JoeAm takes a pause . . .

Slight reconstruction underway.
In the meantime . . .
Aim high.
Shoot straight.
Read lots.
Laugh well.

3 Responses to “JoeAm takes a pause . . .”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Joe,I am going nuts! When will you be back?No JoeNo funNo JoeNo lifeNo JoeNo brain powerNo JoeFeel boredHurry back JoeBest wishes

  2. Anon, next week, I suspect. I'm starting noodling now.Thanks for the good wishes. A tip of the San Mig to you!

  3. Anonymous says:

    HahaDelighted to hear from JoeMany thanks Joe's alrightSan Mig my favOh, that was Jackand shall sip mig somehowand noodling is best for Joewhatever noodling isIts Jack

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