Vantage points

By JoeAm Vantage points are the problem, and they are the opportunity. This arose the other day during a debate here in the blog discussion forum. I argued that: “One’s vantage point defines what one sees. It may not be ignorance.” I made this top-of-mind remark in response to a reader’s observation that some view … Continue reading

Kalayaan sa Pananalita (Freedom of Speech) o Krimen?

By Juana Pilipinas (From The Author: The featured quote is a free graphics taken from the Internet. Some may question the spelling of the word “licence” in it.  It is accurate in the British English convention but should be spelled “license” in American English convention.)   Palagi po nating naririnig ngayon ang salitang freedom of speech. … Continue reading

Social ethics: how to end Filipino self punishment

By JoeAm This is the third article in a series about what we think about how we think. I remember a course in high school, a subset of physics, that was entitled “statics”. It was required for anyone planning to become an engineer. The discipline was to measure forces on various structures, bridges, for instance. … Continue reading

2018 This New Year Is Really Old

by  Popoy del R. Cartanio 2018 This New Year Is Really Old, Never was New after the Birth of Christ. In Christendom the New Year began and ended the year of the birth of Jesus Christ. The New Year is really old; it’s much older than the previous one in all aspects of nature where change … Continue reading

Philippine laws are a snake’s nest

By Joe America In a recent article, I looked for quick and easy ways to fix Manila. This one looks at the hopeless snake’s nest that is Philippine laws. I can’t see a quick fix. Solution is keyed to the quality of legislators elected and voters are not thinking so well these days. Philippine laws, … Continue reading