Ban Lady Gaga and the Bible!

I tell you, the humiliations that Jesus has to put up with. Its enough to make a sinner weep.
I rarely venture into the area of “Glitz and Glitter” because it so seldom motivates my conscience or keyboard. But this is different.
From the Associated Press, May 18, 2012:
“Members of a group called Biblemode Youth Philippines said Friday that they are offended by Lady Gaga’s music and videos, in particular her song “Judas,” which they say mocks Jesus Christ.
Protest leader and former Philippine Congressman Ben Abante says his group plans to file a case against Lady Gaga and concert organizers if she sings “Judas” at her Manila gigs Monday and Tuesday.”
The article reports that Lady Gaga had cancelled an Indonesian concert because of protests by conservative groups.
Now you know why I write in anonymity. What if I print the lyrics of “Judas” here? Will Mr. Abante have me evicted for being morally offensive? Even though he in effect gave me the lyrics by shoving this matter into my face.
This is what I think about Lady Gaga:
  • She is an incredibly talented show-woman and singer. She is aware of what she is doing. She is successful.
  • Many of her songs are disgusting to me, personally, glop in the jeans. I prefer understatement.
  • Most of her songs are about sex. Her videos are sex acts in artistic disguise.
  • She is popular. She is not some kool-aid sipping flake sect leader. Huge masses of people like her songs and her performances.
  • I prefer Celine Dion and Bob Seger.
  • I hope she performs. I hope she sings “Judas”.
Here is a “Judas”  stanza that morality top-cop Abante may have missed:
 I wanna love you
But something’s pulling me away from you
Jesus is my virtue
And Judas is the demon I cling to, I cling to
“Jesus is my virtue.”
Now the rest of the song is decidedly sexual, with Judas the focus of the singer’s desires.
I’m reminded of the Rolling Stones classic “Sympathy for the Devil”. Should we not ban the Stones while we are at it? You know, a two-for-one sale?
I’m wondering here . . . pondering . . . thinking . . . a wholly unchristian act I know . . . is not the tug of sin against virtue the main theme of the Bible? Just like in this song, eh? Lady Gaga just presents it like a kick in the balls, that’s all.
The song presents conflict, not worship of the devil. It is a theme as old as Adam and Eve. It is up to the listener to resolve that conflict. It is not up to Christians to impose resolution on our behalf. If they ban the song, please ban the Bible. Rid us of having to read of the insults Jesus had to bear.
And how many pregnant unmarried Filipino women does it take to establish a morality around here, anyway. I suggest these pious Christian blowhards go work where they are needed and educate the uneducated.
I believe corrupt government employees are far more dangerous than song lyrics. I believe ignorance is more dangerous than song lyrics. I believe these Christian protestors are more dangerous than Lady Gaga.
I heartily resent that Mr. Abante and his herd of mindless missionaries are trying to define what I can or cannot read or listen to or sing. I don’t believe in the dark ages. I believe in a mind open wide.
What books are we burning next?
Give me a break.
If Mr. Abante succeeds in stifling Lady Gaga, here is a new descriptor that is likely to arise for the Philippines, to take the place of “A Nation of Servants”.
Islands of the Dark Ages
11 Responses to “Ban Lady Gaga and the Bible!”
  1. Anonymous says:

    From: Island jim-e rocking chair (aka: the cricket)!1. Good observation(s)….I really appreciate the last sentence! Perhaps we need to "trash can" the congress, start over with boy and girl scouts who have exceeded their merit badge quotas…and let them produce a "fantasy island"!2. Oh well, getting realistic we would be better served (in my humble position) if we "saved" the islanders by feeding everyone adose of Jim Jones combo-punch-Lemonaide! Atleast then we could boast that we "saved" theworld eco-environement….dust to dust u know?Happy to see your on your "game"! Stay wellmy "sparkie friend"!

  2. Well, cricket, please don't hang the handle "sparkie" on me. I'm reminded of Beaver Cleaver for some reason, or "Our Gang" that had that black kid in it. But I shall stay well, and trust you will stay away from the punchbowl in favor of San Mig or something other than tea.

  3. brianitus says:

    Don't worry, Joe. I don't think Gaga will have trouble here. People here will buy almost anything, as long as they can afford it. In the case of Gaga, a less than moderate way of self-expression. Slow news day, eh?

  4. No, not slow news. A matter that touches too close to home, that I might put something provocative in a blog and have someone with power choose to cut my retirement in the Philippines short. As you know, I push the literary thread sometimes, and it occasionally slips in ways I had not intended. And many people simply don't get satire. Freedom of expression is important, neh?Plus a second burr under my saddle is this penchant for churches to tell us how to live whilst failing to accept responsibility for their own acts and impacts.

  5. brianitus says:

    It goes both ways, Joe. We wish and sometimes strongly suggest that the Church not to bug us when it comes to our freedom. In a way, that's forcing an old institution to act unbecoming of its charter. And yeah, many people do not get satire. They may never will. :)Kidding about the slow news thing. It's great that you occasionally pick up other things to talk about. You know what's really crazy about the whole Gaga affair? She thrives on controversy. The more you protest about it, the more notoriety she gains. Wannabe rebels will lap up that notoriety like it's going out of style soon. Personally, I don't really like her music. Call me an old man.

  6. Attila says:

    Joe:I always say that it is not the Catholic church that I would blame but the Filipino version of it. In Hungary the Catholic church is different and has a good reputation. As long you understand that I have no problem you criticizing it.

  7. Attila, good point. And, in the Philippines, the Church does many good deeds. I would like them to make two simple "modern world" discoveries: (1) poverty and over-birthing are connected, and the Church has something to do about that, and (2) women are often held in bondage to abusive, deadbeat dads.

  8. Ah, yes. It cuts both ways. I need to reflect on that "charter" business. Seems a little like a blog waiting to write iteself . . . Cripes, if you are old, what does that make me? A FOSSIL??

  9. brianitus says:

    LOL. Crazy Joe "F" America.

  10. brianitus says:

    I'll call you Crazy Lolo Joe from now on. =)

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