"That High Steppin’ Philippines!"

Did you ever see a drum major high steppin’ it? It is an authoritative prance, you know, walkin’ the showy walk of the star, the guy everyone watches for the twirlin’ and whistle blowing pomp and circumstance.

Did you ever see films of those goose-steppin Nazis or the lock-unison stompin’ of North Korean armies, pounding the parade ground with force, daring the world to mess with them?
 Did you ever see a speedy half-back in American football high steppin’ toward the goal line, just an arm’s length away from the last tackler’s grasp? A victory strut for the fans going nuts in the stands.
Did you ever see the Philippines lookin’ so downright pretty, high-steppin’ it to a confident, competent place in modern Asian history?
  • Tossing panicky political priests aside like useless rice husks to finally, finally get an RH Bill to the front of the congressional line after 15 tormented years. Strutting, somewhat cautiously, away from its backward-bound legacy as the only “Catholic” nation in Asia.
  • Keying up an FOI Bill, renamed POGI, to seal transparency and good governance into the Nation’s mainstream forever, like a hundred nails in the coffins of the corrupt. Congratulations, Mr. President, for getting your own legacy moving in the right direction again.
  • Watching private and public leaders band together to help curtail corruption via a five-year plan that recognizes quite plainly  that the Philippines is a better and wealthier place for business if it is honest. Read the Rappler article.
  • Blasting the stock market records to smithereens, watching somewhat in horror as the peso soars, along with a dozen new high rise buildings in Manila, reaching for the sky.
  • Smiling a smirky come-uppance grin as the cheating former president and her lackey Chief Justice are shown the confining ends that properly greet scurrilous means.  Nothing like a figurative body hanging from the public square to make a statement to those inclined to cheat the Philippine tax-payer.
  • Watching the President arise from his sick bed to slap down China’s lackey surrogate, Cambodia, in an important meeting of ASEAN ministers, as if he were his father’s courageous son, doing forthrightly what must be done for his Nation.
  • Seeing the Philippines turn pragmatic about its relationship with the United States, rather than paranoid that America still is a racist dog hellbent on conquering the Philippines. (Pssst! Hint. Most Americans don’t care a whit. And they think Jessica Sanchez is an American.)
  • Watching public interest groups rise to take to court injudicious bills like that cybercrime internet libel monstrosity. Finally, finally, the public is interested in public interest advocacy. Internet, we bless you mightily.
  • Standing back in real pride to watch, and join the crowd, as the world comes to understand that the Philippines is the new frontier for genuine tourist fun.
  • Applauding as the government takes those important, difficult steps of moving schools to a K-12 curriculum so that dedicated scholars get the international recognition they deserve, where high school graduation means high school diploma, not a junior high diploma.
I tell you, it is a joy to watch this formerly dog-eared nation, the former banana republic of Asia, the murderer of the brilliant and good Doctor Rizal, the colonizer’s  favorite prey, the place where families still aspire to rule like Mafia bosses, step up, step forward, and step high.
It is wonderful to be here during this particular time in history, sharing the story. Living it. Loving it.
High steppin’ it!

Goose stomping on those who would bring the Philippines down if they could: the antis, the Catholic Church, China and the chronically corrupt.

A collection of really odd fellows bent on profiting from bitchy carping and deceits.
High stompin’ them!
And movin’ up, thanks to that Porsche-lovin’ girl monger, the determined national drum major with the gimpy stride and crooked grin, the leader many of us are learning to love as if he were a part of our family, that good, earnest, stubborn, loyal, dedicated Mr. Noynoy Aquino.

A salute back at you, Mr. High Steppin’ President!

22 Responses to “"That High Steppin’ Philippines!"”
  1. Anonymous says:

    You are one Beautiful American Joe!

  2. Thanks. I've learned a lot here. I actually consider myself half Filipino these days.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Reforms are slowly being achieved and it seems like Noy-noying haa been erased from the lexicon of many Filipinos who once accused of sleeping on the job.This just proves that P-noy had the vision and foresight to slowly steer the Philippines out of the whirlpool of corruption that has kept our country from realizing its potential as "The Pearl of The Orient Seas."amor

  4. I was reading a Rappler article today about PNoy's controversial COMELEC appointment, Grace Padaca. She is proposing that vote buyers be arrested. It is a startling change in attitude, and validates the Aquino appointment. He goes with people he can trust. In other words, people we can trust. It is a good, refreshing standard.

  5. Edgar Lores says:

    1. If the inmates of the Cebu Rehabilitation Center can synchronize and dance en masse to "Thriller", the entire country should be able to do it.2. If the HOR passes the RH Bill and the Senate does the same, I will drain 3 glasses of my version of Kickapoo Juice.3. And if the Judiciary can go pass spitefulness and march shoulder to shoulder, who knows how many glasses I may drown in? Who cares? The sky would be the limit.

  6. Anonymous says:

    There are many Trustworthy Filipinos who were once afraid to voice their dismay and knowledge of wrongdoings of previous administrations because their doing so turn them into targets for recrimination. WithP-noy on the helm, the desire for good governance has become contagious. Fear from repercussions in doing what is right, what is expected and what is just is slowly turning into a desire to do all of the aforementioned.P=noy sticking to his guns, not abandoning his so called buddies until their actions are no longer defensible is actually becoming one of his endearing quality that attracts people to his advocacy towards eroding the layers of corruption that for many years has earned the Philippines one of its monicker as a banana republic.Knowing that P-noy will have your back for as long as you are threading the straight path has emboldened those who have remained passive out of fear, to finally come out of the woodwork and contribute to slowly put a dent in what has been an untouchable realm of corruption in our government. amor

  7. I rather think that as the Philippines comes into the light, it will positively gleam and glitter.

  8. Yes, the idea in your second paragraph was behind my thinking when I penned the word "loyal" into the tribute to the President. It goes along with stubborn to form "conviction", a positive trait.

  9. JosephIvo says:

    You didn’t mention an important one at the start: “walang wang-wang”. It was so easy to understand, so visible and so well led by example. All those untouchables (not in the Indian sense) became ordinary citizens at once. That was my great moment of joy that made me change into an optimist. Talking to Filipinos around me, I felt a new courage, a will not to accept or fear these people above the law because of their connections to the top of the corrupt pyramid. Two scary years followed but the progress on the RH and FOI bills feels as new shot of adrenalin.

  10. Until now, I have not fully comprehended "walang wang-wang". Thank you for putting it into terms I grasp. I felt immeasurably more secure when Arroyo left office (getting her husband and like-minded thugs out of power)and Aquino stepped in. Consider it added, courtesy of your comment.Indeed, the progress on RH and FOI was an overnight shot of optimism. Note the difference in tone from yesterday's blog to today's.These are the kinds of steps needed to modernize the Philippines and seal in good behavior.I have taken the House and Senate off my list of institutions requiring critical attention from a blunt-force critic. However, individual legislators are for sure open game. Like those who favor superstition over reason (i.e., that RH is the cause of typhoons).

  11. I wish more Filipinos would hear about the dialogue of Casiguran Marchers with President Benigno Aquino III….Casiguran marcher:"Magsasalita po ako, hindi ako makatiis. Kami po, lahat na kaming nagtiis na maglakad dito, makarating ang kinalalagyan, aming kalagayan. Buong Casiguran apektado ng APECO. Yan ang huwag bigyan ng badyet. Hindi kami magtitiis… diyan na kami lumaki, kami ang nagbukas, yan ay kagubatan hanggang sa ngayon po. Kami po nagpunta para makarating sa iyo, harap-harapan. Ako po e walang pinag-aralan, alam ko naman po ang matuwid at hindi matuwid. Hindi kami magtitiis nang lakad na ganito kung wala ang paghihirap. Humingi kami, buong Casiguran ang apektado ng APECO."Aquino:" Ang nag-appropriate po Kongreso. Ayon sa kautusan, yung general appropriations. Pwedeng ihinto, pwedeng tanggalin. Wala sa karapatan kong tanggalin yun. Sensya…"

  12. Proud Pinoy says:

    The last century was the American Century but the next 100 years will be the Philippine Century. Although it is inevitable that China and the Philippines will collide, there can be no doubt about the outcome. China be destroyed and we shall remain the sole super power in the region.Pinoy doubters such as Benign0 and BongV will come to admit their folly and we, the better men, will find it in our hearts to forgive them for trying to tear us Real Hardworking Men down as they contributed absolutely nothing to the success of the nation.

  13. Cha says:

    Thank you Joe, I started the day in a celebratory mood (having woken up to the good news about the RH Bill) and now ending it still on a positive note with your blog.The bishops, I know, are not yet giving up, perhaps even more determined now to block the passing of the RH Bill if only to prove (to themselves?) that they do have influence and power in this country.The chronically corrupt likewise shall be as keen as ever to thwart the efforts of this government to institute reforms; or else they perish. The antis, I suppose are already sharpening the knives for business as usual in 2013. But I shall worry about all them tomorrow or maybe even the day after. For now I relish the thought; we beat them all today.

  14. Some of the logic behind the no votes is truly astounding. Educated people babbling their rationalizations to serve themselves, not their nation. But it is good to see both RH and FOI moving again. And President Aquino not standing in the way.

  15. CONGRATULATIONS MR. PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino not the other "benign0". The Catholic church is right for not allowing their priests to marry so they can focus on the message of god … IT WORKED WITH PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino. Wishing he will remain a bachelor forever. Because for every failure there is always a Filipino woman.

  16. If Get Real folks cannot see the progress, I just wonder and wander what they are reading along with their morning coffee.

  17. Wealthy, powerful, well-connected Filipinos install police sirens in their cars called "wang-wang". To this day since Benigno's campaign against "wang-wang" NOT ONE HAS BEEN CAUGHT YET. Who'd want to catch a wang-wanger when they are wealthy, powerful, well-connected to the powers. Not even a PMAyer would pull-over these wang-wanger. If they did, they'd be assigned in lonely stretch of road in Spratleys and Scarborough Shoal directing pumpboat traffic against a flotilla of Chinese armada.

  18. Cha says:

    Ahaha Mariano, i thought I was reading someone else when you started with the congratulatory tone, then you make that point about bachelorhood, failures and the womenfolk. So that's how I know it's not some kindhearted "benign" (:p) namesake that wandered into Joe's blog but still good 'ol Mariano who makes me laugh. If I didn't already know that you're an atheist that dotes on your wife, I might have had some reason to feel grievous about that remark on Filipino women. I just hope for your sake that the good wife doesn't read Joe's blog 🙂

  19. Ahaha, Cha ! My comment about Filipino women works only to the presidency and select elected officials 😦 Filipino men loves their women so much that they would do dastardly corrupt ways to make their women happy. That is why Vatican did not want their messengers of God stay physically celibate but allowed them to wander mentally.My wife doesn't but my son is a great fan of mine. The problem is he tells her mom what I have written. She scolded me one day. My son still reads my comments this time he is not telling his mom. The arrangement works fine.My son is badgering me why I am not commenting at Rappler anymore. I advised him NEVER EVER TAKE THE NAME OF MANNY PACQUIAO IN VAIN. As slogan of Humanistamerica dot org goes "GOOT WITHOUT A GOD"I am goot, I just cannot temper it.

  20. Mariano is actually a professional shrink and every message is a psychological exam that challenges us to separate our feelings and personal circumstance from our intellect, disregard the feelings and circumstance, turn the remarks inside out, and arrive at new meaning.Either that or he is drunk a whole lot of the time.

  21. J says:

    Is it just me, or is Mariano's English improving?

  22. He's gone into one of his sober periods?I rather think an artist is two people, the one doing the art and the regular guy. Dali put his pants on like any other guy. Mariano grants us his "regular guy" views now and then because we get that his art is art. So it's cool.It proves Cha's insights from previously, that a lot of Mariano's wild language is intentional.Or maybe he is a genuine lunatic with two personalities and a Charles Manson stare . . . hahahaha

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