The Pause That Refreshes

No new blog today. We are turning the page to August, and I’ll give you a chance to catch up on July reads.

Tomorrow Joe Am will apply his acerbic Western spyglass to the free-wheeling and high-risk Filipino lifestyle in the cleverly but bluntly titled article “Happy Go Dead” Filipinos.
If you wish to pick up an old blog, here’s one I recommend “Rain and Peace” from January. It’s friendly perspective will help balance out tomorrow’s acidic view. Rather like milk on an ulcer.
Egypt: “I TOLD you we should have looked for a Jeepney!”
Let me also take the opportunity to thank those of you who, intentionally or inadvertently, have given Joe Am’s writings greater visibility in the circles of Filipino discussion and debate. I find “Joe America” in blog rolls a lot these days, know it is referenced now and then on Facebook, and see references and links on other sites. Readership is up four-fold from just a couple of months ago. Comment is rich and instructional. It is a lot more substantive all around.

3 Responses to “The Pause That Refreshes”
  1. Anonymous says:

    JoePause that refreshesDrink, not sniff.He he he

  2. chohalili says:

    I'm still catching up! enjoying the older posts, have fun! & good quality time with pets & love ones.

  3. Well, excellent, I'm glad you are getting to know JoeAm better than most. I'm damn sure writing as fast as I can . . . Have great fun yourself!

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