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Conference room

Member’s Forum Page 1

This is the Society of Honor’s open forum where members may take up such issues as they put on the table. It is self-hosted as JoeAm is likely at the beach, napping, eating or drunk busy thinking. I would request that issues regarding the Duterte government be taken up in a different forum than here. I sponsor the … Continue reading

Ship of fools

A modest explanation, and a thank you

Thank you to all who have expressed their understanding and best wishes for me and my family. There are a number of reasons for suspension of the blog. At the root, as many supposed, is a concern for my family’s well-being, cast against the unkindness inspired by a leader who seems to want to use … Continue reading


The great test of Philippine democratic institutions

It is clear that President Rodrigo Duterte has little respect for the rights of individual Filipino citizens. He doesn’t care about the Constitutional promise of safety or the fairness of presumed innocence. He doesn’t care if they die. Furthermore, other individuals, even members of important democratic institutions like the Supreme Court and Senate, are regularly … Continue reading

afp photo by Neil Celis via Yahoo news

“The heaping corpses, the endless bodies to stumble upon!”

w by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Swirling events. Corpses everywhere. A discombobulated populace. No public outcry. Democrats speaking to one another, preaching to the choir. In the meantime, bodies continue to pile up. Is anyone out there? God is. I have taken to waking up early, around 3:30, to read the Catholic mass readings, and pray … Continue reading

Chief dela rosa

“Okay, when do we get to the CRIME part?”

There are a lot of things about President Duterte’s statements and deeds that confuse me. Some are more important than others. Some will get worked out in time, which is fine. I can wait, and hope they work out well for the nation. One thing the Philippines teaches well is patience. But crime is the … Continue reading


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