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China live fire drill sputkiknews

Regarding China: “Okay, so now what?

Review We’ve had two excellent discussions touching on China recently. One was fueled by Lance Corporal X putting matters in a context of global warming which will see the Spratley Rocks (the arbitration panel said none of the ‘islands’ are life-sustaining; therefore, they are just rocks) submerged beneath the rising oceans. We are faced with a reshaping … Continue reading

essayshark the-lord-of-the-flies

Now accepting nominations! Category: Best theme song for Philippine governance

w Philippine Music Awards! w Now accepting nominations! Category: Best theme song for Philippine governance First nominee, “Gentle Murders” by Rage     Gentle Murders Artist: Rage Album: Carved In Stone Genre: Rock Dirty is the road to fame Plastered with unlucky victims Deadly if you get the blame focused on you You can play your … Continue reading

gunpointed api dot ning dot com

“Praise the lord and pass the life boat, Billy!”

When times are rough, or a tad crazy, it is easy to get disoriented or discouraged or confused or depressed. Humans were built for routines, for the comfort of knowing that what is outside the door won’t hurt us, and the confidence of knowing we’ll return back home without getting shot or shredded by a … Continue reading

artificial intelligence rolling stone

Acceleration and China

w By Josephivo 1. Introduction First, we all looked at the South China Sea and the West Philippine Sea. But is the conflict with China one dimensional? Or has China more than one iron in the fire? I wonder if we ask the right questions, if we look in the right direction. China might have … Continue reading

A Filipino fisherman is seen past the US Navy amphibious transport dock ship USS Green Bay (LPD-20) during an amphibious landing exercise on a beach at San Antonio in Zambales province on April 21, 2015, as part of annual Philippine-US joint maneuvers some 220 kilometres (137 miles) east of the Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea. The Philippines voiced alarm April 20 about Chinese "aggressiveness" in disputed regional waters as it launched giant war games with the United States that were partly aimed as a warning shot to Beijing. AFP PHOTO/TED ALJIBE        (Photo credit should read TED ALJIBE/AFP/Getty Images)

Do not go gentle into that good night . . .

w By Lance Corporal X This article was also based on a throw-away comment I made in response to Sec. Yasay’s insensitive comment hinting at detente with China on the issue of the South China Sea, in which I mentioned that man-made (in China) islands are entirely moot when viewed in context of sea level rise. … Continue reading


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