Could the Duterte appeasement policy on the WPS be correct?

By JoeAm A recent article here by Chemrock explored how the Philippines ‘lost’ the West Philippine Sea (WPS) to China. There were two prominent historical moments that led to the loss: (1) The Philippines kicking out US bases in 1991, and (2) President Arroyo’s appeasement program. Other mistakes were made under President Aquino that aggravated … Continue reading

Social ethics: how to end Filipino self punishment

By JoeAm This is the third article in a series about what we think about how we think. I remember a course in high school, a subset of physics, that was entitled “statics”. It was required for anyone planning to become an engineer. The discipline was to measure forces on various structures, bridges, for instance. … Continue reading

The low-down on The West Philippines Sea

By Chemrock In his column in Manila Times 18 Jun 2018, Rigoberto Tiglao wrote “Yes, Senate must investigate how Aquino, Trillanes and Del Rosario lost Panatag (Scarborough Shoal)”. For a long time now I have since given up on Tiglao’s writings which are biased and border on fraudulence and fakery. His toxic penmanship spoils the … Continue reading

“Brains, ability, character, and drive”

By JoeAm In my last article, I wrote that the Philippine’s average IQ is lower than its Asian neighbors. I wondered if the nation is smart enough to figure out how to get smarter. Here is a check-list of possible reasons why the Philippines lags behind other Asian states in average IQ: Nutrition (brains and … Continue reading

Are we smart enough to survive?

By JoeAm Okay, my friends, we have botched earth big time. You and me and our kind, the two-legged homo sapiens who arrogantly brag about our superiority to other animals. The cockroaches will outlive us, the rats, the snakes, the octopi and sea monsters deep in the Mariana Trench just the other side of Benham … Continue reading