How Rappler helped defeat Mar Roxas

By JoeAm When you spend your whole life in one city, you live the values and speak the language of that city. When you live in one culture for your whole life, you live the values and speak the language of that culture. When you are a reporter in one culture all your life, you … Continue reading

Duterte, Shabu and the Media

By A Distant Observer Framing, issue ownership and attention shifting This article I wanted to write for a long time. While the societal consequences of the mechanisms described here have arrived in Filipino society for quite some time, this article aims to shed light on the mechanisms themselves. By mechanisms I mean how people process … Continue reading

Detainee in Camp Crame

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva We compromise too much, we are too passive for our own good—if it doesn’t concern us, we have better things to do. (Maybe that is the cultural basis for Imee Marcos’s call to move on, but that is another story, although related.) That is the background of this article. Now throw … Continue reading

The Bongbong Marcos I know

By JoeAm I ran a brief post on Facebook extolling the virtues of Leni Robredo and wondering why there there is anyone who would not relate to her as the kind of Filipino who makes them proud. I mean, she is kind, honest, smart, strong, great mother, charming, and inspiring . . . and does … Continue reading

Moving from analysis to advocacy

By JoeAm, Last week, I wrote an article that missed its mark. My headline did not correctly convey the point of the story. The headline talked about Leni Robredo. The point was how to build a strong, unified pro-democracy effort. Let me try again, because it is that important. The argument I am making has … Continue reading