Was the ABS-CBN hijacking a tipping point for decency?

Opinion By Joe America I call the ABS-CBN licensing case a hijacking because the company, from all indications . . .  including regulatory reports . . . is a decent company that managed to anger the President by not running some of his campaign ads. So as Chief Justice Sereno was hijacked before, and Senator … Continue reading

When will the Philippines reach a Tipping Point?

  by PinoyInEurope A lot of things have been happening in the Philippines recently. Even more, a lot of Filipinos in the country abroad, as well as foreigners interested in the country, have been adding to a groundswell of discussion on the Internet. What is interesting is that in spite of a lot of negativity … Continue reading

A Society Tipping Point

The Underbelly of  a Nation Rising This blog is at a tipping point. It represents almost 600 articles dedicated to Joe’s education and various observations and opinions. It has been a forum for excellent discussion. Rarely negative, generally respectful, often enlightening or entertaining. Knowledge is never complete. But at some point, we have to ask … Continue reading

The Tipping Point to Philippine Prosperity

Source: The Inquirer I read a strange article in the Inquirer last week. The headline read: “Widespread Philippine indifference towards overseas Filipinos“. The point of view was from those who attended the “2nd Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora” in late February in Makati. Neglect was the main mien of the party as President … Continue reading

How are we doing?

Editor’s note: The following guest article by tphillips is, in a word, “WORD!”. It is exhaustive, it is intelligent, it is factual, it is meaningful, it is pragmatic. If the Philippines, and her citizens, fail to thrive . . . it is a choice. The knowledge needed to succeed exists . . . in this … Continue reading