The Philippine economy sliced and diced: are we being misled?

By Chemrock A group of Duterte’s economists and a group of anti-Duterte economists are arguing with each other from their office windows on different sides of the street.  Never the twain shall meet because they are arguing from different premises. We all want the best for the Philippines, so the questions that economic data raise … Continue reading

Open letter to DBS & Singapore ambassador

Mr Piyush Gupta, CEO-DBS Ms Kok Li Peng, Spore ambassador to Philippines Sir / Your excellency: You must be aware that President Duterte of Philippines had made allegations of corrupt accumulation of wealth by a Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and that the latter had stashed away those funds in many offshore bank accounts, including one … Continue reading

Playing on a strong team

By Joe America Let’s talk man to man . . . and man to woman. I recently had debates with two social media friends who had critical words about Senator Trillanes. One said the Senator made a “hash” of the hearing in which he asked to see Paolo Duterte’s tattoo, and the other said he … Continue reading

Brown noses and Senator Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts

By Chemrock President Duterte announced recently that Senator Trillanes has offshore bank accounts in many countries, details of which he will reveal in time. Right on cue, Ben Tersiona, owner of the website Davao Breaking News, came out with ‘bank documents’ that purportedly showed the various offshore accounts of Trillanes. Radio commentator Erwin Tulfo and … Continue reading

Candidates for senate in 2019

By Joe America Senators Escudero, Honasan, Legarda, Pimentel, and Trillanes will be out of office on June 30, 2019, as that will be the end of their second term. They cannot stand for re-election. Senators Angara, Aquino, Binay, Ejercito, Poe, and Villar will very likely run for re-election to a second term. It is hard … Continue reading