China’s plan for the Philippines

By JoeAm As I look at what is happening in and around the Philippines, I don’t think it is a great mystery as to what China’s plan for the Philippines might be. I mean, figuring it out is easier than reading tea leaves. The Main Goals The first thing we have to recognize is that … Continue reading

War clouds over dark skies

By Chemrock In a globally interconnected world, protectionism does nobody any good. When protectionism rears its ugly head in the countries amongst the top 10 biggest economies in the world, global economic downturn is a certainty. Make no mistake about it. We are all living under war clouds over dark skies. A trade war is … Continue reading

Idolatry: The Roots of the Duterte Phenomenon

By Edgar Lores “Idolatry is really not good for anyone. Not even the idols.” — John Bach Introduction We have speculated a great deal about the possible causes of the Philippine cultural malaise. We know that a social disease complex, like an individual one, has many causes. A human disease can be physical or mental. … Continue reading

JoeAm issues his Year Two report card on President Duterte’s Administraton

By JoeAm Rappler put out a poll on Twitter asking readers to issue a Year Two Report Card for President Duterte on the following subjects: Eradicating poverty and hunger Fixing Metro Manila transport and traffic Getting rid of corruption Improving health care services and facilities Strengthening foreign relations Promoting gender rights and equality Protecting Philippine … Continue reading

Playing on a strong team

By Joe America Let’s talk man to man . . . and man to woman. I recently had debates with two social media friends who had critical words about Senator Trillanes. One said the Senator made a “hash” of the hearing in which he asked to see Paolo Duterte’s tattoo, and the other said he … Continue reading