Press Pause

By JoeAm I’ll be putting the blog on suspension for a time. When I started writing years ago, social media was just beginning to emerge as the untamed, informative, and often dirty place it has become. There were only a few of us engaging regularly in this discussion forum or that. Now life itself seems … Continue reading

What the heck is the opposition trying to accomplish?

Analysis and Opinion By JoeAm If I were to dissect the goals of the opposition to the Marcos Government based on Twitter messaging, it would be: What the hell kind of agenda is that? Would it be offensive if I proposed an alternative agenda? Lacking organization, the opposition comes across to me as a bunch … Continue reading

Two ways to debate: for knowledge or for power

Analysis and Opinion By JoeAm I’ve observed that there are two debate styles on social media and in the bigger world and it is good to know which arena you are in. Let me call the two different styles “knowledge-seeking” and “power-seeking”. Knowledge-seeking The fundamentals of a knowledge-seeking discussion or debate are honesty, candor, and … Continue reading

Bitcoin – a new monetary system or Rube Goldberg machine?

Analysis and Opinion By Chemrock This is my maiden attempt on YouTube. Video is a medium I don’t know much about and I’m also lacking in the tools. A man’s got to start somewhere and I’m having fun getting the hang of it. With all due respect, I think the average guy has as much … Continue reading

Do Filipinos understand the ‘good’ in good faith?

Analysis and Opinion By Joe America My enduring vision of the Philippines is a nation whose people cannot tell good from bad. Indeed, it is worse than that. People reverse the meanings. Good is criticized for not being perfect, and bad is accepted because bad people are expected to be bad. The result is that … Continue reading