Aurora. Photograph by Paul Resurreccion
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A right proper foreign policy for the Philippines

By Joe America Kindly excuse the frustration and ‘attitude’ demonstrated herein. It’s not my fault. he he It seems pretty clear that the Duterte Administration does not believe in transparency but prefers the power that comes from keeping others confused and off balance. An FOI with 161 exceptions reflects the Administration’s approach to candor. The President’s spokespeople are … Continue reading

Legislators in caucus

The Philippine Inferno

By Joe America This is personal opinion. The whole thing is alleged. Make up your own mind. Being reasonable is not easy. First of all, we get angry or sad. Emotions always drag us off the center line of reason. Second, we are all ignorant. There is a whole lot of knowledge we don’t have. … Continue reading


We will lose all of the West Philippine Sea

By Andrew Lim President Duterte does not understand leverage Don’t blink, the entire West Philippine Sea and its resources will soon be gone. China’s nine-dash line map will be applied, and the fruit of Duterte’s pivot will be economic concessions that may appear substantial on surface but are actually a miniscule percentage of the value … Continue reading


“Every Filipino for himself!!!”

By Joltin’ Joe America I had to toss a blog the other day. The title was something like “Why the Philippines is the stupidest nation in the world.” It was too angry. It was like kicking the dog or putting a fist into the wall, expressing the dismay I personally feel about the direction the … Continue reading


How does the President stop his slide? Propaganda, intimidation or good works?

By Joe America A recent public survey gave President Duterte a 75% satisfaction rating. The result is typically characterized by the President’s spokesmen and much of the press as “very good”. Strong in relation to other presidents. That is one way to look at it, for sure. That’s the political spin, that’s the propaganda. Another … Continue reading