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Love to Survive

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva (An Open Letter to our daughters, sons-in-law, future sons-in-law) We remember it well. One of you even peed in her pants. It was a horror house of scary dinosaurs. Jurassic Park was popular at that time, and you had reason to be afraid, besides you were 10, 9, 8 and 2 … Continue reading

Nationalism, treason, complacency, and us

By Joe America Nationalism fascinates me because I live in a nether world between the land of my birth and the land of my choice for raising a family and dying. Some Filipinos tell me to go back to America, some are quiet with their resentments that I intrude, some are kind with their thanks … Continue reading

Defining the term ‘shithole’ country

By Joe America I would guess that what Donald Trump meant when he used the term ‘shithole country’ is something like: shithole country: a generally poor and struggling, politically conflicted country that seeks relief from the United States, thus imposing burdens upon the great white nation. As Winnie the Pooh might express it, these countries … Continue reading

Gender roles, ethics, and you

By Joe America I have become so Filipinized that I watched the black dressed women at the Golden Globe Awards with some amazement. I felt that we . . . that is, the Philippine people . . . are just soooo, sooo far away from that kind of high-powered, organized righteousness that defends women against … Continue reading

“Wake up, Philippines”֫—Jozy

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Human Rights Commissioner Chito Gascon and she belong to the same generation in the University of the Philippines Student Catholic Action (UPSCA) when they were students. She’s the first female student to be accepted into a difficult quota course for her undergrad; finished academic units for a master’s degree at the … Continue reading