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Have you adjusted your morality lately?

By Joe America “Have you adjusted your morality lately?” I had to ask myself this question when a self-confessed amoral reader said there is nothing wrong with being moral, but imposing one’s values on others, especially with a scornful sneer at them, is wrong. Well, sure, being disrespectful is wrong if one’s moral bearing emphasizes kindness. … Continue reading



By Chemrock Of all the economic planning that the government undertakes, policy decisions regarding SSS payout hike are actually the easiest. The simple reason being they are based on actuarial sciences. The actuary works on certain assumptions like life expectancy, demographics, interest rate, inflation rate, when a person retires, etc etc. Re-calibrate anyway we want, … Continue reading


Mocha Uson is not the problem

By Joe America We have sorted the Philippine population into three groups to help make sense of things: The entitled, or class of impunity, that takes care of its own, is fundamentally amoral (lying is a tool, murder a campaign), and is not committed to the principles of democracy and human rights. Most legislators are … Continue reading


Halleluyah – a blaze of light

  By Chemrock As I write this article, my mind is still fresh with a news article on the killing of 7 innocent people in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City by masked gunmen on motorbikes. They were searching for a certain person whom the folks say was involved in drugs. On failing to find their target, … Continue reading


Enter the New Year, on hope, superstition and maybe a prayer

By Joe America Best wishes to all for the New Year. Resolutions are important, I think. I hope that you will strive for high values based on knowledge, and will have the discipline to align your acts with your values. If you do that, it will be hard for anyone to expect any more from you, … Continue reading