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Federalism: Open Discussion

By JoeAm Reader Jose Guevarra poses some excellent questions. Rather than write an article, I will post his comment as a lead-in to open discussion about the subject: I think it’s time to talk about this again, now that there is actually a draft charter with Congress. Like it or not, we have to think about … Continue reading

Has the US forsaken the Philippines?

By JoeAm The question was asked of me on Facebook: WHY has the US forsaken the Philippines? Forsaken means “abandoned or deserted”. My answer was that I didn’t think ‘forsaken’ was the right word, but the question is worth looking into. To do this, I’ll challenge you to try to see events through American eyes, even … Continue reading

Is technological evolution our ticket to extinction?

By Chemrock Joe prodded me to blog on Bitcoin / blockchain recently. With my banking background I can probably scramble some decent words on Bitcoin. Blockchain however, is beyond my comprehension technically. Whilst reflecting on this, I was inspired to write on something interesting that springs off from this mundane subject. So, at the risk … Continue reading

“Gooooooood morning, Philippines!”

I’ll add this third song on the yellow theme. The US went through a social revolution during the 1960’s with a raising of her compassionate conscience. This song shows why, and how. It could today be dedicated to Boracay.  

Draconian amendments to The Human Security Act

By JoeAm Normally, I find laws to be well-intended if a little strange at times, as in the Philippines, laden with needless details and burdened with Latin. But the proposed amendments to The Human Security Act are scary. They will give law enforcement wider latitude to accuse people of terrorism, and will add the death … Continue reading