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Wading through the Philippine information swampland

By JoeAm Have you ever hiked through a Philippine jungle swampland? It’s dangerous, plants that slice like razor blades or snag like fish hooks, nasty little bees that attack in swarms, always going for the eyes, large brown snakes dangling from the branches, crab holes just waiting to snap a leg, cobras slithering among the … Continue reading

Integrity walks before you, rain or shine.

– As President Trump refuses to attend ceremonies in the rain and President Duterte can’t wake up to attend important meetings, I am reminded of a woman who puts them both to shame. This is not rocket science, folks. Dignity seems to escape so many Filipinos in favor of showmen, braggarts, bitterness and some kind … Continue reading

A whiff of racism rising in the Philippines

By JoeAm Racism is one of those double edged swords. If you write about it to gain insight, you can be accused of racism for writing about it. It’s like walking on egg shells on top of thin ice. But write about it we must because we are not ostriches and there are increasing signs … Continue reading

Filipinos will exchange their digital souls for a taste of heaven on earth

By Andrew Lim The following is a scenario-building exercise based on recent developments in the Philippine telecommunications industry, with geopolitics, national security and the West Philippine Sea conflict as backdrop. It may be fictional, but the institutions, personalities and their capabilities are based on real life. – For this exercise, we will make use of … Continue reading

No Justice, No Progress

Second Installment of a Two-Part Article on Dean Chel Diokno (link to Part 1) by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Elsa Tolentino: How can you restore the trust of the people in the justice system in our country? Chel: It’s easy to do that as long as there is a political determination to improve the justice system. Ang … Continue reading