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The (Im)moral Justifications of Duterte’s Anti-drug War

w By Edgar Lores “Human rights are not worthy of the name if they do not protect the people we don’t like as well as those we do.” Trevor Phillips Three ethical doctrines have been asserted to justify President Rodrigo Duterte’s anti-drug war. These are: o The utilitarian doctrine o The ethnocentrism doctrine o The … Continue reading


Metamorphosis and Metastasis

w By Andrew Lim Two big polysyllabic words. Nevertheless, it has made its way into mainstream use via different routes, one through early education, the other when illness strikes someone you know. Top of mind answer for metamorphosis is the butterfly, which starts as an icky itchyworm (sosyal for higad) and finishes as a work … Continue reading


5 Steps to Make the Most of Your Reading

It is a pleasure to introduce James Sia as a guest author here at the Society of Honor. He brings the wisdom of youth to the blog, something that we of many years may at times fail to appreciate. James resides in Mindanao and has been following our discussions for some time. The subject matter of his … Continue reading

“Bato sa Buhangin” by ricsabastsa

A Short Analysis of “Bato sa Buhangin”

x By Edgar Lores The Tagalog song, “Bato sa Buhangin” is a collaboration between composer Ernani Cuenco (1936 – 1988) and lyricist Roberto Nicolas Rigor (1946 – 2016). The song has been covered by several singers and bands, notably Cinderella, Ogie Alcasid, Didith Reyes, and Mark Bautista. Rigor, whose nickname is “Snaffu,” wrote many other hits such … Continue reading

akash collective - evolution dot com

The Akashic Records

w By Edgar Lores Have you heard of the Akashic Records? I am almost sure you have as I have mentioned it a couple of times in my comments here at The Society. I first came across the term in college many moons ago when I read about Edgar Cayce (1877-1945).  Cayce is the famous … Continue reading