Press Pause

By JoeAm

I’ll be putting the blog on suspension for a time. When I started writing years ago, social media was just beginning to emerge as the untamed, informative, and often dirty place it has become. There were only a few of us engaging regularly in this discussion forum or that. Now life itself seems to be a discussion forum in which we are dedicated to sharing of ourselves in demanding ways.

The path is the goal, it really is. In that framing, there is no bad, only hassles we have to deal with before finding our peaceful and fulfilling resting places, islands in the storm.

I’m going to spend more time on the island I now inhabit, and less in the storm. When there is something meaningful to write about, then I will. We’ve already covered everything under the sun I think.

In the meantime, my advice to reds would be to participate in democracy rather than fight it.

My advice to pinks would be to lighten up a bit. The Philippines is a rich, soulful place, not a pristine suburb, boring for the nice roads and neat homes all in clean little rows.

My advice to the powerful is to do something good for others with that power, rather than forever trying to climb up the beanstock of self-gratification. Nothing up there but clouds. Illusions and delusions.

Come back down. Go to church.

As for the intellectuals and artists, the soldiers, and fellow Society of Honor members, I have no advice, just thanks for giving us beauty, character, courage, and the freedom to grow.

Til later.


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