Most Dangerous Land: Exhibit A

Supertyphoon 3113

Photo credits: US Navy Joint Typhoon Warning Center, Google Earth

To the guy at GMA News Online who got upset because I called the Philippines the most dangerous land on the planet, I herein present Exhibit A.

If we are not prepared, on the ground, it is not because the technology is lacking. It is because the human mind is not properly focused. On the ground. On the most dangerous land on the planet. The place we happy fools call home.

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  1. Lil says:

    Lol. Even walking out of the airport, I feel unsafe!
    Google CEO said that?! I thought it was just Suckerberg.
    I guess it’s like the old Filipino saying ‘ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwar magnanakaw”.

    • Joe America says:

      Google’s CEO is a highly competent guy who got upset because NSA interceded on his company’s transmissions, one data center to another. Which I agree is rather beyond the bounds if NSA did this without Google’s knowledge. But for the King of Data Sweeps to criticize NSA for collecting data . . . well, a little overmuch for me. Do you know how much Google sweeps up without people’s knowledge or knowing consent? Gadzooks. Boggles the mind. 🙂

      • Lil says:

        well, the leaks also revealed that Manila is a “listening post” for the US emb. As if that’s news to anyone…lol.
        that just solidified my belief that these countries crying wolf are knowingly in cahoots for long. It’s a reaction to domestic pressure because they are afraid of looking like US pawns to their citizens.

        • Lil says:

          btw, not to mention that Google is currently forcing all of its users to integrate into all kinds of shit that they offer. Also suddenly I don’t remember giving Google my birthdate and they know it!

        • Joe America says:

          Yes, I think that’s correct. There’s a reason for all those antennas. In the old embassy, to get to social security, you had to go through the main lobby where there was a little snack shop. I sat there one day and watched the people go by, including Amb. Kirsty and a lot of muscular youngish guys with short military-style haircuts. Probably secretaries, eh? Their ears were red, too, now that I think about it. Probably from the stenography earphones . . .

  2. ikalwewe says:

    You know, many typhoons from the Philippines travel to Japan. In the Philippines, I always associated typhoon= lot of rain 300+mm/less than 8 hours. When the rain ends up here it’s a LOT of intense winds (hence the word Tai Fu ;fu=wind). I wonder if it’s because of the difference in the atmosphere ie the warmer the air the more moisture it can carry. So maybe the govt should also look at air pollution to prevent this super intense typhoons . clean air act? stricter car regulations?

    • Joe America says:

      I don’t think local pollution can stop the intense storms which are spawned far away and possibly enhanced by overall global warming conditions. Indeed, the Philippines has initiatives to stop the belching of greenhouse gases, which I consider an “offense” strategy, but I think that is a secondary priority to defense. Like, moving vulnerable homes, upgrading building codes, advance planning for seawalls, whatever. There are also initiatives to reduce the diesel belching jeepneys in Manila. But on the minus sign, I see that green-groups are upset because the Philippines keeps building coal-fired electricity generators rather than going with renewal energy. That is a gross idiocy when there are so many sources of renewable (thermal, wind, hydro and waves).

      • Joe America says:

        Oh, yeah. And sunshine.

      • The Mouse says:

        You know what is funny? Local businesses invest in renewable energies even if they are small but The government has been approving Chinese and Korean firma investing in…. coal. I think theres a lot of grease in coal plants

      • Boogie says:

        I strongly agree with Joe’s point of views, moving vulnerable homes, upgrading buildings codes, advance planning for sea walls should be implemented to avoid less damages.

  3. Killer says:

    Be safe, Joe.

  4. brianitus says:

    Hey, Uncle Joe. The storm’s on a direct path to where you are on the map. Get your emergency supplies ready.

  5. ella says:

    Stay safe Mr. Joe! Hopefully the storm will just stay in the ocean and it will be called oceanfall instead of landfall.

    About the reporter from GMA news … gezzz you were just being honest.

  6. Jo says:

    Be safe, Joe.

  7. manuel buencamino says:

    Sometimes. But for most of the year it is the best place in the planet.

  8. andrew lim says:


    The damage to Tacloban by Typhoon Yolanda was horrific. While many are dead, those still living will suffer even more. Infrastructure will have to be rebuilt. Their economy will have to be revived.

    Your families were more than lucky (take this whatever way you want) in this country’s history. We will not discuss here how lucky you, your family and the Romualdez family got during your husband’s reign. The people of Leyte even convinced themselves that you, your brother and your nephew, Martin Romualdez deserved to be voted into office in the past several years.

    Open your wallets and open them widely. Do not use your pork barrel funds, government funds and pretend it came from the goodness of your hearts.

    This is your chance to do something good, specially for you Mrs. Marcos. We are aware you are in your twilight years, and your trips to the hospital have been frequent lately. Do not pass this up.

    Recently, your former secretary, Vilma Bautista was indicted for selling one of your paintings worth $32M. $32M can do a lot of good in Tacloban, Mrs Marcos!

    (Please pass on this letter in social media if you agree with it. Thanks.)

  9. Greg Hill says:

    I’m worried that you haven’t posted anything for a couple of days. Hope you, your family and community are safe.

  10. jcc says:

    I hope you are okay in that part of the world JOEAM..

  11. Mel NL says:

    I hope you are all safe after that typhoon!

  12. essie says:

    Hi Joe. Hope you guys are safe there. I’m following the news and the reports of devastation is heartwrenching.

  13. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Joe, your comment was taken out of context by GMANews on-line. Remember, Joe, they are Filipinos. Filipinos tira-bahala (Filipinos fire their guns without aiming for targets as long as they fire their guns to scare if they hit something goot otherwise it sure gives them a goot scare) without digesting and distilling your comment.

    Dangerous in current times means typhoon. If Dangerous used before the typhoon hit, it means it is not safe to walk in the Philippines. PHILIPPINES is dangerous in both sense. It is not safe in the Philippines. If it is safe, Acts-of-God takes over.

    • Most Filipinos are scientifically illiterate. They can’t accept hard evidence. Add hyper sensitivity and stupidity and there you have it. Oh yeah, lack of prudence too. For most Filipinos, planning for disasters in advance is overreacting…. It’s always about the image and emotions….

      Want proof? Look at the gov’t.

      GOD, I believe in you, but why did you make me a Filipino? I could have been a Swede, Norwegian, Dutch, Finn, German, Spanish or French. Why Oh Why?

  14. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    GMANews celebrated the 10,000 Yolanda death. But has no proof. No pictures! No nothing. Just witness account and whistleblower waiving Affidavits of Dal-dal. I tell you, folks, THERE ARE NO 10,000 DEATHS !!! GMANews just wanted to sensationalize to buy their papers. Well, on the other hand, there COULD BE 10,000 DEATHS if anyone cares to count those sleeping in the cemetery and got washed and dried and blown away.

    SO, RED CROSS, LISTEN, The PHilippine Media are now scampering around who gave them the 10,000 death list because RED CROSS said there are no 10,000 deaths. PHILIPPINE MEDIA GOT PLENTY OF EXPLAINING TO DO.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      The “10,000 deaths” are now downgraded to “10,000 dead and missing” a moment ago. It was further downgraded to “10,000 missing”. “10,000 missing” is better than “10,000 dead” because not even American Journalists have pictures of missing because they are missing …. “10,000 dead” without pictures is like PHilippine Media dead in the water.

  15. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    The Filipinos are EXPOSED!!! Were it not for Yolanda the world would have thought that Filipinos are inhabited by half-breed Megan Young look-alikes. The pictures splashed in every foreign news website are browned-skin, PDAF-pork-nose crying Filipinos. The Americans are just scratching their head asking Philippine import American half-breed Megan Young and Missed Universe-3rd-running-up looks different from the victims of Yolanda. So, they are asking WHICH IS FILIPINOS NOW? Which are the real ones? Which are the traditional looks of the Filipinos?

    I guess the government and the Philippine Media, promoters of 3rd-classness of Filipinos and adoration of colonizer-look tisoys and tisays will be importing half- and pure-breed Americans to go to Tacloban and Biliran to cry miseries for Philippine Media photoshoots. If they cannot get foreign-looking to represent the victims of the Philippines at least they can always photoshop to make them look like what Megan Young and 3rd-runner-up-Miss Universe colonizer look with fair skin and all.

    I know putting down half-breed beauty import is very sensitive to Filipinos. No matter what, if they bash me, they still look 3rdworld browned-skin Filipinos while the tisoys and tisays are sipping daiquiris watching brown-slaves swimming in the muck in the wake of Yolanda.

    Let us begin loving our own faces because it is the face that we cannot change unless we inter-marry with foreigners.

  16. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    The Philippine Media in cahoots with the officials overstates the deaths so Philippines will get plenty of aids from charitable souls abroad. Once charity arrives, Mayors and Red Cross will fight who is the best man to deliver the goods like what happened in Bohol. Politicians wanted to deliver the RTEs personally for the next election. To Politicians Yolanda is free advertisement of their “goot” deeds. Campaign money funded by charitable souls abroad. I’M LOVIN’ IT. LIFE IS GOOT IN THE PHILIPPINES. I am doing just that. Distributing sardines and kilo of rice wearing a T-Shirt “Do not forget me” with rag-tag englischtzes-snob U.P. journalists in tow snappity-snapping pictures.

    Even benign0 is in the band wagon and Binay, too !!! They are now kissing babies and crying over dead children. Very goot PHoto-ops.

    NOw, people, do not blame me of insensitivity over 10,000 dead, you should take your ire against politicians and Philippine Media for making 100 dead rose to 10,000 dead without evidence. I hear that others have been dead for a week even before Yolanda knocked on PHilippines.

  17. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Hong-Kong is definitely holding charity to PHilippines. It was not the hostage taker that killed the hostages it was the Filipino soldiers PMA-trained that shot up the bus. It is obvious from the outside that the Filipino soldiers were wantonly tira-bahala from the back of the bus all the way to the front when they knew that the hostage taker was in the front not in the back. THAT IS THE FACT that cannot be found anywhere.

    WHY IS HONG-KONG so intense on the mass killings of Chinese. We give them $70,000 each dead where in the PHilippines a FILIPINO COST $465.00 each if anyone bothers to check their Third Party Liability. It is cheaper for Londoners to hunt for Filpinos than hunt foxes in U.K. $465.00 cheap Filipinos. With average weight of 150 lbs/Filipino that is like $3.1/lbs of Filipino flesh cheaper than pork bellies in Island Pacific in West Covina.

    WE ALSO GAVE UP OUR SOVEREIGNTY for Hong-Kong forensic investigators supplant our investigators because our investigators are still waiting for witness accounts and whistleblowers …

    WE ALSO GAVE HONG-KONG the first to see the investigative draft even before benign0 read about it.

    HONG-KONG also was given the right to approve the investigative narrative before benign0 released it to the clueless naive Philippine Media.

    WHAT MORE HONG-KONG WANT? Our university-graduate exported maids to Hong-Kong flew out of high-rise condos without wings to come back in boxes …. We never bothered to protest in Hong-Kong … WHAT MORE TO THEY WANT ????

  18. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Filipinos believing i the Philippines is beyond reach. Filipinos are not patriotic and nationalistic. If they scream at you, Joe, they are really not knowing what they are screaming about. How can Filipinos have pride and patriotic in themselves when they do not even like their brown-faces. They have to import half-breed American beauties to represent the Philippines to fool the world that the Filipinos looks like these imported beauties.

    If Filipinos cannot like their faces, they will experience pride. If they cannot feel pride, they are not proud of their country. If they are not proud of their country they cannot be patriotic. THAT IS WHY FILIPINOS ARE GOING ABROAD TRADED AS SLAVES IN POEA slave exchange and never come back NOT UNTIL THEY MARRY A FOREIGNER and come back to parade their colonizer-look children at SM.

    Love our faces first, then let us talk pride, nationalism, patriotism. When will we ever see a traditional Filipino face representing beauties in Miss Universe and Miss World. The last time we have had traditional Filipino look was Margie Moran with brown skin and crooked teeth and atrocious englischtzes. SHE WAS A REAL FILIPINA. born and bred and 100% unadulterated pure.

  19. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Dude, Joe, do not ever operate a shuttle bus to transport children to school. This is DANGEROUS, Joe. If Yolanda cannot get you, some tricycle driver will. SO DROP THE SHUTTLE BUS IDEA. IT IS A GOOT IDEA BUT FILIPINOS DO NOT LIKE GOOT IDEA. Adapt, Joe! This is the Philippines.

  20. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    I HAD BLOG FATIGUE, too !!! That is why I took a sabbatical and trash Philippine Star and Manila Standard Today (THEY ARE JUST TOTALLY AGAINST benign0 THAT IT MADE ME PUKE). PHilippine Star have accepted me back. Wonders of all !!!! They gave the moderator a pink slip. That Moderator should not be there in the first place because he/she got political biases and the usual Filipino baggage. Sent me an “We miss you” e-mail. Nice. Rappler? I placed Rappler in Moderation. Tehre is nothing goot there. It is confusing. Must be run by U.P. Ateneo and la Salle English-snobs.

    IMAGINE WRITING COMMENTS IN JOEAMS WEBSITE without the “F” and the S” and the “B”. That is total fatigue. I gotta go Sabbatical, too !!!!

  21. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    I just love Napoles. Just do not make her run for Miss Universe, pleeez. She is the ugliest Filipino I have ever seen. I like browned-face Filipinos DEFINITELY NOT IN THE LOOKS OF NAPOLES.

    I pity Napoles. I know she did not steal. She just got caught in the crossfire and became escaped goat. My proof? She never retouched her ugly Face. I checked with Vicky Belo on-line appointment book, Napoles never have had appointment with her nor visited her face-enhancing clinic unlike Jinkee and Aling Dionisia.

    But the gall of Napoles calling Malacanang’s 24/7 hot line for escort service asking for, no less, the president of the Republik of the PHilippines to fetch her in the dark corner of a cemetery in the dead of the night. Of course, she got limo-service. She got presidential breakfast that benign0 unabashedly say did not happen. But in the end, she got personal presidential escort service in bullet-proofed limousine escorted by a phalanx of ready-to-shoot-tira-bahala Presidential Security Guard led by benign0, of course.

    Napoles and benign0 goes a long way back because a criminal on the lam just cannot pick-up a phone and talk to benign0. But the clueless naive Philippine Media are not picking up my comments because if they did their faces would be banned in Malacanang Press room.

    Another wonderful thing about Filipinos, as usual, is Ben Hur Luy like Joey de Venenta the Turd, they went straight to Philippine Media waiving Affidavits of Dal-dal without evidences.

    Why are Filipinos like this? ANSWER: Justice in the Philippines is faith-based. It has its deep root in the bible.

    Mary Magdalene sawed Jesus Christ rose from the dead. She witnessed it. She told others. They came back and Jesus Christ was not there. Mary Magdalene must have moved him someplace, we will never know but it was witnessed and Affidavit was written in the Bible and to this day, PEOPLE ARE KILLING EACH OTHER OVER IT !!! That is why I became an Atheist.

    Another faith-based justice is INVESTIGATION. The Senate would rather interview Napoles instead of presenting proofs, evidences. They wanted to interview her before the Senate because the Sentors are expecting she’ll confess and admit. Because they believe that Confessing our sins “the truth sets them free”. That is why all investigation, ALL INVESTIATION, turns to confessions and admissions. If anyone failed to observe this becaue FILIPINOS ARE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE.

    Remember folks Religion is colonial mentality like liking foreign-traded half-bred imported beauties to represent the Filipinos that do not look like them at all. RELIGION IS COLONIAL MENTALITY. FILIPINOS ARE AWARE THAT COLONIAL MENTALITY IS SCREWING THEM BUT THEY STILL BELIEVE IN RELIGION. See? Folks? Filipnos cannot change.

    IMAGINE, AGAIN, What if Filipinos are perfect people. WHAT IF WE CANNOT FIND FAULTS IN FILIPINOS. WHAT IF THEY ARE FLAWLESS? What will ever happen to me?

  22. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    “FILIPINO” is a derogatory word in the United States of America. I had a chance to travel in the U.S. I landed in Jacksonville, Florida. I went to Filipino carenderia. Lined up early in the morning. I was ahead of the line when two Filipinas jumped ahead of me. I told the servidora that I am next but the two just point and point what they wanted on their plate. I was exasperated and I muttered “FILIPINO”. A woman behind me was taken aback. She started rolling and lolling her eyes, covered her nose as if I am stinky. I asked her “what is your problem, FILIPINO?” she responded, “Ba’t hindi ka ba Filipino?”

    I said, “NO, I AM AN AMERICAN.” The more she went haywire. The rest of the Filipinos behind sided with her.

    See? Joe? Filipinos side with fellow Filipino even knowing those two that jumped ahead of me were in the wrong. 2ndly, IF YOU ARE EXASPERATED NEVER MENTION THE WORD “FILIPINO” BECAUSE they explode dispite them wanting to be American like me.

    FILIPINOS ARE ALWAYS IN THE SIDE OF THE WRONG. Something is wrong. Totally absolutely wrong with Filipinos.
    In America, people line up and wait for their turn. Please do not trash America. Ooops! Wrong, Filipino only trash their Filipino people but when in Outback steak house they stand there patiently to be called .
    In America, Americans pee on designated places. Filipinos in the Philippines pee everywhere except in place where it warns “HUWAG UMIHI DITO”. But, Genius! Filipinos pee where they are not allowed to pee. You noticed that, Joe?
    In America, Americans toss their trash in designated places. Filipinos in the Philippines toss their trash in exact same spot where they are warned not to toss their garbage: “HUWAG MAGTAPON NG BASURA DITO”.

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      Mariano, except for some new examples, I heard little new . But welcome back anyhow. Partly I share your observations but I wonder what is unique for the Philippines and what is just human nature. Partly I’m afraid to use your generalizations, it are all bell curves, the mean might differ a little and the variation might be different a lot, nationality not being the only variable, education, income.. being some others. Be aware of the “ex uno disce omnes” or “from one we can describe the rest”, you are not the average Filipino neither, nobody is. But more to the point…

      If you see the pictures of the devastation and you realize that people did not understand what surge meant or picture 3 meters, I’m afraid that 10,000 will be an underestimation of the final number of casualties. And it is only one number to describe the unimaginable suffering of the survivors. Aid should be foremost on our agenda!!!

      On should realize that the Philippines is changing too. Some examples.

      The public is following discretional funds much more closely. Disaster funds are more difficult to be used as extra sources to steal from by some trapo’s.

      Living in person through the eye of the storm is different from following the storm from the safety of a conference room, seeing it with your own eyes is offers more than a photo-shoot. Not so much for this storm, but certainly in preparing for the next one. The motivation and first hand factual knowledge will make a huge difference for the secretaries in Tacloban.

      Gone is the mentality of a major who allows the city ambulance only to be used for the citizens voting for him. “When they didn’t help me when I needed it during elections, why should I help them when they have a setback?” Remember the percentage of aid that went to the less hit Pampanga some time ago under GMA’s rule? Now the focus is on Leyte and Samar, not really Liberal bastions.

      The size of this disaster should make us a little more humble. But I do miss Joe for his wise words of advise, hope he is safe.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        I have a feeling Joe has left the island before Yolanda hit. He got the means … passport … money …. and the looks … 🙂

  23. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    American Media apologizes … Philippine Media do not.

  24. Attila says:

    “…foreign-traded half-bred imported beauties to represent the Filipinos that do not look like them at all.”


  25. Killer says:

    Anybody with news on Joe?

  26. J says:


    I know you live on Biliran Island in central Visayas. It’s on the typhoon’s path. Were you and your family able to evacuate? I sincerely hope you’re all fine. I’ll keep praying for your safety. Please let us know how you and your family are.


  27. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    GOD IS AFFLICTED BY Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome. God whamooo Philippines so Filipinos will pray more for God. This is an illness. A sickness.

  28. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Joe is alright. Biliran has no power. No internet.

  29. cha says:

    Hopefully, Joeand his family are alright and just unable to access the internet.

    Posted on Epoch Times, 11 Nov :

    Biliran Island was slammed by Typhoon Haiyan, leaving at least five dead on the island.

    There is one dead in Cabucgayan and four dead in Naval, reported the island’s government.

    The dead have been identified as Benito Espejo, Romeo Kho, Feliciano Abenales and Conrado Sulad.

    Further, the typhoon devastated many properties, including around 300 houses.

    Because of downed electrical wires and posts, power went out for the entire province, and communication signals went out as well.

    Biliran-Naval can be rehabilitated in 15 days, but the power supply depends upon the power provider, NGCP, said GM Marlon Roa.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      NO POWER, NO INTERNET. It will be 15 days till we hear from Joe. Joe and his family must have left Biliran before Yolanda hit.

      • Joseph-Ivo says:

        If he had left, he certainly would have stopped at the first internet café to check his site. Just wait, think he wrote that Biliran’s electricity comes from Leyte, so indeed it make take a while. Unless he runs short on supplies (native chocolate?) and has to leave his steel and cement rock.

        • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


          It is disconcerting not hearing from Joe. Hope he made out of Biliran. And wish that he is OK and his family.

  30. Adrian says:

    For sure, his ‘fortress’ survived. Hope there’s enough supply in Biliran and the people are not that desperate. Not good if you’re the only one who has something to eat in the middle of this devastation.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! NOT GOOT AT ALL. Everytime Joe and his family have a sumptuous meal the aroma wafting thru the air in the middle of devastation seems surreal.

  31. Eric says:

    Hey Joe you okay?… Hope your family’s safe and Maude too.

  32. Jo says:

    I was just over the GMA site and finally understood what you meant.

    You wonder why a lot of us are dying ignorant and powerless against nature? One of the reasons is my countrymen who prefer to argue over semantics than substance. Seriously. Getting offended about calling Philippines the most dangerous land?

    Bloody idiots. It’s as if they saw the title and immediately went to the comments section to voice their displeasure.

    Whiny bunch of ninnies.

    Anyway, I’ve been checking in here since your last post. I hope you’re safe, Joe, and this inactivity is you being awesome out there in the field rescuing the elderly and feeding babies.

    Stay safe!

    • Lil says:

      that is unfortunately very true. so many of our kababayans are too emotional and easily offended -pikon agad – that they do not bother comprehending what is read and heard before reacting.

  33. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:



  34. Joseph-Ivo says:

    “See you on the other side, when electricity gets restored.”… but when Biliran is supplied by the Leyte grid and Rappler talks about a dark Christmas in the Yolanda hit areas, then it could be a while before we hear from Joeam. Unless he will be willing and able tot ravel.

  35. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    I AM SO EMBARASSED WITH OUR FILIPINO-RUN PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT. The Americans came first before PMA-run Military. The Americans landed in Palo, Leyte.

    DFA washed their hands on undelivered relief goods. Of course, Philippnie Post Office is not reliable. They should have FedExed it. Even Philippine soldiers do not have anything to eat.

    International Red Cross is still looking for the 10,000 dead. Rappler is nowhere to be found because they said there were 10,000 dead without vetting information. When IRC heard about 10,000 dead, they brought 10,000 body bags and relief goods. When they landed along with the Americans, they have more than enough body bags that they gave it to Taclobanites to protect them from the elements.

    And, oh, those that got a ride of their life in C-130. Did anyone bother to look at the pictures? THEY WERE ALL TISOYS AND TISAYS. The browned-skin Filipinos are left behind. The Philippine Government have to save the tisoys and tisays over browned-skin so that the tisoys, tisays AND THE COLONIZER-LOOK will propagate and supplant the browned-skin Pinoys.

    IRC, Americans and others were surprised when they landed in Leyte. They were thoughting that they’d be met by half-breed American-import MEgan Young-Look-alikes. Instead a throng of unwashed browned-skin met them. The Philippines are now exposed. All Brownies.

    The Philippine Relief effort is soooo disorganized! That is according to CNN Cooper. Rappler did not see it was disorganized because “manhid” na sila sa disorganization, e. DISORGANIZATION IS THE NORM. That is why Rappler was asking “Cooper, is misled. WHAT DISORGANIZASTION HE TOLKIN’ ‘BOUT, BRO?”

    If CNN Cooper did not mention the “D” word the Filipinos wouldn’t have know what Disorganization looks like.

    Also, some well-meaning folks bashed me in Philippine Star for being insensitive. WE CANNOT POSTPONE ARE CRITIQUE next year when this Yolanda Scandal is over. We have to strike while the iron is cold BECAUSE THERE IS RELEVANCE. If we do it next year, the Relevance has already died down and nobody would be listening.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Folks, hot off the press. This is Mariano reporting from Tacloban. There is long line, very very long line in American Relief Station. There is only a short line in Philippine Relief Station. WHY? I ask one Yol_Vic, “We want imported chocolates and karne norte. The service is goot. Americans treat us like human not victims, unlike on the Philippine side of relief effort.” “The Philippine Relief Station has pansit, porridge I feel like Oliver Twist, “Suh, can I have mo’ soup please””

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      There will be another Senate hearing on Yolanda’s incompetencies, inefficiencies, response time, witness accounts, whistleblower accounts with affidavits of dal-dal no evidences. No forensics.

      The victims have also staked their claim on pieces of land that they squatted on. The landed colonizer-looks are bulldozing the toothpick houses away from the squatted land they own. Unfurl barbed wires, stationed armed goons, shoot-to-kill-order.

      The victims forming a line to the church with fistful of money to bribe God (the church call it TITHE) to give them good tidings on Christmas time.

      One goot thing that came out of Yolanda is Filipinos are not blaming God! The Filipinos are now scientific. They blame fortuitous event, nature, environment, global warming and the people itself. God is now on the side, hopeless, powerless. Now the people is educated. It is nature, S2PiD, not God.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      The Philippine Government may be disorganized as what many beleive …. actually,

      The Philippine Government is ORGANIZED CRIME !!!

  36. ella says:

    Mariano Renato Pacifico, the difference between Philippine media and BBC and CNN is clearly seen with the news coverage of typhoon Haiyan. Philippine media concentrate on asking the victims on how do they feel, who do they blame and other questions that are related to feelings. BBC and CNN ask questions on facts like what do you need, how many are you in the family and how many survived. They ask questions that don’t make the victims speculate but give factual answers.

    BBC and CNN help the victims in whatever they can and the help they give is rarely part of their newscast, while Philippine media make it sure that it is part of their newscast. Now I can really see why you are soooo not trusting Philippine media.

  37. Dee says:

    I hope you and your family are safe and well. I’ve been lurking for a while reading your blog posts and the comments. Please write as soon as you can so your readers know that you and your family made it through Yolanda.

  38. JM says:

    Man, Joe is still not around. Hope he is ok.

  39. Attila says:

    “…those that got a ride of their life in C-130. Did anyone bother to look at the pictures? THEY WERE ALL TISOYS AND TISAYS. The browned-skin Filipinos are left behind.”

    Me and my Filipina wife noticed that also! Speaks volumes!

    • Dee says:

      Attila: As an American, I would like for my country to save me if I am in distress in a foreign country. That is exactly what they did. Please do not disparage us for taking care of our own first. We now have over a thousand military personnel and hundreds of civilian volunteers there plus financial aid, relief goods, ships, aircraft carriers, search and rescue planes and helicopters. I feel you but please cut us a slack.

      • jcc says:

        Don’t mind them Dee.. Filipinos have that screwed up mentality about fair-play. They think that they deserved the best when their character simply is not up to it. At the height of rescue efforts they even find time to bash the President when they can organized themselves to lessen the sufferings of their compatriots. Darwin’s natural selection process simply does not look too good on them. If they could not adopt to the realities of nature’s catastrophic wrath, then they must all deserve to vanish on this earth.. It is always the fittest that survive in the jungle. Filipinos, I regret to say have the faintest idea of what the world has gone to. The culture of “entitlement pervades.” By the way, I am a FIL-AM.

        • Dee says:

          Thank you for understanding, jcc. It is also a US military protocol not to take the lead when in a foreign country. They know what to do with the US citizens but they were awaiting orders from the Philippines’ government about what they wish them to do. Contrary to the the popular belief that we are so arrogant that we take charge of everybody, we believe in respecting other cultures and are aware that when we are in a foreign country, our role is to assist the local officials.

      • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

        What Attila is saying THEY WERE NOT AMERICANS THAT GOT INTO THE FIRST PLANE OUT. They were Filipinos but looks like former colonizer looks. Meaning if you are not of mixed race YOU ARE DOOOMED TO DIE IN THE PHILIPPINES.

        • Even if you’re mixed race but you’re not rich and well-connected, you’re doomed to die in the Philippines.

          It’s about power and wealth not race.

          • Attila says:

            Most Filipinos that I know here in New York look Chinese or Mestizos. When I traveled to the Philippines the first time and walked down from Osmena circle to the Basilica of Santo Nino in Cebu I thought I was in the wrong country. I was very surprised to see that the people there did not look like the Filipinpos here in New York. It was my wife who explained to me that in general the native dark Malays don’t have money and education and the chance to travel or work overseas. So tisoys and tisays are the rulers and the beneficiaries of the Filipino Universe. It is so obvious.

          • Attilla, did you get the point of my post?

            Renato assumed that all mixed race people get preferential treatment.. without EXPLICITLY saying they are rich.

            How about the Binays, Marcoses? Are they tisoys? In my job I see MANY mayors, vice mayors, governors, vice governors and councilors. And trust me, many of them aren’t tisoys.

            Just because you see them walked down from Osmena circle to the Basilica of Santo Nino in Cebu they are already powerful, Seriously…..

  40. Dee says:

    Joe: Write something, anything! Please…

  41. Dee says:

    JOE IS ALIVE! Praying it is so. Hope the power outage and downed internet capability is what keeping Joe from posting. Biliran only suffered from minor damage compared to other Visayan islands.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      See? Joe? In INTERNET AGE a person maybe physically alive but if we do not see them in blogs and facebook they do not exist.

  42. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    One thousand Yolanda deaths will be replaced ….. will be replaced by 12,000 babies next month

    Tacloban City is in military lockdown. STOP. Tacloban City is now run by Americans STOP. Filipinos welcome it. Americans ordered benign0 Aquino to declare Martial Law in Tacloban which he did. STOP.

    American arrived first before Filipinos. How far is Tacloban City from Republic of the Philippines? STOP. Dozen of Italian helicopters and 3 hamilton class frightgate purchased to protect Republic of the Philippines against Chinese invasion cannot be found and not in horizon. STOP. Filipino relief tent is empty. STOP american relief tent is where the lines are. STOP Why?

    The official that screamed 10,000 dead was fired STOP Making casualty 10,001 total. STOP.

    According to genius Filipinos, it took them days to arrive in Tacloban City because YOLANDA moved LEYTE Off the Map STOP

    CNN Cooper made an embarassment to Ateneo la Salle and University of the Philippines graduate. STOP According to CNN Cooper, devastation disorganization was not reported because “MANHID NA DAW ANG MGA FILIPINO” According to CNN Cooper in his best of tagalog.

    DISORGANIZATION IS THE NORM, therefore, it doesn’t fall in the category of “man bites dog” principle.


    Foreign Aid goes directly to the Victim bypassing Philippine Government STOP Americans did not drop by Malacanang for poster-shots and courtesy calls STOP They went straight to Tacloban unmolested by recently bought Hamilton-class frightgate. STOP Philippine Miitary was quaking in their boots when they saw American Flat-top. They scampered away STOP

    benign0 said next time Disaster coordination will be perfect. Meaning, Disaster after disaster will soon be the norm of the future in full coordination at Malacanang. STOP

    Tacloban City will secede from the Republic of the PhilippineS STOP They wanted to be under American protectorate STOP

    • Attila says:


      You are hilarious! You have such a clear insight. I just wander how you keep your sanity? If I were a Pinoy I would show no mercy to my fellow Filipinos by moving them out of their “comfort zone”. I would not be merciful. You use humor but I would not. I would be killed by them. (my wife thinks that)

    • JM says:

      Lol, thanks for the laugh!

  43. andrew lim says:

    The following article is a very sensible and sober analysis of the Yolanda crisis aftermath:

    By John Crowley, TIME magazine


    “After a disaster, there will always be delays in the delivery of aid. While planes and helicopters can arrive in 24-48 hours after the storm clears, massive deliveries can only arrive by ship, which can take several days to sail—longer if they have to sail around a massive storm. Worse, damaged ports may take weeks to fix. With severe damage like that in Tacloban, roads may be impassible for many days or weeks, making distribution of aid difficult.”

    “When television crews race large cargo ships with airplanes and helicopters, the cameras will always win. Journalists will report on the gap between supply and demand. They will show the faces of people in need of western largesse. They will turn isolated incidents of foraging and removal of goods from a truck or warehouse into a report on rampant looting.”

    “Here is where the reports go very wrong. According to a friend who has worked in Haiti and the Philippines, “what happens when media talk up security issues is that aid agencies get worried about security of distributions, so they hold off until they have adequate security support. The velocity of distribution is dramatically slowed down. Scare mongering undermines the relief effort.” This dynamic happened in Haiti, and it’s happening here.”

    • Jo says:

      Yes, I’ve read this too. People like Peque Gallaga also seem to forget that we have the Zamboanga crisis last September, an earthquake last October, and another typhoon immediately after Yolanda.

      Not to mention our geography. Are we land-locked? No. Are our airstrips and ports undamaged? No. Are we arrogant for thinking we will do much better have we been in PNoy’s place? Yes.

      This is the reality of the Filipino–he will pull anyone, ANYONE down so he can look better. Self-righteous, all-knowing pigs–that’s what we are.

  44. andrew lim says:


    Peque Gallaga just came out with a rant on Facebook explaining his frustrations with the inadequacy of the government’s efforts in handling the aftermath of Yolanda. While some of his observations are valid, he goes out of line on where his rage takes him.

    The first part of the rant outlines the polarization caused by the issue and his assessment of the dire situation.

    We start with the second portion of his rant (our replies in caps):

    I am 70 years old and have been stupid a lot of times for seven decades.
    “I want to think that I can be a little less stupid now.

    “This time, I want to make sure that my hard-earned money will reach its intended goal.

    “I am sick and tired of throwing away my money; of making our politicians wealthy because of my unconcern and my inattention. WE EMPHATIZE WITH THIS, TOO.

    “I am sick and tired of my stupidity.
    WE TOO.

    “So I very much care now where all this help is going.

    I read Marvin Xanth Geronimo who was there when Yolanda struck: that TV personalities and politicians like Mar Roxas and Ted Failon going to Tacloban for the photo op.

    “They never helped; endless tracking video shots of flattened towns with people walking clutching a plastic bottle of water with no government presence whatsoever; Korina Sanchez calling Anderson Cooper “misinformed.” LIAR, LIAR. YOU THINK ANY ENTITY CAN RESPOND ADEQUATELY TO A CALAMITY OF THIS MAGNITUDE SIMULTANEOUSLY? CAN THE UNITED STATES DO IT?

    “Cooper was in Tacloban. Korina was not; the US landing 5 planes full of goods and not allowing any politicians to touch any of it. ARE YOU SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION TO MAKE THAT JUDGMENT?

    “How much more do we need for us to realize that the enemy was not Yolanda? Yolanda was just a force of nature.

    “The enemy is our leaders. And the leader of our leaders is the President. “So what now? There’s nothing I can actually do. I can only rage, rage against the dying of common decency.

    “I can only rage against this man who claimed in a Christiane Amanpour interview that he couldn’t get to the disaster areas because the weather after the storm left didn’t permit him to fly. “This is 24 hours after the sun was shining all over the Philippines by then.

    I can only rage against a man who made light of the tragedy, refusing to identify it as a major disaster; who made light of a victim of looting who was shot at by telling him, ‘But you did not die, right?’

    “I rage against a man who continually blames the LGU’s on the ground for their incompetence and their inefficiency, because it is beginning to dawn on me that these Visayan LGUs happen to be Romualdez people, and this man is playing politics with people’s lives. WHOA! ARE YOU SURE? WHY NOT RANT AGAINST THE ROMUALDEZES, INCLUDING IMELDA, WHO HAVE ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD? MARTIN PAID FOR THE P1M LE CIRQUE DINNER IN NY FOR ARROYO, RIGHT?
    “This is a crime. What this man does is unconscionable.
    “I can only state it here. I can do nothing about it for now.”I will wait for whatever movement develops after this fiasco and I will join it.

    “But for now, what I can do is to declare that I am deeply offended by the people who try to stop me and others from stating the obvious. “All those people who charge us for criticizing, for being negative, for Aquino bashing—I am done with these people.

    “In a very Yellow Army way, they try to hide behind an illogical argument that we cannot help if we criticize.

    “I don’t know how good these friends are at multi-tasking, but one does not cancel out the other.
    “We can help and we can criticize. “And at this point, I am convinced that we do help when we criticize; if at one point we can, as Hamlet says, ‘catch the conscience of the king.’


    “But I know that this is futile. This man is no king. “He is not even a real representative.
    “What can you expect from someone who never worked an honest day in his life? What could he possibly relate to?

    “So my friends who accuse me of Aquino bashing: I want you to know that I’m done with your line of thinking.
    “Either you defend this man or you defend the people that this man is ignoring.

    “Don’t believe that the people are his ‘boss.” “This was a piece of advertising sound byte created by showbiz experts to get the unthinking masses out there to swallow this uniquely unqualified man.


    “This man who is totally unprepared for the most difficult job in the country “So my friends, as far as I’m concerned, you choose him or you choose the people.

    “But if you instruct me again to stop bashing this man, I am unfriending you. “I will unfriend you in Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, and out in our leaderless streets.”



    • Jo says:

      Oh, and this–

      “I rage against a man who continually blames the LGU’s on the ground for their incompetence and their inefficiency, because it is beginning to dawn on me that these Visayan LGUs happen to be Romualdez people, and this man is playing politics with people’s lives.”

      –is disgusting.

      You, Peque Gallaga, are disgusting.

      • cha says:

        I thought he was just trying to give evidence of his claim of stupidity. 🙂

      • OH BOY. if you’re gonna defend PNoy make sure you don’t use ad hominem arguments.

        I work at a local government unit, and I observe the Liberal Party discrimination in giving relief supplies.

        Every politician plays politics every time there’s an opportunity.

        • Jo says:

          I think it’s disgusting that people will assume politicians will ALWAYS be politicians even at a time like this. This, when every second counts.


          Peque Gallage is disgusting for thinking of such a thing.

          Also, true or not, this discrimination you speak of is irrelevant to me because I have no way of proving that you’re telling the truth. I’m nowhere near Tacloban to ascertain for myself either. You can just content yourself with the thought that I’m a naive moron.

          • Fine if you don’t want to believe. Why would I bother pleasing myself with the thought that you’re a naive moron? I’m just sharing what I’ve seen consistent with the purpose of this blog. NOTHING PERSONAL.

            To add more detail, the LGU which donated is an urbanized city, and the top honchos are Liberal Party allies.

            It’s really funny when people talk about politics without hard facts and knowledge of political science literature.

            Worse, some people comment on politics without a realistic grasp of human nature…

            Everywhere you go, politicians aren’t altruists…

      • Attila says:

        After watching this video it seems to me that Filipino intellectuals do not have any real solution for their country. They are clueless.

  45. Jo says:

    Didn’t need to watch the video, his words speak for himself.

    Peque Gallaga can say whatever he wishes–this is a free country after all–though I much rather he shut up and carry on. It makes me wonder why foreigners are kinder to our leaders in this time of disaster than our fellowmen, as evidenced by Time.

    Is it so hard to put ourselves in the shoes of the responders, the volunteers, PNoy et al? Because we GAVE? Then we might as well say we just PAID for the privilege of screaming from our high horses because everyone knows we would have done a MUCH BETTER JOB than our president.

    And I also don’t know why people assume that foreign journalists are objective. Both Anderson and Korina are biased and armchair experts–I mean NETIZENS–can spend their time on better things than comparing apples and oranges.

    • you said:
      “It makes me wonder why foreigners are kinder to our leaders in this time of disaster than our fellowmen.”

      It’s obvious. Our citizens have this notion that the PHL government is mainly responsible for effective response. That’s the jurisdiction of the PHL gov’t and Leyte LGU after all; that’s how a democratic gov’t SHOULD work.

      Seriously, this partisan bickering just make some people confused; it doesn’t help. Gov’t officials should just abide by their legal mandate.

      • Jo says:

        Clearly, we hardly expect more from our government, national and local. Otherwise the ‘ghost mayor of Tacloban’ would have done a Salceda and kept tabs on his people before, during, and after the super typhoon instead of the resort where he was rescued from–as opposed to blaming the term ‘storm surge’ and how no one would have understood it when he can just Google the damn term for himself and alerted his constituents accordingly with threats of prison time to those who persisted on staying like the mayor of Javier had done.

        But the fault lies on me for not explaining myself completely, yeah? Kindness, in that most, not all (my eyes on you, Cooper), understood the logistic nightmare Yolanda had brought. Airport hardly functioning, docks almost useless, no power, nowhere near landlocked. FEMA took around 7 days to reach New Orleans during Katrina and there were no seas to cross, and they have drastically more resources at hand than we do. They also didn’t have Zamboanga September, Bohol-Cebu Earthquake October, and Zoraida post-Yolanda.

        Frankly, every time someone rants against the government for taking too slow in responding right now makes me want to punch a throat. What kind of a government would intentionally slow down a relief effort?

        And what kind of citizenry do we have that they can’t see how these people are working their damnedest?

        • “And what kind of citizenry do we have that they can’t see how these people are working their damnedest?”

          I guess I see your point finally…

          Maybe it’s because of the gov’t’s growing negative image brought by pork scandals…

          Another fact is the emotionally-charged reporting of Phil media instead of fact-based and logistics-inclined reporting…

  46. Joe? I’m starting to worry too… This is too long for you to go without a post.

  47. Greg Hill says:

    The Philippines is listed as the third most at-risk country for natural disasters in the WorldRiskIndex 2012 report prepared by the University Institute for Environment and Human Security, Bonn (UNU-EHS) . The top two are Vanuatu and Tonga.

    The WorldRiskIndex report addresses the following questions:
    • How probable is an extreme natural event, and will it affect people?
    • How vulnerable are the people to the natural hazards?
    • To what extent can societies cope with acute disasters?
    • Is a society taking preventive measures to face natural hazards to be reckoned with in the future?

    It’s long but a good read if you want to get a bit closer to the science of risk and its management. Here’s the link to the report:

    • andrew lim says:

      @Greg Hill

      Thanks for this.

      I presume you’re one of Joe’s friends back in the mainland? We havent heard a peep from Joe, but basing it on info on this site: my assesment is that there’s no power and internet on the island, and maybe his house has been damaged, but that’s all.

      Let’s hope for the best.

      • Greg Hill says:

        Hello Andrew. I’m Australian, but have an interest in the Philippines and drop in here to say hello every so often. This is a dreadful time and the priority must be to help the survivors. After all this is done there will come a time to look back, take stock and then prepare for the future. This is not the time for the blame-game. In fact it can be counterproductive at any time. One of the things I like about Joe’s posts is that he looks for solutions rather that culprits.

        • Adrian says:

          Hi Greg,

          I think Andrew just wanted to hear some news about Joe from you.

          Well, looks like Biliran is not heavily damaged. Let’s hope that Joe just can’t connect to the net, the reason we don’t hear anything from him.

          • Greg Hill says:

            Hello Adrian. No, I have no information about Joe. Like the rest of you, I expect he will surface once everything is under control in his area. Blogging is probably a long way down on his to-do list at the moment.

  48. Joseph-Ivo says:

    “The best helmsmen stand on shore”. If you don’t belief this, watch TV and listen to journalists or read 99% of the comment in most of the Internet forums. Wonder what they did to alleviate the suffering. Wonder what dilemma’s they had to cut of the kind “Who do I help, who do I let die? More soldiers, needing also food and water or risking more irregularities?”

    As someone said before, “a journalist with just a camera always travels faster than an aid worker with tons of relieve goods”. On top, emotions sell as the indignation of CNN, not the facts and figures as quoted in the FDI article.

    But I do not understand why the official communicators of this administration are so reactive and let always the agenda be dictated by the press and why so often they are so defensive.

    • Jo says:

      Agree on the reactive part. They come across as ‘pikon’ to others because of it, even if they’re just trying to ‘clear things up.’

  49. Jo says:

    Ugh, Joe, you better be safe. Raissa has been looking for you in Twitter too.

  50. J says:

    Still no news from Joe?

    Praying for the best.

  51. Bert says:

    I am worried too but Joe is too good for the Philippines that I think no super typhoon can possibly harm him.

  52. essie says:

    I hope Joe is ok. Joe, if you’re reading this, please drop us a line.

  53. Dee says:

    Joe: I have left a message at the Biliran website and through a local radio station looking for you. I hope you and yours are safe and well. Don’t make me send the US Marines!

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I check with U.S. Embassy in Manila they do not have list of Americans that survived or contacted them …. Could Joe be abducted by benign0 henchmen ????? Or eng-get Philippine Media …. we will never know …

      REMEMBER, JOE CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT INTERNET. My son go crazy without internet for an hour …. HOW MUCH MORE JOE?

  54. joy oh says:

    still no sign of joe? oh dear oh dear… hope you’re safe joe

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I got that sinking feeling, too. Or Joe may have been extraordinarily rendentioned by Philippine Government for exposing the Filipinos inutility.

  55. Attila says:

    I’m also getting uneasy now. It is too long for him to be away.

  56. tristanism says:


  57. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    How can the U.S. ignore missing Joe?

  58. Joseph-Ivo says:

    3 weeks… that’s a lot… How could we get information of his condition?

    Joe gave me (us?) so much, anybody any idea how we could give something back? His silence is abnormal, I’m afraid he could use some help.

  59. Angela Silva says:

    I’m a new reader and I’m also concerned about Joe and his family. Let’s contact our friends in Negros and ask them to try to reach the local barangay captain in his area. Can someone confirm what island he lives on? Does anyone know his real name?

  60. Adrian says:

    Maybe one of these guys would know something?

  61. Thinking of you and your family, Joe, this Thanksgiving. Also hoping that you are all safe and sound.

  62. Electricity and internet has not been restored to Biliran, and won’t be for at least a couple more weeks. There is sporadic cellular service. Most of the power lines were knocked down and it is a big job to restore it. Joe is most likely not online yet. There was very little loss of life in Biliran, just very strong winds.

  63. Dee says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Joe and family, wherever you are!

  64. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING, JOE. First bite and drink is for you and your family.

  65. bauwow says:

    Hope everything is ok Joe. A lot of people miss you.

  66. Angela Silva says:

    Hi, Ron – thank you for the update on Biliran. Hope you and your family are ok. We do care about Joe and all his friends over there.

  67. Can’t wait for your next post Joe. Hope you and your family are ok.

  68. ella says:

    Oh Joe, it is already December and still no word from you. Sending you and your family our prayers and positive thoughts.

  69. Pastor Ernie says:

    Let us pray for Joe.

    Let us pray that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. If not, then he will spend eternal damnation burning in the fires of hell. This is what the Bible says so it is the absolute truth.

    Please join us at the Greenbelt Starbucks this afternoon for a fund raising project for our missionary work in India. We have over 1 billion souls to save in that country. 1 billion souls all deceived and praying to false gods created by Lucifer to blind them from the truth that God loves us so much that he sacrificed his Only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, to save us from our sins so we may enter the kingdom of heaven.

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      Aren’t you at the wrong forum? We discuss Philippine politics in the larges sense, not Joe’s afterlife or missionary drives. Hope Joe will be back soon so he can keep this forum clean.

  70. Pastor Ernie says:

    And if Joe is no longer on Earth? Then perhaps it is time to contemplate the fate of his immortal soul. Shall he be spending an eternity in paradise with Jesus? Image how great it would be to spend the rest of immortality with Jesus, image all the “fun” things you can do with Jesus… forever! Or shall Joe spend an eternity burning in hell with the likes of John Lennon, Buddha, Confucius, Gandhi, and STEVE JOBS.

    Let us pray that he has made the right choice. Let us pray that he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, who was sacrificed by our almighty and all loving God to save us from our sins. Have YOU made the right choice? I urge you to come to the Greenbelt Starbucks tomorrow so I can show you THE TRUTH.

    See you at Starbucks 🙂

    • Attila says:

      What if he is Jewish or Buddhist? He is a passionate “American Filipino” and that is what matters to us.

      • Pastor Ernie says:

        Sorry Atilla, but the Bible is clear on this:

        Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

        You cannot dispute the Bible for it is the word of the Lord, amen.

        Just pray that Joe isn’t Jewish or Buddhist. How about YOU? Have YOU accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior yet? If not, I strongly urge you to do so. You do not want to end up burning in hell with Buddhists like STEVE JOBS.

    • Joseph-Ivo says:

      If the devil has one friend, it certainly must be you. You are very good in turning people away from all the bible really intends to tell us. Did Satan advise you to stop reading somewhere in the Old Testament so that Jesus message of compassion and love would totally miss you?

      If your interpretation of the bible would be correct and in case I had to choose between one boring day in heaven with you or eternity in hell with Mandela and the interesting people you mentioned, my choice would be easy. (…and I’m sorry, but for the “fun” things I would prefer the 1000 virgins)

      Please Joe come back soon and clean your site from freaks.

  71. Adrian says:

    Funny news!

    Joe, how are you related to the Infanta Vice Mayor?

  72. Eric says:

    Well its almost a month now, we better prepare ourselves for a barrage of new insights and stories of Joe’s experiences when he gets back… maybe Joe and his a*****e neighbor are the best of friends now. I’m sure Joe’s jotting down notes for the past few weeks on scraps of paper.

    And speaking of a*****es, hey Ernie!… really a pastor?… you don’t even have the decency to respect people of different religious persuasions… well sign me up too for eternal damnation.

    Take your time Joe.

  73. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:


  74. Joe America says:

    Thanks for concerns. We are fine. Absolutely no services is all. Still can’t load web pages. No band width on smart with a generator powering things I suppose. More when connected. Regards. Joe

  75. melyss says:

    thank God! got worried sick.. 🙂 merry christmas joeam and family! from your silent fan..

  76. sandman says:

    nice to know you’re fine….

  77. ella says:

    Wow! nice to know you are very fine and well and so is your family.

  78. Bert says:

    Wheewww, what a relief to know my friend Joe still alive and kicking. Joe, you don’t know what were in my mind the days we’re not hearing from you, meticulously scanning all news items about what’s happening there after the typhoon, looking for a foreign-sounding name I don’t know what, always hoping and wishing it’s not you. And it’s not you, hallelujah, :).

  79. Proud Pinoy says:

    Anderson Cooper was impressed with the resiliency of the Filipinos. Joe surviving is proof of that. Surrounded by Filipino family and friends, I never doubted that Joe would be in danger. If you are with Filipinos you are in good hands. Mabuhay si Joe. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  80. jcc says:

    The news of your death has been overly exaggerated. You have survived your tour in Vietnam and your great grandparents the U.S. Civil War. Never doubted in a moment that you could perish and vanish that easy. We need your report on Biliran and the humanity that triumphs over petty greed and the insolent weather…

  81. joy oh says:

    i join the multitude’s hallelujah for joe and family are fine. that’s a nice christmas gift for the cyber fans. it aint much fun without joe. sometimes too tiring to chase edgar and marianito in different pages. 🙂

  82. tristanism says:


  83. andy says:

    Nice to know that Joe is fine and I’m also elated to learn that baycas reads JoeAm!

  84. essie says:

    Glad you’re safe, Joe.

  85. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Here is what I wanted to know from Joe:
    1. Why he did not run to Manila or safer provinces away from Yolanda’s path …
    2. What did he do when Yolanda hit …
    3. Is Joe’s house obliterated …. ?
    4. Where did they get food from …. ?
    5. Did they evac to gyms or churches or schools …. ?
    6. How does it feel not to have internet for months … ? (I’d go crazy)
    7. Did you see American soldiers in your area ….? If you did, did you approach them …. ?
    8. Did you line up for relief goods …. ?
    9. pictures, pictures, please ……
    10. Is 6,000 deaths believable …. ?
    11. Is 10,000 deaths a possibility …. ?
    12. ???????

  86. Dee says:

    You were proven right about your “Most Dangerous Land” declarations. Would love to hear a follow up on it based on your personal experience. I would also love to hear your take on China and S. Korea’s ADIZ announcements, and the Tacloban fiasco (local government/Romualdez vs national government/Pnoy-Executive Administration). Blog on, Joe!

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      I hope Philippines will declare their own ADIZ.
      Oh, Dee, did you hear about Mar Roxas forcing Tacloban Mayor Romualdez to resign and surrender? IT IS IN YIOUTUBE.

      • Proud Pinoy says:

        I am inspired by Mar Roxas’s courage to hold Roumualdez accountable. I admire Mar Roxas for his unrelenting passion and drive to help the Filipino people. He is truly Presidential Material. He will make a great President one day!

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