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God has us in his sights. Zeroed. Marked with an “x.” Us meaning mankind in general, the Philippines and the United States in particular. Why? We’re in a meat grinder. We don’t see millions dying as in a Hollywood war movie, but there is something going on in our souls, a feeling of listlessness, perhaps, … Continue reading

Teves is in Yorba Linda California

I don’t actually know where Teves is. But if you listen to Filipinos talk at church or other social events abroad, there are usually plenty of rumors about where the current high-ranking politician or businessman that’s on the run is holed up. More importantly are rumors about where they have invested their dirty money, where … Continue reading

Metro Manila – the full catastrophe – One: Public Transport

Zorba the Greek called himself the full catastrophe, something one could also call Metro Manila. If one were a true blue Marcos loyalist, one might wonder why President Marcos Jr. has not reinstated his mother as its Governor. Historian Xiao Chua mentions Nathaniel von Einsiedel as one of her major technocrats, one later instrumental in … Continue reading

A Right Proper Rightist Party

Analysis and Opinion By JoeAm I was looking into Akbayan as a possible formal party alternative to the pinks and yellows who seem to have dissolved into the loser’s mist. Akbayan has a center-left approach, and their objectives are wholesome. Better jobs, education, health care, and so forth. But they only spend money. Not raise … Continue reading

Atty Leni's Travel Score

Who REALLY knows the Philippines?

A recent Facebook posting by Atty. Leni Robredo showing where she has been in the Philippines based on https://my-philippines-travel-level.com/map made the rounds as she has truly been in every province, which is a feat in such an archipelago. Two FB friends of mine – one formerly in government, another formerly an aid worker – came … Continue reading