Bobby Capco and the principles by which we argue

By JoeAm I got irritated on Facebook by former follower Bobby Capco. He commented, I commented, and I blocked him. Then he wrote a separate commentary about it which I take to be his stake in the heart of JoeAm and proof that Bobby Capco is morally and literally awesome. Here’s a link to my … Continue reading

“What the nation needs is honest lawyers, if there are any.”

By JoeAm I recently wrote about how self-destructive the Philippines tends to be. I won’t go back over that. You can just read the article or look around to see for yourself. You won’t have to look far. There are solutions for this. It is possible to run a decent, straight-dealing, competent government that serves … Continue reading

War clouds over dark skies

By Chemrock In a globally interconnected world, protectionism does nobody any good. When protectionism rears its ugly head in the countries amongst the top 10 biggest economies in the world, global economic downturn is a certainty. Make no mistake about it. We are all living under war clouds over dark skies. A trade war is … Continue reading

What has to happen to end Philippine self-destruction

By JoeAm It does not take a genius to understand how dysfunctional the Philippines can be. One only need look around to see the mediocrity, selfishness, and nonsense that infest the legislative halls, or the brutality, lies, lack of civil bearing, corruption, and incompetence that define the national government agencies, provincial and mayoral offices, and … Continue reading

Ano Nga Pala ang Nangyari sa Mga Adik?

ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva Ginoong Pangulo, Naniwala sila sa inyo. Ang mga magulang at ibang loved ones ng mga drug addicts, bumilib po sa inyo nung sinabi ninyong maglulunsad kayo ng drug war kung maging pangulo kayo. Buong akala po kasi nila nalinis ninyo ang Davao. Ito ang panimulamo po. Kaya po kayo nanalo, h’wag … Continue reading