Crowdsourcing the Cayetano Campaign

cayetanoThe political landscape is defined by those with the boldness to take up a campaign paintbrush. He who paints first has an advantage in deciding the look of the landscape. Mountains or forests or seas.

We can give credit to Senator Alan Peter Cayetano for being among the bold. He is organizing his campaign, tracking polls and positioning his political work to diminish Vice President Binay.

What do you figure went into this decision to run? I figure the conversations with his family and supporters went something like this:

  1. Binay is vulnerable. He’s created some major gaffes.
  2. Roxas simply does not capture the Filipino imagination. He would lose.
  3. Lacson has baggage. He would lose.
  4. Poe and others are not yet ready. They would lose.
  5. We carry less baggage and have a budding national reputation.
  6. We can craft our national image if we start early.
  7. We can also credibly craft a platform that builds on President Aquino’s good works.

And so they all nodded “yes”, we can do that. Now, we ought to recognize that others might jump into the fray and smear the Cayetano paint somewhat. We can be assured that VP Binay will be working on how to smear the canvas. But for the sake of this little project, let’s agree with the Cayetano camp. We can do this.

Our job here today is to crowdsource some advice for the Cayetano camp. We are not endorsing him. We are merely working on an intellectual exercise of thoroughly parsing the qualifications and risks of going with a likely major candidate.

Our crowd is small but thoughtful. It ought to prove interesting.

  • Rule number 1. Be brutally honest. Don’t hold back, nor oversell. Just get a thought out on the table the way you see it.
  • Rule number 2. Shaping will come later, so don’t cast judgments on what others say to try to “win” arguments. You can bounce off them for clarification, but let them stand. We are here to get ideas out, not squelch them. We can’t see the whole picture until we have the whole picture. Arguing can come after we craft the total picture.
  • Rule number 3. Consider the crucial elements of a presidential campaign outlined below, or add some new ones.

We’ll synthesize the discussion and pull out some main thoughts in a separate article. Expect the conversation here to jump around. That is normal.

Elements of discussion

Add some substance to all or any part of this:

  1. What are ALL of the Cayetano strengths?
  2. What are ALL the Cayetano weaknesses? How can we respond to them when raised by the opposition?
  3. What are the MAJOR Cayetano achievements?
  4. What are ALL the Cayetano mistakes? How can we respond to them when raised by the opposition?
  5. What are the Binay weaknesses? How can we enhance them?
  6. What are the Binay strengths? How can we diminish them?
  7. What are the Binay achievements? How can we diminish them?
  8. What are the Binay mistakes? How can we enhance them?
  9. How can we make sure other candidates do not emerge as main players?
    • Roxas
    • Poe
    • Lacson
    • Others

Okie dokie.

Gentlemen and gentle  ladies, start your typewriters . . .

84 Responses to “Crowdsourcing the Cayetano Campaign”
  1. sonny says:

    I need to detect a VISION that this leader has dreamed for the Philippines. To be brutally frank I think so far only Marcos in the prime of his time and circumstance had this from the beginning of his ascendance. I will track Cayetano and all others in the same manner that a retrospect on the late Marcos has revealed. I am looking for an Uber Leader be it a person or a continuum.

  2. Dee says:

    APC’s weaknesses:

    1. His wife.
    2. Being part of a political dynasty.
    3. His “mixed breed” background.
    4. Giving TMI (too much information) to the media.

    Let’s tackle the weaknesses first as they are harder to overcome. How can we respond to them?

    1. Find out all the negatives that are attributed to his wife and we’ll go from there. Did she really play dirty to get elected then re-elected in Taguig? What does the Binays have on her about the Fort Boni controversy?
    2. Not much can be done about that but we need to assert that none of his family members had been corrupt and self-serving (except the wife if rumors are true).
    3. Mariano will have a field day about his features and so are some voters. Take the highroad and emphasize his patriotism and public service?
    4. Read something about him talking about his love-life and so are those of celebrities. Maybe a plus for populism but does not look right for a presidential candidate.

    Your turn!

  3. Joseph-Ivo says:

    First and foremost ( or most difficult for me to understand), DO a Pimentel! How can you be in the same party as the family of Marcos? Zuburi did cheat, but innocently compared with what Marcos did. Indignation with Napoles? She is a little mosquito, Marcos was a killer whale. Indignation with Ampatuan? Small compared with what Marcos and his associates did. How can you accept the slightest association with any of this?

    Secondly, learn to smile genuinely, you often look so plastic.

  4. chit navarro says:

    Binay Strengths:

    1. He practically “owns” the voting populace of Makati city. Let us remember that Makati is not the business district… it is the barangays where the voting populations resides. VP Binay, when he was the Mayor of Makati, instituted and is continuing the FREE education with matching school supplies, uniforms, shoes, bags, potable drinking water, computers, etc.; FREE HOSPITALIZATION with the yellow card and eventually the modernization of the Ospital ng Makati; SENIOR CITIZEN’s CARD with free movies (at the posh & plush Makati City cinemas), birthday cakes and the usual discounts applicable to senior citizens, assistance to funerals, and of course, the yearly christmas gifts. He built barangay halls and provided vehicles to each and every barangay chief. What would stop him from telling voters that he will make Makati City the model for all barangays, towns cities, etc, and provide free education, medicine, free movies, etc.

    2. Makati City, through Mayor Binay, has a sister-city/ sister-province/ sister-town agreement in place with almost all the cities, provinces, towns in the Philippines. He provides them with books, medicines, computers, etc. as a gesture of sisterhood. So the mayors of the sisterhood are sort of “indebted” to him.

    3. He has a great and well-oiled media machinery. Plus political advisers.

    4. Being the mayor of the premier city for so many terms, his media exposure to the business community, international community as well as to the less-priveleged of society is beyond compare.

    5. He has been there since the time of Pres. Cory and that speaks volumes, more so in terms of political relationships established.

    6. A lot has been written about his numerous properties but nobody has yet to show proof that he really owns them.

    7. He has the backing of Peping Cojuangco, the uncle of the President.

    8. On his first day as the Mayor of Makati, the first agenda is to create a Vision/Mission for the city and this is reviewed regularly. So I am sure come election time, a Vision/Mission for the Philippines will be one of the key talking points.


    1. Family dynasty.

    2. Perceived wealth beyond his means.

    3. etc., etc., etc.

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent recitation. The Cayetano camp will have to figure out a response. Any ideas of what they might do to counter these strengths? (By the way, look for next Monday’s blog; it pertains to local politicking by national players).

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      Look at Duterte’s popularity because he isn’t afraid to kill and because his vigilantes “cleaned” the streets. I heard several stories were Binay used his police force in vigilantes’ missions too. “He will be a strong leader, supreme courts or other corruptible forces will not stop him.”

  5. andrew lim says:


    I shelved my piece on Leila de Lima as a possible presidentiable since she doesn’t seem inclined to be in it, just like Joseph Abaya.

    It’s good we’re starting the discussions here as early as now. So far the arguments presented here do not make me drop Cayetano as a worthy candidate.

    As for the Binay mystique, the potent weapon is a negative campaign by Pres. Aquino himself. If he refuses to hit Binay, then it will really be difficult. Insisting Roxas will still be worth it will also help Binay.

  6. edgar lores says:

    A. Methodology

    As before, linguistics. Plus elementary numerology.

    A.5. Alan
    1. a male given name: from a Celtic word meaning “harmony.” (
    2. cool, charming, suave, awesome with the women. (Urban Dictionary)
    3. a real tough guy. (Urban Dictionary)

    A.6. Jojo
    Proper Name
    1. No dictionary results (
    2. Derived from the disturbingly young American singer, meaning any girl who is clearly looking and acting many years above her age. (Urban Dictionary)

    B. Observations

    1. Previously, it was observed that names may adopt a verb form or a noun form.
    1.1. The new names introduced today, Alan and Jojo, just take the noun form. They are entities but perhaps not doers.
    1.2. The connotation of non-doer would seem to apply more to Jojo than to Alan. Within memory, Alan, at the very least has stood up to Enrile (the kahoy moment), and lately to Jinggoy. Conversely, Jojo is well known for his small target strategy, of blending in the background like a monochromatic chameleon. His forays to the front – in Cebu, Zamboanga, Dasmagate, and the PDAF scam – have resulted, not in an embarrassment of riches, but in a richness of embarrassments.

    2. Previously, a suggested refinement to the methodology was to consider nuances of meaning. In terms of synonyms, both Alan and Jojo have none. In terms of meaning, Alan has positives in “harmony” and “cool”. Jojo also means “cool, nice, good” in colloquial French; additionally, it means “yoyo” in German and the Nordic languages.

    3. Previously also, another suggested refinement was to consider the number of syllables, but no implication could be found. Now, we have.
    3.1. If we list the familiar names of past presidents from the time of the Commonwealth, we have Nonong, JPL, SO, Manoling, Pidiong (or EQ), Monching (or RM), Caloy? (or CPG), Dado (or DM), Ferdie (or FM), Cory, Eddie (or FVR), Erap, Ate Glo (or Gloria, GMA) and PNoy.
    (3.2. The commenter would place a wager on the high probability that you did not know that CPG earned the nicknames of “Prince of Visayan Poets” and the “Bard of Bohol”. If you did, high five!)

    3.3. All nicknames are multisyllabic, comprised of at least two syllables. This may be bad news for Mar, Ping and Grace, but good news for Sonny, Alan and Jojo.
    3.4. Note that the initial letter J shows up only once (JPL) in the previous names, whereas A occurs four times. Indeed the letter A appears in the full names of all previous presidents. This leads us into numerology.

    4. If we use the letter-to-number assigning system described in Wiki under Numerology we can convert the names to single digits, thus:
    4.1. Alan is 1 + 3 + 1 + 5 = 10 –> 1+0 = 1
    4.2. Jojo is 1 + 6 + 1 + 6 = 14 –> 1 + 4 = 5

    4.3. Adopting the connotations of Chinese numerology (also described in the same Wiki entry), we get these equivalents: 1 is equal to “sure” and 5 is “the self, me, myself” or “nothing, never.”

    5. JoeAm has remembered to first name Alan Peter, but only refers to his likely opponent as Binay. No first name, no nickname, nothing. Perhaps that is as it should be: you invoke the devil’s full name at your own peril.
    5.1. Just as a side note, Alan’s maternal surname is “Schramm”. Maternal surnames are important to Filipinos. It is an affectation that stems from our Spanish heritage wherein the maternal surname is not positioned between the first and the last names but after the last name with the conjunctive particle ‘y’. Thus: Alan Peter Cayetano y Schramm.
    5.2. Another affectation we have is that we seem to take great pride in the length, and sonority, of our names. The more elements and syllables, the higher the prestige. Thus: Maria Lourdes Punzalan Aranal Sereno.

    C. Observations

    Again, in respect of other methods and of individual choice, the commenter is loath to make a call.

    He will observe though that the linguistic analysis marks little differentiation between the two names. They differ from previously considered names in the light of the fact that no previous president responded to a monosyllabic call… except perhaps in the privacy of the presidential chamber or hotel suite. (Hold that thought for a moment. Then consider this: given our propensity for long names, the commenter can imagine that being called by one’s full name in the throes of connubial bliss, or non-connubial for that matter, could provide greater fillip to the exertions. And it may prolong them.)

    The numerological analysis may shed greater light and significance.

    However, as before, he will attempt to frame the proper question: Would you rather have harmony or a yoyo?

    • Joe America says:

      Oops. I meant Mr. Vice President Jemomar Binay, Scramm, eh? That’s good research. I trust you have given up on all candidates, which in itself is a admirable position. Yet, I feel obligated to understand this Cayetano guy better, beyond the 1.

  7. Joseph-Ivo says:

    Careful, Philippine elections are not elections as understood in the West, elections to select people who will decide on how the country is run, who will take ideological decisions on left or right, green or not, pro-life or not, decrease taxes, repair the pavement… .

    In the Philippines elections are rituals of incorporation, an opportunity to experience a sense of membership. To associate with the big fellows. Politics in the traditional sense are irrelevant because the big guys know better and don’t listen to little fish anyhow.

    Cayetano knows this I guess. He needs arguments why anybody would want to “touch” him as an idol in the voting booth and share some of his magical powers, a long shot. For Binay this is cristal clear.

    • Joe America says:

      Keen observation. And yet, candidates spend a lot of money to get the job, articulating a vision that rational voters duly consider. We would be remiss to bow to the whims of power and favor and not try to articulate a win for our favored candidate. This process takes a step in that direction.

      • sonny says:

        Joe, this reminds of what Ross Perot said when he was a third candidate for president: running in this manner, i.e. outside of the 2-party paradigm and as a non-trapo was like learning how to dance with an elephant. Just poke it here and there and see what dance steps will emerge and do it. Or words to that effect. Applies to Cayetano as well as us in search of a good candidate.

  8. Joseph-Ivo says:

    In judo you try to use the energy of your opponent, thus for Cayetano:

    1- “I’m one of you”
    I’m young, preparing a better future for us is my focus. Binay is old, preparing for his funeral and preparing the inheritance of his children is his focus.

    2- “I get things done”
    I will get Napoles, Pogi, Sexi and Tanda where they belong. The Ayala’s did build Makati, Binay was just a leech.

    • Joe America says:

      Now THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about . . .

    • edgar lores says:

      1. “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, hustisya ang kailangan.”
      2. “WALANg patawad, wALANg patawarin.”
      3. “WALANg patawad.”
      3. “Sabi ni Boss, kulungin!”
      4. “Gusto ko ikulong kita.”
      5. “Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.”
      6. “Gawin na natin ito!” (Let’s just do it!)
      7. “Kung si Alan, wALANg corrupt, wALANg mahirap.”
      8. “It’s corruption, stupid.”
      9. “Stop the corruption, stop the bleeding.”
      10. “REMEMBER – Remember Erap, Marcos, Enrile, Macapagal, Binay, Estrada (Jinggoy) and Revilla.”
      11. “Tingnan ang pinipili”. (Look who to select.)
      12. “Kung hindi makita, huwag iboto”. (If invisible, don’t vote)

      • chit navarro says:

        12. “Kung hindi makita, huwag iboto”….
        is this a take on Korina’s “maligno?”…

        • edgar lores says:

          I don’t know where these slogans come from. They just pop up. 😉

          I like #10. Except for the initial letter, the entire word becomes an acronym for birds of a feather.

      • I can’t stop laughing at REMEMBER!

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        I saw this in Cebu

        “Drive Safely, The life you save may vote for me.” – Campaign poster

        “Sunod lang ta, bai” (Let us just follow the rule of the road) – Traffic Enforcer Slogan

        “OK – Osmena Kami” – Osmena slogan

        “ERAP-Para-Lahat-Pantay-hERAP” – Mariano

  9. andrew lim says:

    Just wondering how much of a factor the youth is in the 2016 elections? Who’s got the stats on this?

    If so, then the conventional wisdom of “the unlettered masses will vote for Binay” can be mitigated by social media, since many of the youth, even in the CDE bracket have access to it.

    • Joe America says:

      Senator Santiago has opined that social media will make the 2016 election. So she evidently believes the voice of youth is material.

    • Dee says:

      The last time I looked at the available manpower for the Philippines, there are approximately 40M men and women within recruitable age.

      Seems like the voters’ turn out for PI is at maximum, 30%. A rough shot at calculating the total with 100M population will be 30M possible voters. How many of these could be reached through social media? I am going to look into COMELEC and other agencies and will come back with more definitive numbers.

      That is what any candidate wanting to be elected needs. An army of geeks crunching numbers and looking at marketing angles. Data mining was big during Obama’s election and re-election. You bet, most geeks were behind him and they were his secret weapon.

    • chit navarro says:

      another way to mitigate this issue of “unlettered masses” or those who sell their votes for a measly P500.00 or less is to tap the network of the OFW’s – they who send the money to support their families in the barrios, barangays, etc.

      that’s why it is good to agree early on who can be the better alternative than the VP as the next President and this is what we sell in social media.

      who knows Mar Roxas handlers may just overhaul his image to make him more accessible to media… or that there is another alternative for the LP who is more winnable and then Mar Roxas will have to give way again…

  10. edgar lores says:

    1. I am not sure that Alan is the right man.
    1.1. In the 2013 senatorial elections, he placed 3rd with a vote of 17,580,813 (43.79%).
    1.2. In contrast, Mar placed 1st in the 2004 senatorial election with an impressive vote of 19,372,888 (57.81%).
    1.4. Mar lost to Jojo in the 2010 vice-presidential election with a vote of 13,918,490 (38.58%) against Jojo’s 14,645,574 (41.65%). The margin was a slim 727,384.
    1.5. In a beauty contest, Alan would handily win over Jojo.

    2. There are two outstanding facts about Jojo and his run for the presidency:
    2.1. He is the shoo-in candidate in terms of funding and the organization.
    2.2. He is the shoo-in candidate in terms of being a populist, who advocates policies that are popular as evidenced in Makati. The Binay name earned Nancy, who had no qualifications, the 5th slot in the last senatorial elections with a vote of 16,812,148 (41.88%).

    3. Last Sunday, Dean Julio C. Teehankee noted in an essay published in Rappler, that candidates who have the machinery do not necessarily win. He cited two precedents:
    3.1. In 1992, Speaker Ramon Mitra Jr. lost because he was not popular.
    3.2. In 1998, Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. lost because of a negative trapo image.

    4. Arguably, in 2010, Villar had the money and the machinery. He placed 3rd behind PNoy and Estrada.
    4.1. Estrada, a populist, had mass appeal.
    4.2. PNoy, a laggard, won on two counts: (a) mass sympathy for Ninoy and Cory and (b) his slogan of “Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap”.
    4.3. PNoy only placed 6th in the 2007 senatorial elections, behind future presidential candidates Ping (3rd) and Villar (4th).
    4.3. Incidentally, his win does render invalid Joseph’s perception that presidential elections are rites of incorporation, which may have been true of other administrations such as those of Marcos, Arroyo and Estrada.

    5. No matter who runs against Jojo, the winning strategy is to paint him as a trapo, through and through. Tailor campaign materials according to segments of the population.
    5.1. Joseph’s suggestion to associate Jojo with the PDAF scammers is eminent as it aligns with items 3.2 and 4.2.
    5.2. Binay’s abuses of power in Cebu, Zamboanga, and Dasmarinas should also be highlighted.
    5.3. His “play it safe” strategy should be highlighted. This is a man who will not and cannot lead.
    5.4. His “rags to riches” story needs to be exposed. Is it true he owns one unit in each Makati condo?
    5.5. His dynastic hold on the country should be underlined.
    5.6. Right now he is tagged as Da Invincible Man. He should be tagged as Da Invisible Man. Posters and banners with just an outline of a face (or faces to include his entire dynastic family) would make effective (?) campaign materials.
    5.7. He will cause the dumbing down of Philippine politics. Nancy in the Senate. Junjun in Makati. Pacquiao, da invisible rep, in the Senate.
    5.8. Dirty politics? The “payong” icon can be used to suggest shielding only the self from the rain. The “maitim at maligno” label should be used and re-used in social media to resonate with the superstitious thinking of the masses. “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough…”

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent points. I’ll incorporate them in the overall wrap-up scheduled for next week.

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      To 4.1
      “Me too I’m a child of our deceased mother of the nation” was important in 2010. Filipinos want to express belonging. With Estrada the dazzling movie star, with Villar the successful poor boy… but now I want to identify with the pain of this orphan. Didn’t the President have more female voters? Voting is 100% emotional, expressing sympathy, feeling unity with something larger, not electing who will represent you best.

      • edgar lores says:

        Re 4.1. We have to take advantage of this knowledge. Create a sob story, a telenovela. Binay is projecting himself as Robin Hood. We need a frog who will turn into a prince. Or a frogress into a princess.

    • Dee says:

      Whoa, Edgar. You are good at this muckraking stuff. The converse could be true though. Rising above the mudslinging is like telling voters, “Look at how low they can go. I don’t play that.” Could that work in PI?

      • edgar lores says:

        That’s a left-handed compliment. I like it. 🙂

      • edgar lores says:

        Negative campaigns have been proved to work. Binay cannot take the high moral ground being associated with Erap and Enrile; being a power abuser; considering Jinggoy for veep; being a marital infidel; and becoming wealthy with no credible means.

  11. cha says:

    Cayetano’s strengths:

    1. He already has a national support base and following judging from his ranking no. 3 on top in the recent senatorial elections.

    2. There just might be a ready and willing source/s of campaign funding for another national campaign. If I remember right, he also ranked no. 3 in terms of campaign contributions in the same election last year.

    3. He is expanding and deepening no. 1 (his support base) by capitalizing on no. 2 (available funding). He has just launched his PTK program with a micro-financing initiative, supposedly a fulfilment of promises he has made during the electoral campaign. PTK stands for Presyo (price, cost of goods), Trabaho/Kita (jobs/wages), and Kaayusan (the direct translation would be order but this apparently refers to the fight against graft and corruption).

    The beneficiaries of the micro-financing project are community/ livelihood associations who are given seed money , around 100,000 to 150,000 pesos (the money, according to him came from “friends”), which they can then use to lend out to their individual members. So far the recipients have been a jeepney driver/operators group in one province and a farmers group in another. The money becomes available to members of the association for borrowing at low interest rates, an alternative to the usurious practice of 5/6 commonly availed of at this levels. It’s a great way to get support at grassroots level come election time.The man, clearly, has a plan.

    4. He picks his fights well. He turned against Arroyo when they were still in the same party (Lakas?) to support the impeachment moves against her at the time. He stood up to Enrile last year, getting him national attention and earning him an ally in Sonny Trillanes as a bonus. Trillanes just recently expressed support for his proposal to set up special courts dedicated to the pork barrel scam. And of course, there’s the recent exchange of words with that senator who just showed one and all why he earned the nickname Sexy and not Smarty.

    5. He is still young. He can still choose to sit this one out and wait another 6 years , and he’d still be a viable candidate. Declaring his intentions now may very well be just a trial balloon to see what and how much more work he needs to do. At the very least he already got his name out there as a contender. At best, someone out there might now have him under consideration as a vice-presidential running mate. (Might that have been actually part of the plan?)

    Possible Setbacks:

    Already covered well by Dee and the others, If I may just add, the guy doesn’t seem to connect well with people? There seem to be no spontaneous expressions of support from social media and the general public even after the bold and daring stand against Enrile last year. Miriam, on the hand, is everybody’s darling every time she goes for the same target.

    Is it because he seems to hold back instead of going for the kill each time?

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent elaboration of his vision, PTK. I’m going to try to dig up more of his accomplishments. Thanks.

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      To 4.1
      “Me too I’m a child of our deceased mother of the nation” was important in 2010. Filipinos want to express belonging. With Estrada the dazzling movie star, with Villar the successful poor boy… but now I want to identify with the pain of this orphan. Didn’t the President have more female voters?

      Voting is 100% emotional, expressing sympathy, feeling unity with something larger, not electing who will represent you best.

      All in black and white for the sake of the argument.

    • edgar lores says:

      Re Miriam. Her appeal would support Joseph’s insight that Pinoys are emotional and non-rational voters. Miriam is presents as a sputtering unpinned grenade, liable to explode at any moment. And she does, no holds barred. The triumph of Grace, the lovely daughter of the cheated Da King, also supports this. This may be the reason why Chiz is playing out his romantic liaison to the gallery. Alan is plain vanilla with no toppings. Actually, Pia might present as a better candidate: she is a seasoned Grace. Pinoys have a yearning for beauty. If she had acceded to the clamor of the masa, Susan, the bereaved widow of Da King, would have been president instead of PNoy.

      • edgar lores says:

        Don’t forget Leni’s handy win against a dynast.

      • Joe America says:

        In the context of this exercise, we would have Cayetano emphasize his rich and lengthy service and many accomplishments, against Poe’s one bill. Both are nice people, but one is better qualified by experience to deal with all the problems facing a president. To that point, Cayetano’s PKT program comes off as a little lightweight to me, gimmicky. He needs to demonstrate he can handle China and the US, and respond to crises that erupt that have international import.

  12. Joe America says:

    If one were to make a checklist of Senator Cayetano’s accomplishments, to show that he is a doer, not a talker, and is consistent with his PTK campaign vision, one might list, and promote, the following:

    1) Opposed abandoning the Arroyo impeachment; endorsed the Estrada impeachment. He believes in accountability.
    2) Established a Department of Overseas Workers, to better organize services for OFW’s. He takes care of Filipinos.
    3) Took the lead to investigate major fraud cases: PDAF, Malampalaya fund, ZTE and fertilizer scams. He is the foremost “attack dog” against the corrupt. He stands up to the powerful, Binay, Estrada and Enrile. He fights for good values.
    4) Authored a variety of bills to improve education and citizen services. He takes care of Filipinos.
    5) Became a congressman at age 27 and senator at age 36. He is a doer.

    • cha says:

      5. Gawa, hindi ngawa (Doing, not talking) , maybe that can be one of his campaign slogans.

      As it is, he doesn’t have a clear, compelling message of what he stands for. He is a little bit of this and that, as evidenced by the PTK agenda.

      Erap was “para sa mahirap”, Aquino was anti-corruption, anti-poverty.

      Given where the country is at and the proposal he has already put forward on a special court for the pork barrel investigations, maybe the pursuit of justice can be his warcry. He can position himself as the president who will send the good-looking, the bad old man and the ugly one to the gallows. And every other scammer in between.

      • edgar lores says:

        Re 5. Sounds good, but does not differentiate from Binay. Jojo is not a talker, and he is perceived to have done much for the citizens of Makati although he may not have done much as VP. But then the VP position is a one-in-waiting position. You just get sent everywhere to plead for the life of erring OFWs, to the investment of saints and the funerals of political giants.

        The pursuit of justice theme is more promising. Dapat maghirap ang corrupt. Dapat magdusa ang mga baboy.

        • Joe America says:

          I think it is the sub-headings that will make the distinction. That Cayetano will not pardon anybody, that he has been in the lead on the pork, malampalaya, ZTE and fertilizer scandals. He wanted both Arroyo and Estrada impeached. Cayetano does the RIGHT kind of doing. I think that is the posture that we can build to differentiate him.

      • Joe America says:

        Great slogan. It fits with his leadership on the major corruption scandals, plus some of his PTK activities. And his facing up to Binay and Enrile.

  13. Dee says:

    Here are the approximate stats for 2016:


    Total Registered Voters: 50M
    Male: 24.5M
    Female: 25.5M

    I did not see stats according to age group at COMELEC but below is an approximate 2016 total population count and the breakdown.

    Per Census Bureau/National Statistics

    Projected Total Population for 2016: 102M
    Ages 0-14: 32M
    Ages 15 and up: 70M

    What are the major voting groups in the Philippines? How are they divided and what are their voting values? By gender and age group are given. By religion? By region? By profession? Who among these groups will vote for APC and why? Who will not and why? Gotta have these info and more to get APC elected.

    I read a lot about Cayetano and he seems to be a plausible presidential candidate. He has a good platform and positive attributes per his website. He needs a good image and marketing consultant because he does not have the charisma and popularity of Binay. There’s plenty of time to groom him for the position. Likewise, a group of technologically savvy people who can analyze and predict outcomes from available data and use state of the art technology to wage a cyber campaign will be necessary.

    As they say, “there is no truth nor reality, there’s only perception.”

    • Joe America says:

      Ah, that ties into what Joseph-Ivo said. Lack of charisma, yet he needs to appeal to voter emotions. We’ll figure out how, eh?

    • edgar lores says:

      Dee, I have doubts about cyber warfare. The degree of computer penetration is not that deep: 2012 statistics report 33.6% penetration and social media (Facebook and Twitter) penetration at 29%. If we look at the comments in virtual space in the last senatorial election, there is no way that Nancy would have won.

  14. Joseph-Ivo says:

    He is so much “Manila”, should play the federalism card to compensate. More power to Cebu, more power to Davao. Binay has his sister cities and local “big men” selling him in the Visayas and Mindanao.

    • sonny says:

      If the Senate Minority Leader picks up on GMA’s Federal regions as object of his vision, he’s got my ear and interest!

    • Dee says:

      Joseph, I like that idea. 11 states for the United States of the Philippines. The competition between the states maybe the key to the nation’s prosperity. It might motivate the states’ leaders to attract their own investors like the U.S. states, give their natural resources an in-depth look for value added products, and find local ways of generating incomes for the the constituents as well as for the states. Maybe the cha-cha should push for Resolution 10 but I see that Pia Cayetano was for it but not Alan.

    • edgar lores says:

      The topic of federalism is out of topic. However. I have not come across a concrete proposal for federalism and have just read Resolution 10.

      1. The number of states seem to range from 3 to 11. I would go for 3 – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao; 11 seems too many.

      2. The proposal adds a secondary layer of government between national and provincial. That would be viable if the barangay level is abolished. There would then be just 4 levels – national, state, provincial, local. In the US and Australia, there is no counterpart for provincial.
      2.1. Would the provincial level also be abolished?
      2.2. In Australia, there is criticism that the government structure is top-heavy.
      2.2. Senators being elected by state, rather than at large, seems reasonable.

      3. The demarcation of the states would be by geography, naturally, but we would want to see that each state is economically viable in terms of real and potential resources. Political stability and viability rests on economic independence. I do not see any difficulty with rich states helping out poor states in the short term. But without an economic map, it would be foolhardy to rush into this scheme. In Australia, each state had/has rich mining, forest and fishery resources; and natural wonders enough to attract tourism dollars.

      4. Note that federalism will preserve native tribalism. In the US and Australia, no tribes pre-existed.

      5. This begs the question: is it the system or the people?

  15. Dee says:

    APC’s father seem to have had a great reputation. He is known as “companero” from his popular TV public service program, Companero Y Companera, where he offered pro bono legal advice to the audience.

    compañero m (plural compañeros, feminine compañera)
    (from Wikipedia)

    1. comrade.
    2. friend, buddy.
    3. fellow, companion.
    4. colleague.

    Alan, from what I recall, is known as Companero Junior. He is not above anyone. He is an equal to the common tao. We could spin that into a slogan that would connect him to every Juan and Juana. “Ang kaibigan ng mamamayan.” “Ikaw, Ako, Pareho.” And more along those lines.

    And get a load of this:

    “In his first term as a lawmaker, Senator Cayetano has filed a number of Senate bills and resolutions aimed at speeding up the dispensation of justice for criminal cases and in curbing graft and corruption. Through his efforts, the Supreme Court issued Administrative Order 51-96 designating special criminal courts in Metro Manila and other cities to hear cases involving heinous crimes and finish the trial within 60 days.”

    Another platform he can emulate from his father. Let’s call him “Speedy” Cayetano.

  16. Joseph-Ivo says:

    Just ideas keep popping up…

    Allan, follow the same course as Binay successfully did in 2010: John Robert Powers 2 month training to learn to conduct yourself (statesman’s wise) in public.

    Return to the ill-gotten wealth issue, how did Binay save 80 million on a Major’s salary of 32,000 peso? What about his SALN’s? What about the “dynasty” wealth? He gave a lot to his constituents in Makati, but he stole more.

    He was an idealistic lawyer in his 20ies and 30ies, but he is not the same man in his 70’ies. Supporting convicted plunderers and heavily suspected plunderers for pure opportunistic (and financial?) reasons. Why is he aligning with womanizers, is it jealousy? Was his experience with one mistress tasting for more? Didn’t he have the balls to cheat more?

    Again his local networks are strong, the boy scouts, Alpha Phi omega, the Majors of the Philippines… Every week he is on a picture with OFW’s.

    • edgar lores says:

      Joseph, bring out the big ammunition!

      • Joseph-Ivo says:

        Alan, come up with a true political program. Not more of the same, by the same rent seeking trapos. But strengthen Aquino’s fight against corruption, installment of the rule of (fast, independent) law and explain how the Philippines needs more state to create infrastructure and to level the playing field (mainly by reducing the opportunities for rent seeking) so the free market can thrive. As if the Philippines is in its teenage years, clear rules are needed, so too is a decent allowance (=infrastructure), to grow up into a productive, compassionate adulthood. Be honest about it, be clear about it.

        Just be the first who dares to talk about (real) politics

        • Joseph-Ivo says:

          As in a chess play, know what type of end play you are good at. Set up main strategies to get into one of those end game positions. Prepare your opening in a way you can deploy your main strategies. Have a clear view of the whole campaign. Do not shoot as a loose canon from the beginning. Be flexible. Believe you guts.

          (In simple terms: plan with the end in mind, first things first and be proactive)

  17. edgar lores says:

    I reviewed the Cayetano-Enrile and the Cayetano-Estrada tussles and my impression is that Alan is cool and collected, and as a rough-and-tumble politician as any. He is an infighter and an opportunist. He is head-and-shoulders above these two opponents.

    His stance on US-RP relations is for the US to publicly commit to the defense of the nation in time of need. I find this reasonable. On this matter of foreign relations, PNoy was untested and an unknown quantity, but he has come up trumps. Some negatives:

    1. He supported GMA in the ZTE controversy.
    2. He was one of those who insinuated that PNoy was mental.
    3. I recall he headed the Ethics and Privileges Committee but never said a word about Sotto’s plagiarism. This would indicate he picks his fights only too well, and only when it suits his image.
    4. He has developed an unreadable poker-face from too many years in politics and, to me, he comes across as lacking sincerity. He has adopted the “right” side of some issues, such as PDAF, the creation of a special court, and Dasmagate, but you cannot tell whether it is real or posturing.

    In perspective, these are warts compared to the grievious sins of his colleagues.

    • Joe America says:

      Excellent discoveries. Not to quibble, but Wiki, which seems like it was drafted by one of his campaign staff, says: “It was under his stewardship of the Blue Ribbon Committee that the graft-ridden NBN-ZTE deal was first investigated and eventually scrapped. He also steered the continuation of the inquiries into the Fertilizer Scam, Swine Scam and the Cash-giving Scandal in Malacañang Palace.”

      Do you have a reference for the “mental” insinuation?

      • edgar lores says:

        On mental insinuation, there’s this:

        “Legarda said a fellow senatorial candidate was behind the latest attack on her but did not identify who it was.

        “She said her detractor was a male reelectionist senator who spread wild rumors about President Aquino’s mental health during the 2010 presidential election.

        “He is known in the media as ‘Boy Kuryente’ (bum steer),” she said, clearly referring to Cayetano, a member of Team PNoy whose 2010 allegation against Mr. Aquino was later proved untrue. Cayetano was the spokesperson of Mr. Aquino’s presidential rival, Sen. Manuel Villar, in the 2010 elections.”

        Read more:

        On Arroyo:

        “SENATOR Alan Peter Cayetano yesterday defended former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from those who have already declared her guilty of plunder and corruption. The former President is now under hospital arrest after plunder and election fraud charges were filed against her by the Aquino Administration.

        “Bakit si GMA? Eh kapag kay Arroyo, trial by publicity,” Cayetano said in the morning show, in reaction to having a special criminal court for those involved in the pork-barrel scam cases.

        “…Cayetano coined the term “Tropang TOPAK” in 2010 to describe the Aquino Administration of having a plateful of “trapos, oportunistas and kamag-anaks” appointed in government.”

        Read more:

        Why was the senate investigation on ZTE scrapped?

        We know that politics makes for strange bedfellows, and we do expect a certain amount of duplicity, and that everyone has skeletons in their closet… Again, pragmatically speaking, the choice will be who is the lesser evil.

        • Hmmm… I think the best way for him to win is to ride on every populist agenda in the Senate.

          Objectively, making noise during the Napoles investigation was THE start. Also, he could be a vocal supporter of a new US base treaty, FOI bill and more corruption exposes at the Upper House.

          Pesonally, I’ve never really liked Cayetano. I think he’s too similar to Chiz Escudero. All talk no walk. I haven’t heard him talk about his vision for the country. Most of the time he complains, criticizes or accuses other politicos when he runs his mouth in public.I hope someone could enlighten me regarding his landmark legislation, if there’s any.

        • Joe America says:

          Thanks for the elaboration. Sounds like strange acts for a God-fearing man. Maybe he was just young and irresponsible at the time. Now he is properly seasoned.

  18. Ooops.. That was supposed to be a new comment.

    Hmmm… I think the best way for him to win is to ride on every populist agenda in the Senate.

    Objectively, making noise during the Napoles investigation was THE start. Also, he could be a vocal supporter of a new US base treaty, FOI bill and more corruption exposes at the Upper House.

    Pesonally, I’ve never really liked Cayetano. I think he’s too similar to Chiz Escudero. All talk no walk. I haven’t heard him talk about his vision for the country. Most of the time he complains, criticizes or accuses other politicos when he runs his mouth in public.I hope someone could enlighten me regarding his landmark legislation, if there’s any.

    • Joe America says:

      Yes, good points. We need to give him some firm stands on big issues in our profiling. He has already spoken loudly about the need for FOI and against the corrupt. Also about the slow pace of justice. So he is on the right side of things for a more modern Philippines.

      • Joseph-Ivo says:

        FOI, anti-corruption, even justice, these are just enablers. Enablers for what?

        Reducing opportunities for rent seeking or fair competition, education on par with its neighbors, a Copernican revolution – instead of Manila in the center, the regions in the center- real progress is needed, not patching up the same 70 year old jeepney by the same old egocentric mechanics.

    • brianitus says:

      I have the same view as you. I never really liked Cayetano. And yeah, Chiz too. Last week, I saw a Taguig emergency vehicle with the name of the senator’s wife on it. I thought they stopped that practice already? Anti-corruption/ non-trapo my foot.

      I don’t know. He kind of reminds me of Mar Roxas, doesn’t really connect. Winning in the senate is different from winning the presidency.

      • Joe America says:

        It may be that there are only two people with the power to connect the way Mr. Aquino connected. Binay and Poe, one because he is powerful and has been working the provinces for years, the other because she has character and charm. One would be divisive and assure a contentious future, the other is a newbie who would be attacked and undermined from every direction by the crooks, disenfranchised, politically opposed and grumpy.

        • R.Hiro says:

          Alan Cayetano has started the political campaign by wrapping himself as the caped crusader against the “villain” Binay. Smart move for the ambitious young man.

          He becomes the governments stalking horse and can get down and dirty versus Binay.
          No matter what he knows he makes money by attracting the Aquino business crowd who may silently fund his attack and collect campaign. At the very least he can hope for the VP post.

          Somehow Cayetano knows he has to damage Binay with his head on attacks.

          • Joe America says:

            And I think he has been very effective with the well-read crowd. But widely???? He will have to go against vote rigging at a huge scale I think (Monday’s blog).

  19. parengtony says:

    If indeed Senator Grace will not run for Prez in 2016 then my next choice is Senator Allan. However, imho, the winner of the 2016 presidential elections will be determined by the masa vote,
    the D and E sector. Allan can more than hold his own against Jojo and/or Mar with the A, B, and C sector as well as the youth vote. But he needs help to secure the votes of the “mahirap”. If that help comes from Grace Poe as VP running mate, tapos na ang boxing (game over). Even the votes of the real head of the Filipino families (women) will be a major part of the equation.

    In this scenario, the Allan-Grace team (pero sana Grace-Allan na lang), becomes Erap-FPJ, Raul Roco, and Mirriam Santiago rolled into one.

  20. JM says:

    The outcome will always depend on the vote of the “masses”. I don’t want to waste my time on voting. Also, I haven’t seen a candidate that I would want to become President. I want to see a President whose top priorities are:
    1. Technology (i.e. industry improvements, space exploration, this also solves food scarcity, etc.)
    2. Eradication of the rebels, corrupt (death by hanging, don’t waste bullets, injections)
    3. Upgrade of the military (mainly against China)
    4. Environment (dynamite fishing/illegal logging everywhere while complaining about lack of food and floods)

    In short, I want an intelligent president with an iron fist. I don’t want to see another “President for the poor” while the middle class is neglected, taxed dry and seeing no improvement.

  21. letlet says:

    I will support any presidential candidate who is honest, trustworthy, tough with willpower and determination to deal with very tough situations and shenanigans of politicians and government officials ( not kowtowing). Someone who has a workable and achievable programs to steer the country to its growth, development and betterment of the people from all walks of life. He / she has to know the political ideals of educated, urban youth and the masa in general.

    This presidential candidate has to entice and envelop the youth vote, has to target young individuals as the core focus of its election campaign, and has to employ personalised telephone messages, Facebook, twitter and videos disseminated through social media, all in effort to mobilise the youth.

    • Joe America says:

      tough with willpower” That is important. It was observed that Cayetano is a bit of a political gameplayer. On reflection, that may be a strength rather than weakness. It IS a political environment the president works in. It is not a school classroom.

  22. Antonia says:

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