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Epimanes from Davao

By Chemrock The Guardian once described the Philippines as an event rich country. Even for them, the events in the past few days must have been a stupendous world record. I refer to : 1. Congress voted overwhelmingly to impeach CJ Sereno in a Kangaroo court where: The respondent was denied representation and the right … Continue reading

A letter to President Aquino, and his response

Note from editor: I thank Rachel Peralta for sharing her correspondence with former President of the Philippines, Benigno S. Aquino III, and thank President Aquino for his graciousness in allowing her to handle the correspondence as she wishes. Many of us wonder what the President thinks about things, and here we have new insights. I … Continue reading

Aquino’s doberman and Arroyo’s rottweiler

By Chemrock A rabid Arroyo apologist recently wrote a scathing attack on Chief Justice Sereno and called her Aquino’s doberman. It was a dog walk outing for a frumpy grumpy misanthrope of all things Aquino who figured a corrupt-Arroyo regime, of which he played a role, should still be running the country. (Aquino’s ‘Doberman’ in … Continue reading

The Philippines: “Slip slidin’ away”

By Joe America I love Paul Simon’s work. He was asked once how he developed such rich lyrics and he said they just came out, and he wrote them down and sang them. Sometimes they had no meaning. Well, I suppose they have whatever meaning the listener overlays onto them. I overlay the Philippines onto … Continue reading

Digitized, shopped, chopped, and hacked

By Joe America Technology has changed the world, and will do so even more in the future. Our simple lives are gone. Our old values are history. Now we must deal with global cyber forces like Wikileaks, Facebook, Amazon, and Google, and State cyber hackers from Russia, China, and the United States, and private hackers … Continue reading