Rodrigo Duterte and the Appointed Son of God

by Cha Coronel Datu “He is just an ordinary man like us, but he was called, he was chosen, he was anointed and appointed to become the Son of God in these last days to lead us back to the perfect will of the Father. He now reigns as the King of the New Creation, … Continue reading

The left: why its political parties fail

Thanks to reader Pinoyputi who directed me down this track when he wrote: “I wish that the leftists would grow up, use their brains and start a real Social Democratic Party of importance here.” A LITTLE MATTER OF PRESENTATION The first thing you notice about leftist parties is that they like exclamation points. It is … Continue reading

A New Philippine Economic Plan: “Get out of the way!”

Let me offer up a negative characterization of the Philippines because it helps make some sense of the proposed economic solution that follows. Outsiders observe that Filipinos are always fighting among themselves. The battles are merciless, from bickering over national artists to bitter personal arguments on the Senate floor to coups and impeachments galore. The fighting has a … Continue reading

Defense Part II: Army, Navy, Air Force

105 Howitzer Thefirst article in this series presented an overview of the Philippine Department of National Defense, the civilian organization responsible for articulating a following through on laws aimed at building a strong military. The essential question is, how prepared is the nation to defend itself? The answer, subject to further enlightenments as we proceed, appears … Continue reading

Angry Maude Rants: The Surreal Philippines

Guest Article By Maude Garrison I must confess, dear readers, that this relentless study of Philippine ways and means from the vantage point of Western norms is becoming surreal. Jojo and I spend way too many meals discussing the cultural nuances of plunder. But I can’t get enough of it. Y’all do it different, and … Continue reading