Teves is in Yorba Linda California

I don’t actually know where Teves is. But if you listen to Filipinos talk at church or other social events abroad, there are usually plenty of rumors about where the current high-ranking politician or businessman that’s on the run is holed up. More importantly are rumors about where they have invested their dirty money, where … Continue reading

Metro Manila – the full catastrophe – One: Public Transport

Zorba the Greek called himself the full catastrophe, something one could also call Metro Manila. If one were a true blue Marcos loyalist, one might wonder why President Marcos Jr. has not reinstated his mother as its Governor. Historian Xiao Chua mentions Nathaniel von Einsiedel as one of her major technocrats, one later instrumental in … Continue reading

Getting the Philippines to What it Can Be

Analysis and Opinion By Irineo B. R. Salazar and Karl Garcia Karl said our country has had many mistakes, if every mistake is considered wisdom, we are now a wise nation, but we are none the wiser. He also mentions that the Hindus, Buddhists and the Arabs influenced Southeast Asia before the Europeans. If Spain … Continue reading

There’s no such thing as “crony capitalism”; it’s “crony corruption”

Opinion By Joe America The term “crony capitalism” pastes an unfortunate, calming label, on a very bad economic situation. A crony is a powerful person who has an advantage by being known to other cronies. They collect as a gang and pass favors and advantages to one another, thereby locking out competent people not having … Continue reading