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Responsibilidad at Tungkulin ng mga Mamamayang Filipino

  by Juana Pilipinas Ang Konstitusyon ng Pilipinas ay parang kopya ng Konstitusyon ng Amerika.  Pareho po itong may Katipunan ng mga Karapatang Pangtao (Bill of Rights). Ang Bill of Rights ng Amerika ay inilakip sa inamyendahang Konstitusyon noong 1791. Sa Pilipinas, ang  Konstitusyon na sinulat ni Apolinario Mabini at ng kanyang mga Konsehal nuong … Continue reading

Do Philippine Mayors make bad presidents?

By Andrew Lim Another mayor, another failure? There have been three former mayors-turned presidents in our history: Aguinaldo, Estrada and Duterte. If you go back to the historical record of their terms, there is a strong argument to be made they did not do very well. Sure, they had personal accomplishments, but if we make … Continue reading

For Real Change, Buck the Status Quo

By Juana Pilipinas   I am about to extend a theory that may ruffle feathers.  I am also about to use Taglish which in itself may get me tagged as an elitist as I was made aware sometime ago that it is the language of the oligarchy.  Be rest assured that I am just a … Continue reading

Killing that ridiculous myth that Leni Robredo is soft or weak

By JoeAm I find it astonishing that people of laws, civility, and human rights destroy their own best electoral hopes by doing the trolls’ job for them. They wanted President Aquino to be a tall, handsome guy striding into a SONA with the wit and charisma of John F. Kennedy and the mistake-free talent of … Continue reading

“President Duterte is the symptom, he is not the cause.”

By JoeAm This idea was expressed by the always eloquent Barak Obama in the US as he talked about the Trump presidency and the way thinking and politics in the US has deteriorated into bitter, hostile, and divisive argument. Politics has degraded into win/lose battles and mistrust of people who look different and think differently … Continue reading