Sara all, how BBM will fall 2022

Analysis and Opinion

By Lance Corporal X

Its all about Inday Sara in 2022. If you want BBM to fall, then it has to be Sara all.

If you’re pro-VP Leni, and you want BBM to fall, then you have to be Sara all.

Let’s call a spade a spade, the Philippines has no political parties. Politicians are opportunists, they go where it pays. This party or that, makes no difference. Thus no one is beholden to any party. As a result Filipino voters too are not beholden to any candidate, President or VP. Many voters sell their votes, via voting blocks, or carbon copy of their vote to the barangay captain, or nowadays a selfie for evidence of one’s vote in order to collect payment. When voters cannot see the forest for the trees, they too are selling their votes to a fictional idea, namely Leni-Kiko. The point is to win, politicians should know this (Grace Po, I’m looking at you), but voters must become masters of this because their life and livelihood are directly at stake, less so the politicians who have money already stashed abroad.

I hate BBM. But I love Inday Sara (“Inday Sara for President”)

Unlike a Filipino, I don’t really have a good reason to hate BBM. Honestly, I just really hate that photo of him in a top hat standing next to a  Rolls Royce. As a Bernie Sanders supporter, and now all in for AOC 2024, that imagery of the rich flaunting their expensive stupidity just gives me a gagging effect, sometimes when I look at that picture I actually taste puke in my mouth. It’s a very visceral reaction. But also, I don’t like BBM because most Filipino Moros that I know hate his father, for what he’s done to them. I know Muslims don’t forget nor do they forgive. BBM is widely hated in Mindanao I’m sure mostly because Muslim Filipinos hate BBM, whether or not they physically throw-up in their mouths upon seeing him, I don’t know. But I do.

My point here is that most people hate BBM, so he’s only now leading the polls because Inday Sara is seen to be with him. Which means the bulk of his support is Inday Sara. Eventually people will realize that BBM and Inday Sara need not be elected together. Inday Sara is sui generis. And BBM is just grabbing hold and riding on her coattails, and unlike BBM’s tuxedo coattails which went nowhere, Inday Sara’s going places. She is ascendant. Which means BBM’s candidacy is conditional on the support of Inday Sara and her supporters. Which means if you want BBM to lose, you have to support Inday Sara as VP, no ifs ands or buts. And make it known that BBM is just a free-loader. Nothing more.

Anthropologically, we know the Philippines is bi-lineal meaning Filipinos follow both the mom and dad’s side of the family equally, cousins from both sides are seen the same. The Arabs don’t do this. The father’s side is the only side. But in practice, Filipinos are really patriarchal, meaning the guys get to do whatever they want, and all is forgiven, that’s why the Philippines is so screwed up. Sure there have been plenty of women in leadership positions, but if you look closer it’s the male relatives of these women that tend to screw things up, with nights out, and gimmicks, and adultery and extra children produced who are not from their wives, and of course a lot of embezzlement. So its high time for the Philippines to bring forth strong women leaders who can stamp down any further shenanigans generated by their male relatives. Both VP Leni and Inday Sara are obviously these women.

Of course, I’m generalizing above, and Kiko may be the norm in the Philippines, that is an honorable man, as the default there. But practically speaking, Kiko has no chance of winning VP in 2022. At most, his purpose in the Pink movement is to convince his wife and his in-laws to shine some of that shiny legacy entertainment power for the Pinks. I personally would like to see more coverage of KC, and I’m sure older folks want Sharon and Gabby together in the campaign trail or maybe just in social media appearances. And if he is feeling up to it, Kiko can totally go full frontal attack on BBM. I’m sure there’s enough dirty laundry out there to share. But Kiko’s only value in this contest is as martyr, let’s be honest. At some point, maybe later on in the campaign, he should pave the way for Inday Sara. This is his roll, I hope he plays it well, and maybe there’s a DFA secretary appointment or maybe as internet speed and reliability czar position, who’ll be in-charge of keeping the country’s comms competitive and fair, and not back slide.

It’s safe to say VP Leni will not play dirty against anyone. She should not. That is her brand and I’m sure also her personality, she’s not petty. So the only real problem in her campaign as I see it are the Pink Trolls (that’s a Joeam original by the way, not mine). Pink Trolls are VP Leni supporters who are so rabid in their support that they miss the forest for the trees, and may damn well lose this election for VP Leni if they don’t stop, precisely because they fail to imagine what VP Leni has. These rabid Pinks, and also their good equivalents, need to really examine why they hate Inday Sara so much. And ask if they are willing to throw it all away, submarine their beloved candidate VP Leni, just to spite Inday Sara and her father. They need introspection, and they need to be honest with themselves. These Pinks are wrong and this is why.

All Philippine politics is barangay politics. Meaning you’re constantly trying to appease the lowest common denominators of the populace, all the sigas, the stand-bys, adiks, the good for nothings. Well DU30 got rid of them, literally. Overnight the streets became quiet. And who were the ones most affected? Nope not Pinks, but DU30 supporters. So the fact that DU30 supporters still very much support Inday Sara, given all this purported father-daughter drama, has to be that EJKs were popular. If you’re a Pink (good or troll) ask yourself, which of your friends and family died from EJKs? I’d bet that Inday Sara supporters will be able to enumerate. Which means this Pink disgust for DU30 and Inday Sara is theory only, it’s just human rights or even morals as excuse because it’s difficult to find actual personal exposure to said policies. Which means you can come down your high horse, and focus on getting VP Leni elected, instead of arguing abstraction.

Inday Sara is going to be your VP. Accept it. Kiko is your martyr. VP Leni is your saviour. But it is Inday Sara playing the role of John the Baptist, sure as a Pink you can hope for her head on a platter, but for 2022 Inday Sara’s role is as gatekeeper, ushering in VP Leni. By supporting her, you shut BBM down.
But if you want to really destroy BBM, you as a Pink will have to be vocal about your support for Inday Sara. There should be more Leni-Sara posters on social media and the streets. I suggest making orange chicken for dinner and lunch viral. VP Leni supporters should physically go out and recreate that iconic Leni-Sara lunch over orange chicken in Davao. I cannot conceive of a more apt metaphor for a whole country coming together breaking bread and eating orange chicken. Don’t invite BBM supporters, only Inday Sara supporters. By so doing, you will have sabotaged BBM’s hopes and dreams, jammed in a wedge, and caused his dad to turn over in his grave. By simply focusing on support of Inday Sara, VP Leni can secure the presidency, because Inday Sara supporters will either vote for VP Leni, orange chicken is that good. Or they’ll simply not vote for BBM. But vote for Inday Sara. Subtract BBM.

Remember you are voting for individuals, not tandems. Not political parties. And most importantly, there are only two strong capable women on the ballot next year.


123 Responses to “Sara all, how BBM will fall 2022”
  1. Mom says:

    Very tough pill to swallow, but I think you may be right.

    • JoeAm says:

      Comment on the post from my twitter feed:

      “Read it. I agree on all points. Opening for Sara can help Leni alot and it would reflective on upcoming surveys. Many does not want bbm but forced to join the bbm-Sara bandwagon bec of sara not bbm. Kiko running this by himself. Where is sharon or KC? He needs them now!”

  2. Ana says:

    Nope. We’ll sit tight and pretty. digong and comelec will do the job for us.

  3. roly eclevia says:

    I can see that Corporal X certainly wants Sara to win, despite her propensity for thievery and oppression (watch her beat the sheriff), a culture she may have imbibed from her father. I would even hazard the guess that she is complicit to the murders in Davao City. But that’s alright. To each his own, as they say. But I don’t see how a vote for Sara can translate into Leni’s victory. The author makes that conclusion sans evidence. He wants us to take his prognostication on faith alone. And why hide behind a pseudonym?

  4. Charo says:

    While I accept that Kiko doesn’t have that chance, it is absolutely crazy to work for Sara to win, so that Marcos will lose. Sara has a very good chance already on her own. It as Leno’s VIP , she would be the irretrieveable thorn. She will dedicate her years to making this an extremely frustrating presidency for Leni. Speaking of not seeing the forest for the trees!

    • JoeAm says:

      The real point of the article is not who wins for VP, but how to move votes from BBM to Robredo.

      • Exactly.

        DU30 already via his cocaine accusation upon BBM that the DU30/Marcos alliance is over. Ask yourself, is Inday Sara really a traitor to her Dad and family? No. IMHO.

        Thus BBM-Sara tandem is actually already on shaky grounds. If VP Leni’s supporters push for Leni-Sara tandem (which I’m sure Inday Sara won’t mind), then you’ve pushed BBM over.

        NH would probably be able to explain the Game Theory aspect of all this. But if you’ve already agreed to Kiko not winning, then really your choice is BBM-Sara or Leni-Sara. If you do Leni-Sara this early in the game, plus I’m sure DU30 will have more doozies

        to come, BBM will surely go back to snorting cocaine. then its over for the Marcoses and the Arroyos. If you still wanna view Inday Sara as the enemy still after BBM ‘s defeated, then by all means do so…

        We just wanna get BBM out of the picture.

        • JoeAm says:

          The beauty of the strategy is that, even if BBM got disqualified and Go slid in, it would still work. But pinks read it as a “vote for Sara” strategy. I’m wearing out my computer on FB explaining that is not the goal. But my guess is VP Robredo’s team would see it correctly.

          • Yeah, its one of those, a spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down situation , Joe.

            This is strong medicine.

            • kasambahay says:

              ayay, lots of me kind of people see your strong medicine as quack, thanks but no thanks.

              • kasambahay says:

                corporal, are you mayhap addicted to that old pic of sara and leni, you kept on posting that 2015 pic time and again.

                since that old pic was taken, sara has grown her hair and her father has become the repulsive president. leni has become the much maligned vice president. sara become mayor of dabaw, bystander and witness to her father’s murderous admin, supportive of bong marcos, and very vocal in calling out leni as fake vice president.

                the corporal needs to update and look for a better pic to convey the present: sara no longer wears grey, but wears green as in green with envy, lol! and she happily runs around with bbm’s red army!

              • JoeAm says:

                The picture choice was mine, not LCX’s. I liked it because it shows Robredo smiling, which the photo knocked by pinks as being fake did not. Also, it shows Sara being a tad weighty, a point of order for the trolls knocking Robredo for gaining weight. Plus it fits the topic well.

              • I gotta feeling they are still meeting up to eat orange chicken, kb.

                Its very possible that Inday Sara chose the VP spot because of these continued meetings over orange chicken. Meaning it was hatched specifically to do away with Marcos and Arroyo. that’s girl power right there. You want that kind of team work.

    • “even if BBM got disqualified and Go slid in, it would still work.”

      Go doesn’t stand a chance with VP Leni, even with Sara at his side, unless the two do a switch which I’m sure is illegal. But if the two do win, Sara (and Papa) will be de facto President (in that sense this strategy won’t work). but that’s really not likely right now… So focus on what’s at hand.

      I’m sure with this disqualification process, BBM’s Momma and big Sis are now bribing people big time, so knowing how the Philippines works, disqualification at this point is far fetched. They bribe and it’ll work, and BBM continues on.

      BBM is gaining momemtum , theres nothing to wait and see, he’ll not get disqualified.

  5. Micha says:

    Marcos Junior will view this as an act of desperation and will energize his base even more.

    Two loose ends :

    1. The gorilla in the room is, will the gorilla in the room (sara d) acquiesce?

    2. How are you going to deal with Kiko Pangilinan with such a betrayal?

    • Not really desperation, its like a trick play in football, its kinda confusing but if done well it’ll pay off. I don’t think its been done before , Filipinos just accept these tandem campaigning, when in reality its not.

      Just a caveat, I’m not telling Leni-Kiko team the actual campaign to do is, they have funding and folks that give ’em funding to worry about and fundings necessary.

      This is for Pinks on social media or out and about in the streets. Push the Leni-Sara idea, if you have family and friends who’re pro-Sara but don’t really like BBM, perfect <<< this is for that specific scenario

      which I'm thinking is a big chunk of the electorate. Theres green shirts out there with red shirts thinking… ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. These red shirts stink.

      1. She can acquiesce (which I think will happen), or she can talk about it, won't really matter. Precisely because she's running for VP. Leni-Sara is not either or.

      2. Simple. Promise him a cush cabinet post, or make a position for him, promise him the world (and deliver). Make him an offer he can't refuse. Kiko's seen the Ocho Diretso folks, he knows. Not really much of a betrayal.

      Now not seeing KC (or Sharon & Gabby) that's a betrayal.

      • kasambahay says:

        the corporal is hanking for both sharon and kc to show their kiko strats now, mayhap for the corporal to copy and paste, lol! waiting and holding breathe on the sidelines, ready to copy the template of the kiko’s combined election bigatin.

        not forgetting kami the queen of all media is pretty in pink and could well join in the election campaign!

        official election campaign starts early february 2022, until then. better get used to the idea, corporal, that maybe, you dont get to dictate philippines politics, and your being a kingmaker probly need finesse, lol!

        • I disagree I think VP Leni and Kiko are talking about this very real possibility right now, and Kiko is telling VP Leni he wants to be Philippine Ambassador to the USofA under her administration.

        • JoeAm says:

          To me the point was not the women, in particular, although LCX is inclined to obsess now and then, but “C’mon, Kiko, you gotta compete, man!” Use everything. Stand out. He makes a good point.

          • In Marine bootcamp, there’s the Black Belt, who’s the senior drill instructor; then as his right hand the Heavy. Black Belt is usually SSgt; Heavy is the senior Sgt. Depending on when bootcamp is 90 recruits is average for summer months, 60 average for winter months, you’ll have 1 other Sgt (junior) or 2 (both juniors).

            Kiko is the Heavy. He’s the guy that yells and makes things happen.

            But he is also the Martyr (per the blog).

            A Heavy Martyr.

  6. Juan Luna says:

    Again, let me reiterate, people will be voting next year for a tandem to elect a president and vice president. However, you have options to either vote for a team of one party or for a mixed partnership (both pres. & vp from different parties). You can also vote just for one (either pres. or vp) if you decide to do so.

    Now that its out of the way, let me share my view about the writeup. It sure will tickle Pres. Duterte’s fancy but will also confuse a lot of people for obscurity and lack of horse sense. Let me explain.

    Contrary to what was claimed, it’s not all about Inday Sara in 2022 because she still has to contend with the more popular Sen. Tito Sotto. It’s okay to go up against Dr. Willie Ong or Kiko P. or a Walden B. but against a celebrity like Tito Sen? Look, Filipinos are always right when it comes to electing to public office sports and showbiz personalities for the first time. And Sotto does not only carry his celebrity but also decades of experience as a legislator.

    For me, Inday Sara’s popularity is a freak, a common freak we call nepotism in our political landscape. It’s common because we have BBM, Jinggoy Estrada, JV Ejercito, Bong Revilla, the Binays and so many others (who are descendants of their more famous and usually more intelligent parents) to show for it. Does anyone really think Sara would amount to where she is now if not for being the daughter of the head of the Davao Death Squad, este, mayor of Davao? C’mon, man!

    Just like the Marcoses, the Estradas, the Revilla’s and all descendants of political families who knows nothing about anything except politics handed to them, Sara will be exposed as a farce once she occupies a national office. Regardless of what she is or what she accomplished she’s just a notch above over Bong Go, both are creation, a Frankestein, of Digong. But is she good for Davao City, YES! That’s how far my coverage is if I’m going to talk about Sara.

    Also, a vice president was never the all about thing on election (except maybe in 2016 when a Marcos was a candidate). It’s a spare tire position, a glorified assistant, the best position for Bong Go, for life. The vp is just a deputy president. He/she does not matter until a president dies, incapacitated or thrown out of office. One who is a second in command to a president is the first to receive and obey that command, that’s it, then you go back to your hole. You don’t come out on top being a second banana, you always come second. If it’s all about Sara next year, then maybe that’s what her father meant when he said she’s a drama queen.

    To the Leni-Sara combination, its possible because everything is. And coming as a reductionist point of view, we can all entertain that possibility. However, reality cannot just be presented in simple terms or simple analysis. It’s too complex a thing that we have to stick to the facts in front of us to even start from a common sensical point.

    If Sara is too good to be true, why settle for vp only? She has the surveys, the connections and the genes but still she settled for less? Why? She will take all those sacrifices through self-immolation, to be subject of opprobrium and possibly be embarrassed in front of the public just to be the sidekick of Leni? And who among the Duterte diehards will vote for Sara to be the underling of the very person they despise? If I tell the Duterte diehards to vote for Leni-Sara ticket, I can assure you, I will be mugged, trampled upon and even could be raped for talking poop!

    Seriously, the reason is, she knows she cannot survive a three-man race with BBM and Leni on top of the cards. Her father was able to hoodwinked the nation in 2016, one, for presenting himself as the only candidate who can solve all the problems (Ala Donald); second, too much ambitions got a hold of some politicians that winning a majority becomes impossible.

    Finally, pushing for a Leni-Sara tandem is a losing proposition in terms of getting what the majority of the people really wants. A fair calculation for now is, half of the people don’t want a BBM presidency and the other half don’t want a Leni presidency. How can you insert now the idea that the other half who hate Leni will vote for her because of Sara who is running with BBM? And do we really think that those who loves Leni will dump Kiko to vote for BBM’s sidekick?

    Again, it’s a possibility, one that is not for me.

    • Great critique! thanks, Juan. Now that’s not concern trolling anymore! Lets get into it…

      “Sara will be exposed as a farce once she occupies a national office. “

      Well that’s what they said about DU30 too, and he enjoyed like 90% pretty much the whole time he was in office; and Sara ratings were up too , until she opted for VP, but still that’s up too. Sure I can see Sotto as popular, but to millennials ? Isn’t he Sharon/Gabby’s generation? So I’m gonna go with the polling early this year with Sara as leading. Thus in the VP race, its in the bag.

      “If I tell the Duterte diehards to vote for Leni-Sara ticket, I can assure you, I will be mugged, trampled upon and even could be raped for talking poop!”

      Then you as Yellow (or now Pink) are not understanding how the Visayas and Mindanao will vote. DU30’s presidency was successful, again based on pollings, but internet got faster, streets quieter and public servants more responsive under him (everyone was scared). That is the Inday Sara support, the hope that all that will continue under her. They aren’t fans of BBM, but could they be made fans of Leni, certainly!


      Becasue Leni’s running for Presidency and Sara is the VP.

      “Finally, pushing for a Leni-Sara tandem is a losing proposition in terms of getting what the majority of the people really wants.”

      We’re basing “majority” here using polls. Sara has polled well, no doubt because of what her father has done, not so much what she has done, though she too has a track record thats favorable as mayor. But the assumption is that she is cut from the same clothe as her dad vis a vis responsive gov’t; whether she’s as violent as her dad, that was the subject of my blog (linked in the current blog, read that too and we can continue devining Sara’s personality).

      • kasambahay says:

        it could well be inday sara’s fans will turn on her in droves. they had so wanted her to run as president. and early on, sara’s fans have been putting out tarps ‘run sara run’ all over the archipelago and kept at it. held out hope that she will indeed run as president.

        and sara betrayed them, run all the way to ilocos and team up with bbm instead. if sara’s fans protest votes for kiko, it will be sara’s undoing.

        tomorrow, 15 december 2021, it is hoped that comelec will finalize the list of presidentiables.

        • kb,

          Who do you think will win the Vice Presidency?

          Juan can say Tito; kb can say Kiko; LCpl_X can say Inday Sara.

          I’m more a Walden Bello guy myself, he reminds me of Pepe Mujica.

          The question is between Tito ; Kiko ; and Inday Sara , who’ll get elected.

          Hands down its Inday Sara. there’s only three VP candidates Filipinos really need to chose from. Comparatively speaking, Inday Sara already won.

          • kasambahay says:

            sara has already won! the ire of her fans that is! and their protest votes will go to kiko!

            • When’s the next poll? If you’re correct, kb, then we should see it in the next poll, but if the next poll shows her lead steady, then you’re wrong.

              • kasambahay says:

                what matter is the final tally of all electoral votes, sana all had better not do a bbm and contest the result, lol!

  7. Karl Garcia says:

    The current spare tire did good despite deprived of funds, and practically humiliated everytime.She was able to do the angat- buhay, vaccination drives,etc,etc

    One can always think out of the box and bust the stereo-types.

    • “He/she does not matter until a president dies, incapacitated or thrown out of office. One who is a second in command to a president is the first to receive and obey that command, that’s it, then you go back to your hole. “

      The position is what you make it,

      VP Biden was utilized a lot by Obama; VP Pence too, but as lackey mostly. VP Cheney was very instrumental albeit from the shadows. Don’t remember much of Gore; VP Harris right now isn’t well loved, but I assume she’s not just picking her nose somewhere.

      The closest i see to Juan’s take is the military’s CO and XO relationship, to this day I don’t know what the XO did, he was around, but I never knew his purpose; I guess as journeyman or apprentice, but if you’ve ever seen Crimson Tide, there in lies the power of the XO,

      I assume also VP in the Philippines is very much like that,

    • Juan Luna says:

      @Karl Garcia
      Good point, Karl, but she did good because she wants to not because the president want her to succeed. whatever success she got, it is still not a success to Digong. That I can assure you of.

      @LCpl_X (@LCpl_X)
      But the US is different. It is a country that still observe the two party system. That, and of course, they elect both president & vice president position as one or as a team. The vp there gets to be busy because he/she belonged to the same party and a possible successor of the president. In Pinas, if the vice is from a different party, sorry na lang siya. Just ask Leni.

      • JoeAm says:

        Opponent Binay was on Aquino’s cabinet for three years until it got awkward near end of term. I suspect Robredo will do pretty much the same with whoever is VP, give them a cabinet post. What might happen is speculative.

        • Juan Luna says:

          “Opponent Binay was on Aquino’s cabinet for three years until it got awkward near end of term. I suspect Robredo will do pretty much the same with whoever is VP, give them a cabinet post.”
          Well, yes and definitely no.

          YES, a president, as a courtesy, can offer cabinet position to VP. It has been done in the past, traditionally and otherwise.

          However, the Noynoy-Jojo team is vastly different from Digong-Leni combo. First, there’s a touch of yellow in the former being that Jojo was a Cory man back in the days. Jojo have that kind of relationship with the family that was mostly shared through the same political wavelength. While the latter was an oil and water mixture, there’s nothing in common with Digong and Leni. The very bastos and ladylike tandem was doomed from the get go.

          Jojo was an ‘opponent’ basically in name only, while Leni is more than an opponent to Digong. At best, she’s the distrusted nemesis, at worst the scourge.

          • JoeAm says:

            Robredo has already said she would give her VP a meaningful assignment. The idea that Duterte would have any influence on her decisions is beyond my comprehension. She’ll be President.

            • kasambahay says:

              a gracious vp will mostly likely accept a meaningful assignment, but a fiesty vp will probly throw the assignment back at leni, at bastusin si leni, simbako lang!

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Life is what you make of it. That exactly was the point.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          She made a lot of lemonade from the lemons she was given.

          • kasambahay says:

            taumbayan help leni a lot too, they donated what little money they have to help her cause and advocacies. they have faith in her, trust in her, welcome her to their hearts and home and did not lose hope despite insurmountable challenges.

            and leni still has lots to do, many things to fix and put in order. and it would be truly good if her people around her are on the same page as her and share her vision of better philippines.

  8. Karl Garcia says:

    Now I want kiko to win ,but as i said a few days ago this proposition of the corporal was interesting.
    I ‘ll take this like tequila with a pinch of salt, when it enters my brain, it becomes a food for thought.

    i forgot all about Tito sen, but the Eat-Bulaga fans from Apari hanggangJolo would not.

    I do not know if Sharon’s appearing on probinsyano which has a political theme and sort of a dramatization of the coming elections with most of the core cast marooned in the “Norte” including the shows president played by a flame of Shawie Rowell Santiago would be favorable to BBM or Sharon’s loved ones Kiko and Tito.

  9. Karl Garcia says:

    Isko: The hidden ace in the sleeve of Duterte.(dnt know bout the hidden part) Maybe Bong Go will withraw afterall.

  10. Juan Luna says:

    If we go by the trend, a Leni-Sotto or even a BBM-Sotto might happened next year. Those combinations are really feasible and possible than a Leni-Sara or even a BBM-Sara tandem. Let me expound.

    Upon announcement of a BBM-Sara team up, the Marcos loyalists and Duterte diehards rejoiced and in delirium. They’re very happy that their hope for the two to run as a team came into reality. For them, that’s the perfect storm. After BBM gets to be president and revive and redeem the family’s name the helm will then transfer to Sara who will do the same thing to save the family’s name and honor. And then probably, Bong Revilla might step forward to also redeemed his name and revive his dead father, Ramon (joke!). And then, there’s Jinggoy, etc. anyway you get the drift. Sorry for that brief digression.

    Sara’s decision to abandon her father’s plan for her created a tornado that is Digong which threatens to blow up the BBM-Sara partnership. The old man was pissed, big time! He wants her to run for president with his favorite puppy, Bong Go, as vice but she instead chose to settle as Robin to BBM’s Batman. When the tandem was finalized the die has been cast. Digong, feeling rejected, lost no time to haul the first bomb to the duo by alleging that BBM is a cocaine user and a weak leader.

    Given that scenario, who would think then that the Duterte diehards would even vote for Sara as vp of a cocaine user and a weak leader? Would they go to Leni-Sara combo instead? After what Leni has done to their idol, the diehards will definitely not touch Leni with a ten-foot pole. Never to yellowtards!

    How ‘bout the Marcos loyalists, will they go solid behind Sara? After what her father did to BBM, calling him an addict and weak, they’d rather have a vice not name Duterte-CarpiO. SottO rhymes with O.

    Sara is really in a bind now. She’s running with a candidate that her father disparaged and insulted to the max! Where will she get the crucial votes that will enable her to edge out Sotto?
    Can her father tell and convince his followers to vote solid BBM-Sara? I don’t think so. Can the Leni supporters stomach her and welcome and embrace her to the fold knowing that she’s one with Leni’s tormentor all there years? I don’t think Sotto, este, so.

  11. Karl Garcia says:

    Lance, Irineo is just quiet but he told me that your knowledge or grasp of PH politics is getting excellent especially the laglagan(under the bus) aspect of PH politics.

    • In the US its kinda overt via foundations and peoples’ painting (lately), so that over the table; in the Arab world, its less obvious, so its under the table; with the Philippines, its both, but also including the table. That’s a joke i heard in the Philippines, so I might not be delivering it correctly vis a vis the punch line (lost in translation), but I’ve always been keen on these 3 types of corruption ever since i heard this, karl.

      So to Ireneo, its not just Philippine corruption i’ve looked more closely now to corruptions like Panama/Pandora papers stuff, and magic money in the Arab world and the Philippines taking also the table. The taking the table part is not only overt, but designed so that regular people feel really powerless. Which is worst.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        Under the table is very true but about laglagan or being thrown under the bus is more like a game of thrones or even judas kiss betrayal methinks.

        • Karl Garcia says:

          But Paquiao was not doing under the table with the people he had it captured on camera. He gamed the rules of ok to give money before the campaign period.

          The Pro BBM forces questions those who question BBM’s tax cases, they say hey No fair, you guys file a case vs Paquiao, all you see is BBM…Duh?!

          • kasambahay says:

            pacman namigay ng pera, but not to bir. unpaid tax in pacman is 2.2billion pesos habang ang unpaid estatate tax naman ni bbm totaled 208billion pesos.

            solution to their tax woes is for taumbayan to lump them both and not to vote for them, until such a time na matuto silang magbayad ng tamang buhis.

            and if comelec has any sense, bbm will be disqualified.

            • Karl Garcia says:

              Pinaabot na nya sa Supreme Court, binalik ng SC sa Tax court. Ayun

              • kasambahay says:

                may maraming marcos cronies sa supreme court. dati pinapa-recuse ni bbm si leonen sa pet hearing. kaso, nasagot na kapag mag-recuse is leonen, e dapat mag-recuse din ang mga justices na cronies ni marcos. ayan, impasse sila at walang isang justices ang nag-recuse; tuloy ang pet hearing and bbm lost the recount.

              • Karl Garcia says:

                ay yung ke pakyaw yung sinasabi ko na binalik ng SC sa tax court. Si BBM natakot paabutin sa SC baka utusan ang lower court na ipakulong after reviewing the case.

              • kasambahay says:

                thanks for clarifying, gets ko na.

              • Karl Garcia says:


  12. Karl Garcia says:

    As much as I want BBM disqualified, there are many none sense cases like BBM is already dead(OMG), which will take too much time even to throw out, if thy wanted it out of the way they could have already.

    To anyone knowlegeable, what did the comelec decided upon yesterday about no more accepting of rejoinders(???) ?

  13. Karl Garcia says:

    On twitter it was spread by Heydarian that till the election day same last name substitition can happen.

    He did not finish a lawye(?)completed his sentence by adding qualifiers including disqualification.

    So Imee can sub. If BBM gets disqialified.

  14. (Joe, hope you don’t mind… )

    • JoeAm says:

      I don’t mind. 😁

    • Karl Garcia says:

      We talked about UBI here.

      • Karl Garcia says:

        I thought Habito was talking about MMT here becausr he explained debt can just be refinanced by new debt till kingdom come.
        But he mentioned printing too much money can cause inflation so tgere is a huge disconnect with Micha Monetary Theory.

      • and…

        Miyako’s “Do you want the poor to become taxpayers?”

        karl, your become fishers instead of parasites is similar to Miyako’s make poor to taxpayers. UBI if not seen as merely help, but seen as an actual livable income albeit the most minimum, is simply raising the bar so that poverty doesn’t necessarily mean homeless and hungry, but some sort of shelter and sustenance.

        UBI is done so the rich and upper middle class don’t get to complain and say hey I want that too, which is why regular Welfare programs are much maligned. its Universal so no one can cancel it, because everyone wants free money.

        So my estimate is $3,000 dollars a month a person can live comfortably in the US,

        so arbitrarily via MMT we legislate this. it should already be a given that addicts and crazies will not do much with this money, but UBI we give them anyways, no matter what you give them they find a way to screw up their lives.

        UBI is not about them, they’ll simply return their $3,000 back to the economy, but for a high school graduate who’ll watch a bunch of youtube videos about micro-investing and Web 3.0, that $3,000 is like free money for the casino, it’ll give ’em some room to make some wagers and improve his lot.

        We don’t really know what will happen, because most UBI programs in the world is geared towards giving people just “enough” to entice them to work, thus 300 bucks here 500 buck there. UBI should be a livable income, it should be a considerable amount, so make people say you know what… I’ll not work, and will just use this money with everything now available to me to start something.

        An added feature is UBI much of this money should go into Web 3.0 and crypto. We don’t know where that’s going to, but seems like a good hedge from inflation already if its going into the digital realm.

        If everyone’s getting UBI per MMT and gov’t policy, then no one is a “parasite” ; but more importantly since the point of pay ing tax under MMT is to control inflation, the point of making the poor pay taxes is not the point anymore that’s not da point anymore, karl, since the purpose of taxes is now redefined under MMT (merely to control inflation)— that’s why UBI has to be done under MMT (and CBDC).

        • kasambahay says:

          money makes the world go round. being poor is transient, poor today, politicians tomorrow, lol! see how many politicians profess to have come from poor and humble beginning? manny villar among them. when its their turn to help the poor, the rich should not be so complaining and begrudging. makaahon din ang poor, then new batch of poor comes in, also transient.

          4ps is not waste of money, money goes round and round and then, money eventually goes back into into the pocket of the middle classes. the poor kasi supports local economy, poor spend their 4ps on food bought sa palengke, misc items sa neighborhood sari-sari store, pay both their electicity bills and water bills, buy clothes from ukay ukay stores, pay pamasahe sa public transport. so, eventually, in the end, the middle class benefit from 4p, their goods and merchandise patronised by the paying poor, as well as their buses and jeepneys.

          the way the poor looks, their tatty clothes and footwear, unhealthy skin made dark by the sun, bad teeth, their bodies thin as poles’ ay, given chance, they can become top singers and super stars! academics too on scholarship.

          look at imelda, she is said to be among the poorest in leyte, and look at her now! there was no 4ps during her time, but she did receive help from the right quarters.

        • Karl Garcia says:


    • The plan is to siphon UBI (hoping most people will be plugged in) from real world (meat-space) to Bit-world (Web 3.0/crypto) so more people will end up staying at home, thus not polluting the planet. Money will be siphoned off from there also (via MMT taxes, or not … can only be done if inflation rises uncontrollably ), because people gotta live in the real world too.

      But like Covid19 lock-downs we’re just enticing people to remain in their homes so as to not pollute. Then qualified sceintists and engineers either funded by taxes or simply MMT gives them all the money they need to get their job done. They’ll unfuck the world, while most stay away.

      • The beauty with CBDC is now the gov’t can track exactly where it goes. Meaning the 1% can’t buy more Banksy art works with it, they have to use their UBI somewhere where it benefits society instead of just themselves. Or trickle down theory will be the end of them.

        From this ability to see where money goes, MMT can tax where gov’t and people deem tax is necessary. Invariably, this will lead Bitcoin/crypto to be desired. Thus more business will occur online, and not off line where people will burn more fuels.

        So that’s the trinity:




    • here’s a good article…
      DECEMBER 11, 2021, 8:00 AM

      In a pair of recent essays, political scientist Ian Bremmer contends that Big Tech companies will reshape the global order, while FP columnist Stephen Walt’s friendly rejoinder is that states will remain predominant. We take a third view: Not only has technology already changed the global order, but it is also changing the nature of both companies and states themselves. The 21st century belongs not to China or the United States—nor to tech companies as traditionally understood. It belongs to the internet.

      This is true for many reasons, of which perhaps the most important is the rise of decentralized protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum that are controlled by neither states nor companies.

      1. Network proximity is now on par with physical geography

      2. National currencies will face digital monetary competition

      3. The remote economy has created a talent market for citizens

      4. Bits are finally reshaping atoms

      5. Cloud-based regulators are outcompeting state-based regulators

      6. Property rights have become encryption

      7. International rule of law is becoming rule of code

      8. Web3 is addressing global inequality by sharing the reward—and the risk

      9. Companies, cities, currencies, communities, and countries are all becoming networks

      10. Power is decentralizing away from the United States and China

      Put all these pieces together, and rather than a unipolar Pax Americana or a bipolar “New Cold War,” the future will be a decentralized race to the top as countries, cities, companies, and communities—physical and virtual—compete to attract talent and capital. We do not argue that states are irrelevant; rather, they will be more relevant if they embrace the arrow of history and work with the network and less relevant if they attempt rearguard actions against it. Such is the nature of great protocol politics.

      What does that mean for the United States? Today, the United States is experiencing a relative decline in strength across economic and military axes. Its global role is more a function of its victories in 1945 and 1991 than its capabilities in 2021.

      Yet precisely because it lacks the force to change this downward trajectory overnight, it has more reason to support a decentralized order, where societies and individuals freely choose to ally with high-quality “Made in America” protocols—digital rules that bind others just as they bind those in the United States or China.

    • Karl Garcia says:

      No snippets just the cover but it is about invading the PH circa 1987

      • kasambahay says:

        much like the garci tape, the marcos invasion recording did not prosper. apparently, there was credibility issue with the two men that recorded makoy’s invasion plan. though the reagan admin did keep close watch on makoy in hawaii.

        anyhow, I would have thought that in hawaii, imelda learned to dance the hula! she who was so keen to make the generals previously attending makoy’s birthday to dance the hula complete with grass skirts and leis, lol!

    • isk says:

      Thanks madlanglupa. So the senior had two pseudo names, Charlie and William Sanders.

  15. Joe The Kano says:

    Remind me again why Inday Sara didn’t go to jail for assaulting a uniformed on-duty sheriff.

  16. Ed Maglaque says:

    Hmmm. Have been telling groups of Leni supporters that a Leni-Sara government would do wonders for the country, starting with, yes the unity idea you suggested (as against the false unity claim of marcos jr.) among other reasons. I’ve received varied reactions but the idea seems to be gaining traction among some of them, albeit with a lot of questioning and doubt, mainly because she is her father’s daughter. It will take some work but not until political arrangements have been agreed on should effort to achieve a critical mass be mounted.

    On 12/13/21, The Society of Honor: the Philippines

    • Juan Luna says:

      “Leni-Sara government would do wonders for the country…”
      If I’m standing before a wishing-well and hear that wish, I would second the motion. However, I’ll do that knowing that the possibility of such wish is next to impossible.

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