Angels, satanic heroes, players, punishers, and dark angels

By JoeAm My dear Filipino friends, y’all are in a predicament. You and your country-mates repeatedly elect leaders who are not really doing the best possible job for the nation. We’ve examined the cultural conditions that cause this and observed three main characteristics that lead Filipinos repeatedly to make poor choices. They may not apply … Continue reading

Do Philippine Mayors make bad presidents?

By Andrew Lim Another mayor, another failure? There have been three former mayors-turned presidents in our history: Aguinaldo, Estrada and Duterte. If you go back to the historical record of their terms, there is a strong argument to be made they did not do very well. Sure, they had personal accomplishments, but if we make … Continue reading

Killing that ridiculous myth that Leni Robredo is soft or weak

By JoeAm I find it astonishing that people of laws, civility, and human rights destroy their own best electoral hopes by doing the trolls’ job for them. They wanted President Aquino to be a tall, handsome guy striding into a SONA with the wit and charisma of John F. Kennedy and the mistake-free talent of … Continue reading

Did President Duterte inadvertently give people the idea of “President Trillanes”?

By JoeAm By any measure, Senator Trillanes’ amnesty case has further eroded President Duterte’s reputation of total, complete authority. The beating the President and his men have been taking is worse than that by the Arroyo coup of the House leadership which sat the President aside in the waiting room for an hour, like a … Continue reading

How Rappler helped defeat Mar Roxas

By JoeAm When you spend your whole life in one city, you live the values and speak the language of that city. When you live in one culture for your whole life, you live the values and speak the language of that culture. When you are a reporter in one culture all your life, you … Continue reading