Kalayaan sa Pananalita (Freedom of Speech) o Krimen?

By Juana Pilipinas (From The Author: The featured quote is a free graphics taken from the Internet. Some may question the spelling of the word “licence” in it.  It is accurate in the British English convention but should be spelled “license” in American English convention.)   Palagi po nating naririnig ngayon ang salitang freedom of speech. … Continue reading

The financial puzzle that is the Federalism Constitution

By JoeAm – Preliminaries Forgive the length of this article. The main points are quickly summarized, but I have included appendices to fill in the particulars for those who are thorough or curious. One caveat: There are a lot of numbers to consider. This is not a search for accounting precision. It is a search … Continue reading

A picture showing the state of human rights in the Philippines


Time and the presidency in 2022

By JoeAm Nothing is permanent in Philippine politics. Power is not static, it moves, shifts, transfers, gathers, divides, and even evaporates. Time is the ticking clock hovering over everything. It drives allegiances locally and nationally, mainly through elections and as people of age give way to the youngsters. It’s fascinating, the family ties here. We … Continue reading

Are Americans being set up as another enemy for the Philippines?

By JoeAm Tyrants need enemies, for if they did not have them, they could not insist upon using unrestrained power. They would have to follow the law. Enemies are the excuse for suppression and brutality. The Duterte government operates outside the law to fight its various enemies, drug addicts, yellows, critics, NPA, Muslim terrorists, human … Continue reading