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Democracy in the Philippines is in the ICU

By Joe America I had originally written that “Democracy in the Philippines is dead” but then reflected on the fact that there is an election in 2019 that will determine if one should just pull the plug . . . or maybe find a heartbeat and figure out how to strengthen it. Right now that … Continue reading

Why Filipinos reject freedom

By Joe America Let me step outside the Philippines for a moment, or rather hover above the nation like a drone cam. I’ll look across the landscape and generalize. I admit, these generalizations may not be fair to you or other readers who don’t really fit into my model. I apologize and ask you to … Continue reading

The President is making love to the AFP

  By Joe America This article will get coarse, so be prepared or simply click off now. There is not much attention to drugs here, but sex, crudity, abuse, and violence do make an appearance. We have seen President Duterte working exceptionally hard to build a bond with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). … Continue reading

‘Change Can Come Only from the People’—Kiko

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva Throw a pebble into a pond, creating ripples to the outer edges—turbulence—but the center is stilled as the water accepts the pebble’s intrusion earlier than the rest of the body of water. That is how it is from where sits the president of the Liberal Party of the Philippines, Senator Francis … Continue reading

Rambling thoughts

By Joe America The State’s trolls are so very, very tiresome. They are working to lay responsibility for a questionable dengue vaccine on President Aquino. Their DAP, PDAF, and Mamasapano complaints are not yet enough to paint the ‘Highest Yellow’ as a bad, bad man. Which the entire enlightened world knows he is not. Watching … Continue reading