Policy and Terms

(Revised March 19, 2019)

The Society of Honor (“Society of Honor”; “Society”) claims certain rights and offers certain protections to contributors and readers who comment.

The Society aspires toward open and constructive dialogue. This is not a chat site. It is a forum for thoughtful discussion. Contributors who speak in OPPOSITION to authors and contributors are welcome and are allowed to present their views freely as long as the focus is on issue rather than insult, and the intent is to open minds rather than close them.

The following Policy and Terms will help provide important understandings about how this blog site operates.

Moderation and Deletion of Comments

  • The Society of Honor currently does not moderate comments and this policy will remain in force as long as comments are substantially forthright, constructive and non-disparaging. We believe in the principle of “responsible self-editing” where readers exercise maturity, courtesy and integrity with regard to their comments.
  • The Society and its editor(s) retain the right to delete any comments that do not meet the standard of being “substantially constructive and non-disparaging”. Unduly obscene remarks are not constructive.  
  • The right to delete is wholly within the purview of the Society of Honor and its editor(s).
  • The Society may change its policy with regard to comments at any time to protect the integrity of the site.

Article Copyright and Copy Permissions

  • Published articles are the copyrighted property, jointly, of the author and the Society of Honor.
  • Excerpts from articles may be freely taken and re-published elsewhere as long as attribution is granted to the author and the Society of Honor.
  • Copies of entire articles, or sections and quotes from articles, may be freely made for private or academic use as long as attribution is granted for documents presented to others. 
  • Entire articles may be re-published with the prior consent of the Society of Honor or the article’s author. Refer to the “Contact Us” page to submit a request for re-publication.

Ownership of Comments

  • Comments are the property of the commenter who grants the Society of Honor full right of re-publication and use. Excerpts from comments may be freely taken and re-published as long is attribution is granted to the commenter (name or alias) and the Society of Honor.
  • A commenter may freely repost, publish or make use of his comments elsewhere, at his discretion.

Links to the Society of Honor

  • Links back to articles published on this site may be freely made, without permissions, as long as the site containing the link is not of bad taste or questionable moral or legal standing. We welcome back-links to broaden the reach and impacts of the Society of Honor and its many contributors

Privacy Policy 

  • The Society of Honor gathers and stores the comments, names or aliases, e-mail addresses, and computer ID of those who choose to comment. No other personal information about those who comment is gathered and stored. 
  • The Word Press blogging platform used by the Society of Honor automatically tracks sources of comments for statistical purposes. This information is not used by the Society to identify personal locations or gather personal information.
  • The Society of Honor does not use the information it collects on those who choose to comment in any other way than to identify the source, legitimacy and shared ownership of comments.

Photograph and Image Policy

  • The Society of Honor re-publishes photographs, charts or hand-drawn images obtained during topical internet searches. Attribution is granted where such attribution is readily available.
  • Photographs, charts or hand-drawn images known to be copyrighted are published only with prior consent of the owner.
  • The Society will immediately remove published photographs, charts or hand-drawn images if it is shown by the owner that they are improperly acquired. Such improper publication by the Society is wholly inadvertent.

Submission of Articles for Publication

  • Guest article submissions from known contributors or known pubic figures are welcome. They will be published at the discretion of the Society of Honor editor(s). A known contributor is someone who has participated in blog discussions over at least a three month period.
  • Criteria for submission: (1) relevant to the Philippines, (2) well-written original work, (3) properly documented as to source material, (4) thought provoking and constructive.
  • The editor(s) of the Society of Honor have full right to decline publication of any submitted article for any reason whatsoever.
  • Published articles are jointly owned by the author and the Society of Honor and either party may make use of the article for his own purposes. 
  • The opinions expressed within articles belong soley to the author and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Society of Honor, its publisher, other article writers or those who read and comment on this blog site.

Cybercrime Protections

  • Nothing in this blog should be taken as a truth. The articles are rife with satire, exaggeration and opinion compiled to produce certain meanings, meanings intended to advance the well-being of the Philippines. Many expressions are intentionally provocative to work through the armor of reader complacency; no malice is intended. It is impossible for the publisher to distinguish fact from fiction for every phrase written. Therefore readers are advised that they are required to take NONE of the statements literally, as truth. The only truth is the meaning readers gather for themselves, based on their own history, conditions and intellect. The Society cannot be responsible for extracted meanings that diverge from intent, where the intent is the well-being of the Philippines.
  • As stated in the section “Ownership of Comments”, thoughts and opinions expressed by commenters are entirely those of the commenter. The Society has no way to discern which are intended with malice or which are satire, exaggeration and opinion, intended for the well-being of the Philippines. Complaints need to be taken up with the commenter directly.
  • The Society gains no revenue from its publications. No advertisements are run. No articles are sold. No incentives are taken to express a certain viewpoint. No payments are made to contributors. The sole reason for being is to advocate for a healthy, wealthy and wise Philippines. 
6 Responses to “Policy and Terms”
  1. google says:

    I blog frequently and I truly appreciate your information. The article has truly peaked
    my interest. I will bookmark your site and keep checking for new details
    about once per week. I subscribed to your Feed as well.

  2. Luis V. Esquillo says:

    Thank you for the acceptance to The Honor Society of Joe America. I find your insights about the ongoing election fever to be very appropriate and straightforward. Looking forward to more enlightening blogs.

  3. Hector Sanvictores says:

    please include me in your list..

  4. roly eclevia says:


    Please consider this as an article, not as a mere comment. Thanks.

    Tinseltown’s ploy
    to capture presidency
    By Roly E. Eclevia

    As Sen. Grace Llamanzares Poe delivered the speech launching her candidacy at the UP Bahay Alumni on Wednesday, Sept. 16, a screen in the background flashed the titles of movies made by her late father.
    The image and spirit of Fernando Poe Jr. permeated the whole affair. That was exactly how tinseltown wanted it.
    Ms. Poe ticked off her 20-Point Agenda. It was her platform of government, part of the obligatory accoutrements these days for anybody running for president. The woman couldn’t be serious though. The things she said were clearly unimplementable. For how could you implement motherhood and apple pie?
    Never mind. The popularity of the action star is enough to catapult Ms. Poe to the presidency. Or so she thinks.
    No disrespect meant, but Ms. Poe and her handlers aren’t very smart. The millennials, if you mention FPJ, will give you a quizzical look. They’re too absorbed with computer games, where the fistfights are infinitely more realistic than the late actor’s theatrics. And their parents? The GenX swoon over Mexican and Korean telenovela. The FPJ reruns they find ridiculous. Taking an entire battalion of Japanese soldiers all by his lonesome? You’re kidding.
    The two generations comprise the great majority of the electorate. Yeah, but what about the babyboomers who fell for that tripe? They are dying off.
    Ms. Poe tells us she is taking up where FPJ left off. He failed to implement his vision of government because he was, says his widow Susan Roces, cheated out of victory in the 2004 presidential election.
    Vision? For the Time Magazine cover story at the time, Anthony Spaeth writes that what the actor wants to do for the Filipino people “can be transcribed on one side of a popsicle stick.”
    If Ms. Poe is popular, President Benigno Aquino III has only himself to blame. He nurtured her and made her an LP candidate in the 2013 senatorial elections, after appointing her MTRCB chair. The rival party, UNA, also boosted her chances when it adopted her as guest candidate.
    Ms. Poe’s choice of words—tulungan nyo ako sa pagpapanday ng isang makabuluhang hinaharap [help me forge a meaningful future]—is meant to evoke FPJ’s memory. He popularized Ang Panday [The Blacksmith], a franchise bought and made more popular by Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, an actor-turned-politician now in jail for thievery of the people’s money.
    The good lady confides FPJ taught her to love the poor. That sounds very much like her Ninong’s campaign line: Erap Para Sa Mahirap. There is no evidence that FPJ even bothered with the idea. All he did all his life was make action movies and have a good time. And that’s the best you can say of him.

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks, Roly. Proposed articles can be sent to me at societyofhonor@gmail. com. I’d probably want a little more depth on this one. More on the Fernando Poe “platform” perhaps.

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