May Diyos Naman

w ni Wilfredo G. Villanueva Nakasimangot ang mga lolo’t lola ko. Akala kasi nila pa-abante ang bayan, na sa kalaunan, siguro isang daang taon magsimula ng sila ay pumanaw, eh, maganda na ang hinaharap ng mga salinlahi. Hindi pala. Paano ba naman sila matutuwa kung: Una, ang matibay na pwesto sa mga survey, eh, ang … Continue reading

Buy Rubber Boats! The Earth is Melting!

Typhoon Ondoy was an eye-opener for the Philippines a few years ago. People still talk about it. Secretary Teodoro lost the rubber boats and Manila washed out to sea on a river of plastic bags. Preparations are better these days, the rubber boats have been found and some communities are banning plastic bags, but too … Continue reading

Getting Past the Nut

There are nuts attached to bolts, anatomical nuts assuring procreation, pistachios and walnuts and their ilk, and crazy people. This one is about a different nut, a tipping point, the point at which poverty is toppled to become growth, and from that, wealth. I wrote recently about my island, Biliran. I suggested that Americans are … Continue reading

Winter is coming, be prepared!

  By Chemrock The disappearing president is dead as the people of Malawi suspected. His death was hushed up to prevent the swearing in of the deputy president and to enable the installation of someone else to the presidency. Calm down, I am not referring to Marawi but the African state of Malawi, 2013 and … Continue reading

Whither Weather?

Chilean Weather Weather is something we often ignore, often curse, often chat about when there is little else to yap about.  I am definitely for weather. I like it. Now I’ve been around this planet a bit, thanks to my banking job and the wanderlust of being a Myers Briggs personality profile INFJ, always looking … Continue reading