The Philippines: ‘Dancing with Duterte’

By JoeAm There is a dance going on. It is fairly obvious what is happening in the Philippines, even if the nation’s journalists are lost in awe over the plaza decorations rather than the dancing. And the nation’s people are lost in slumber over there under the mango tree, believing that a macho poser will … Continue reading

The majority senators are frozen in silence

By JoeAm Majority senators are stuck between a rock and a hard place. That accounts for their silence during all the Independence Day chatter about China’s harassment of Filipino fishermen. In fact, they have been silent on a lot of important issues. Although they look to President Duterte for certain favors in the future, they … Continue reading

Can Duterte break the Iron Law of Megaprojects?

By Chemrock Everybody loves mega projects. Engineers and technologists love it for pushing the envelope on designs, developers and contractors love the sound of the cash registers, dictators and politicians love it for the rapture and captured opportunities, the people love the pride in iconic structures. We have long entered the era of greed where … Continue reading

Color me Magdalo

By Joe America I’d like to thank Will Villanueva for his many enlightening, humanistic interviews, and particularly his recent insights into Representative Gary Alejano of the Magdalo party. I was inspired by both the man and the party, as I have been with the Senate version, Senator Sonny Trillanes,for some time. They are the two … Continue reading

Mr. Chill

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva He prepared well for the Bar Exams in 1999, and when an acquaintance who called by mobile phone read his name from a list faxed by the Supreme Court to the Department of Justice, he knew from the pit of his stomach that he would be number one because he had … Continue reading