The Philippines is a nation with no purpose

By Joe America We are overwhelmed with disturbing news, social media angers, dirty politics that we can’t control, irrational thinking from everywhere, and information that is so frustrating we can only think in short, angry key strokes. We are going nowhere. Spinning our wheels. We have eloquent documents that people never read, like, for instance, … Continue reading

Mr. Chill

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva He prepared well for the Bar Exams in 1999, and when an acquaintance who called by mobile phone read his name from a list faxed by the Supreme Court to the Department of Justice, he knew from the pit of his stomach that he would be number one because he had … Continue reading

Do Filipinos hate being Filipino?

By Joe America It struck me as I was meandering through the thought forest about human rights that Filipinos hate Filipinos. They also hate themselves because they are, after all, Filipino. Now this is dangerous territory because I am white and some might view this as a racist commentary (even though Filipino is not a … Continue reading

Hello, Yellow, Hello, Leah Navarro

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva I don’t see much of my color nowadays. People power must have folded its EDSA One tent for shame of being called dilawan—choicest cuss word in the realm of the uncouth—but I’m sure anti-Marcos pro-Aquino Filipinos yearn for the time when it was politically correct to sport yellow. But not this … Continue reading

Why the Philippine Propaganda Machine prospers

By Joe America Here are some things we can observe about the official Philippine State propaganda machine run out of Communications Secretary Martin Andanar’s office and taken up by cabinet secretaries, spokespeople, compliant legislators, and the troll brigade anchored by Asec. Mocha Uson: It is an orchestrated effort that seeks to diminish critics and elevate … Continue reading