Charmaine Clamor

It is good to step back from the words and the analyses and the tensions and joys of the reach for understanding to simply experience a Philippines that is beyond words. Sometimes we catch it in a photograph. Sometimes in a smile. Sometimes in a song. Thanks to Attila for introducing Charmaine Clamor, and Cha … Continue reading

Angry Maude Rants: The Surreal Philippines

Guest Article By Maude Garrison I must confess, dear readers, that this relentless study of Philippine ways and means from the vantage point of Western norms is becoming surreal. Jojo and I spend way too many meals discussing the cultural nuances of plunder. But I can’t get enough of it. Y’all do it different, and … Continue reading

The Pause That Refreshes

No new blog today. We are turning the page to August, and I’ll give you a chance to catch up on July reads. Tomorrow Joe Am will apply his acerbic Western spyglass to the free-wheeling and high-risk Filipino lifestyle in the cleverly but bluntly titled article “Happy Go Dead” Filipinos. If you wish to pick up … Continue reading

JoeAm takes a pause . . .

Slight reconstruction underway. In the meantime . . . Aim high. Shoot straight. Read lots. Laugh well.

Splinters in the Eyeball

Let me ask you, if you were President, what would you do differently about corruption than President Aquino is doing? Okay, you might ask the House to hire better prosecuting attorneys, but would you let the Chief Justice continue leading the Judiciary? Let him represent the best of Philippine jurisprudence? Okay, you might have arrested … Continue reading