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Philippine laws are a snake’s nest

By Joe America In a recent article, I looked for quick and easy ways to fix Manila. This one looks at the hopeless snake’s nest that is Philippine laws. I can’t see a quick fix. Solution is keyed to the quality of legislators elected and voters are not thinking so well these days. Philippine laws, … Continue reading

Journalists writing about “resilience” are soft

By Joe America Filipinos are so used to being downtrodden that they turn “survival” into a positive trait. I notice all the time that when people are beaten down, but persist, journalists praise them for being “resilient”. The latest case is in Marawi. Residents, many of whom have died or suffered from illness, starvation, and … Continue reading

Why the PCOO accreditation program for bloggers is unethical

By Joe America PCOO is the Philippine Communications Operations Office headed by Secretary Jose Ruperto Martin M. Andanar. Many readers will recall that Andanar was “side-promoted” out of the spotlight to head PCOO following several gaffes when he served as President Duterte’s primary spokesman. Ethics are the rules by which a profession or organization or … Continue reading

The Philippines and the US: finding a way to work together?

By Joe America Three pieces of information flew into my surprised face a couple of days ago, and out popped this blog. One came from Phelim Kine, the Deputy Director of the Asia Division, Human Rights Watch, regarding US Secretary of State Tillerson’s conversation with Philippine President Duterte at the ASEAN foreign minister’s confab. Kine … Continue reading

Doing change like Lee Kuan Yew

By Joe America Over the years, I’ve written blogs that look for “big easy” solutions to the congestion in Manila. They typically end up recommending the relocation of commerce out of Manila to places like Clark, Cebu, and Mindanao. The root of Manila’s problem is the nation’s poverty and all the people who head to … Continue reading