Attack is the best form of defense


  By Chemrock In this post-truth age, where everyone is armed with a tool and can, in safety behind anonymity, maim characters and destroy people’s lives, decency and good-heartedness can no longer survive if we chose to believe in the pacificistic “truth will have its way”. VP Leni’s team learned the hard way after heinous … Continue reading



By Chemrock Of all the economic planning that the government undertakes, policy decisions regarding SSS payout hike are actually the easiest. The simple reason being they are based on actuarial sciences. The actuary works on certain assumptions like life expectancy, demographics, interest rate, inflation rate, when a person retires, etc etc. Re-calibrate anyway we want, … Continue reading

Halleluyah – a blaze of light


  By Chemrock As I write this article, my mind is still fresh with a news article on the killing of 7 innocent people in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City by masked gunmen on motorbikes. They were searching for a certain person whom the folks say was involved in drugs. On failing to find their target, … Continue reading

The House horror show illustrates why Federalism is a bad idea


By Joe America Did you catch that strange House hearing in aid of legislation last week? The objective of the hearings was to examine the drug problem in New Bilibid Prison. Unfortunately, legislation and Bilibid were set aside to pursue a public shaming of Senator De Lima. The House reps stunned most of the Senate, a lot … Continue reading

“The heaping corpses, the endless bodies to stumble upon!”

afp photo by Neil Celis via Yahoo news

w by Wilfredo G. Villanueva Swirling events. Corpses everywhere. A discombobulated populace. No public outcry. Democrats speaking to one another, preaching to the choir. In the meantime, bodies continue to pile up. Is anyone out there? God is. I have taken to waking up early, around 3:30, to read the Catholic mass readings, and pray … Continue reading