to have confidence that one is not being fed someone’s political line or vested interest. Moodys says the Philippines may be brewing a debt problem and … Continue reading

The Philippines is an abusive society

By JoeAm The Philippines is an abusive society, today. The abusers are the government, its paid staff and trolls, and its followers who choose threat over debate and vilification over compassion. But the abuse was evident well before President Duterte took office. He just made it official. President Aquino and his staff (Abaya, Roxas, Abas, … Continue reading

“What does China have on President Duterte?”

By JoeAm That question comes up repeatedly in my social media pages. Many Filipinos can’t comprehend a foreign policy that has the Philippines giving up it’s brilliantly fought and hard won arbitration hearing against China because “Filipinos would be slaughtered in a war”. They know, and figure the President himself knows, that such an argument … Continue reading

Being gracious, a strength or weakness?

  By JoeAm Many witnessed the marriage of royalty in the UK this past weekend, with impressive pomp surrounding the happy circumstance. Prince Charles substituted as the father of the bride and was masterful as the gracious dominant male authorized to walk her down the aisle and give her to Prince Harry. Then we have … Continue reading

Peering at Senator Sotto in the manner of Jonathan Swift

By JoeAm The way I figure it, writer Jonathan Swift, who died in 1745, was one of the world’s first bloggers. Well, in those days, they called him a “political pamphleteer”, but the profession is the same: frequent writings that inform or provoke or advocate. Swift was a master at it. He is best known … Continue reading