GRP: A Ship of Fools

grpGRP is “Get Real Post“, an Australian blog that pops off at the mouth regarding the Philippines and Filipinos. It is a tinny whine of a voice half the time, and a clear, insightful voice of useful perspective the other half. The problem is, no one really takes the insight and runs with it because most people of character or credibility long ago either fled the place or were thrown out by its spiteful Editor in Chief, benigno. The catty, snobby, name-calling dysfunction that represents the main tenor of  the site re-enforces the narrow biases of the writers and contributors as the in-bred collective runs around congratulating each other on their wisdom and sneers “troll” at anyone with a different idea.

You see, this Australian blog is itself steeped in the qualities they condemn about Filipinos. It is a crowd of power-based, vengeful, ego-maniacal, obtuse, self-serving agenda pushers, and the main agenda is to share over and over again to its in-bred band of brothers that the President of the Philippines is incompetent, the Philippines is a rat-hole, and Filipinos are, far and wide, a bunch of morally and mentally deficient, irresponsible, incompetent, whiny third-world idiots.

What does this get them? For a dabble of income from website ads, they are willing to slander a nation and her people. For the smallest, wee smidgeon of political capital, they are willing to demean you and me and anyone else they can use to their purposes.

You see, GRP writes into that easy space between perfection and where we are today.

It’s rather like this article by JoeAm. Took about 15 easy minutes to type up.

It is easy to envision the ideal blog, a wholesome, vibrant place that welcomes different views and builds creatively and respectfully off of them to help develop ideas that speed the rise of the Philippines from an emerging nation to a wealthier, progressive vibrant leader within Asia.

Ahahahahaha. And GRP sure as hell ain’t that blog. So it is easy to craft a few words pointing this out.

It matters little what the Philippines does to improve its economy or social values. It is never good enough for GRP.

And that is essentially the easy space GRP people write into.

Take this paragraph from benigno’s recent blog on call centers and the Philippine economy:

  • “So if it is the sudden ‘accessibility’ of high-rise condos, P200 Starbucks lattes, Gap shirts, and $600,000 cars to Filipinos that is being construed as ‘inclusive growth’ here, then perhaps we may as well write off the rest of the 85 percent of the Filipino population whose disposable income buys them simple family outings in Luneta as exempt from this ‘report’.”

Well, sure, it is easy to dismiss the thousands of good jobs at call centers as any kind of progress, because the rest of the Philippines is poor. As long as there is one poor Filipino sleeping overnight on the seawall along Bay Walk, progress will not be sufficient for the crew of this sinking ship of fools, GRP.

How hard would it be to pen acknowledgement that call centers are exactly what the Philippines needs? Modern, professional, well-paying jobs. How hard is it to be pleased with the boom in real estate construction riding atop the call center successes? To illustrate how economic achievement rolls through the entire economy.

Well, for GRP, very hard.

Have you ever had a boss like that? The kind that is loath to recognize achievement and only “bosses” by nit-picking at what you do wrong? It is standard supervisory technique in the Philippines, I suspect, one the call centers could be changing by importing foreign managers, and it also proves the point: GRP scribes are more like the dysfunctional Philippines than they know, and the advantage the Philippines has is that it IS changing, whereas GRP remains the same obtuse bastion of righteous preaching to the God of complaint and whine.

“Benny” wraps up his piece by saying:

  • “There are two countries within the Philippines — (1) the nation of call centre workers, OFWs, and their families who able to afford to shop in the Gap, and (2) the nation of everyone else who can only sit and watch this most recent ‘boom’ pass them by yet again.”

Now there is a guy writing into the easy space. There will always be two Philippines in his book. People like him and the others, upon whom he looks down with the snootiest of disdain.

I hate to tell you, Benny, but it is not that simple, nor that hopeless. The enrichment of the Philippines is not a cycle, to be missed, it is a trendline, to be climbed aboard. And people are doing that, in real estate, in call centers, in restaurants and malls and car dealerships, and the wealth is pushing out across the nation.

There is no divide between the “people who are in” and “the people who aren’t”, because the thing that embraces them all is improvement. Improved opportunity, improved economy, and improved social conditions.

Will it take time? Of course. It is a three-administration project to get from the disaster that was the Philippines at the end of the Arroyo term to a wholesome, respected, richer player in the global arena, and a place of REAL pride and satisfaction domestically. Are there problems? OF COURSE! What, you think Aquino is Jesus and we are all fictional characters from some computer arcade game? You right click the mouse and the superhero saves the city? What nation does not have its challenges, when the environment is changing fast, technology is changing faster, immigrants with different culture are everywhere, and people are engaged together in new dynamics, from the internet to spy cameras to phones that do banking. Hey, it is not some static world with 64 tiles we jump around on, red or black.

Then my friend BenK, whom I hold in certain regard even as I disagree with him about a lot of things, gets in on the easy train by criticizing the Administration’s pleasure at the findings of the recent Transparency International corruption survey which records what we can see in person: the Philippines is cleaning up its act. Ben calls the survey methodology flawed and chooses to believe what HE believes. No new facts or insights will be allowed into his well-cemented cranium. He holds that no progress is being made and President Aquino has no right to be pleased with the survey findings. Ben closes his article with this stellar bit of synthesis and conclusion:

  • “After three years of intense practice, one would think the Aquino Machine would have gotten at least a little better at this, but no. At every turn, even in what once seemed to be an area in which it had some potential – opinion manipulation – the only thing the Administration has shown any improvement in is its own ability to fail in the most ridiculous and embarrassing way possible.”

Easy writing. Easy writing. Aquino ain’t Jesus and he ain’t that GRP favorite and stunning loser, Dick Gordon, so he obviously can’t be right for us.

Well, Ben, let me be my own judge of that, eh?

Dog Stuck

Beg to differ?

As for the cast of characters at GRP, I actually hold a great deal of respect for the thinking and writing abilities of most of the article-writers. Beningo is a smart guy and superb writer. BenK seems angry all the time, but he can do good, blunt stuff. Fallen Angel, solid. Gogs, interesting. ChinoF, good topics and sound writer; sincere. I enjoy reading their articles from time to time, and often start cuing up the keyboard to fire off a thought. Then I remember, “Oops, I am banned”.

Alas, Ilda makes my skin crawl with her emo bias and smarm, and that commie de Vega, what a piece of work.

The deficiency of the site is the relentless defense of a position that is simply no longer defensible: that the Philippines is inept and corrupt and going nowhere. And the more they hang onto that position, the less credibility they can claim as being REALLY attuned to what is going on in the Philippines. As being astute of observation and conclusion. They can always write into the easy space, but people can see how absolutely ridiculous some of the views are. How tinny the voices sound. The examples above illustrate the point.

The rest of us can merely shrug and move on. We are a part of the wholesome improvement, the growth, the better global ratings and impressions, the investment,  the solid leadership, the vibrant democracy, the nation that was tied up in corruption and is now wrestling free . . . .

GRP writers are like a treed dog, caught too high up in the limbs by their ridiculous prior stands – they can’t get down, they can’t unwind the error of their writings; the best they can do is to wail evermore at the moon.

Only the moon.

The rest of us? We’re on the national express blasting forward, waving, waving. Smiling and waving.

“Woof woof, Bennie! Woof woof!”

56 Responses to “GRP: A Ship of Fools”
  1. The Mouse says:

    At first, I thought you were talking about the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Hahaha. GRP is almost always used when reporting about the Bangsamoro. LOL

    GRP is all talk, all holier than thou. I first heard of the site when it was still a page in yahoo site. GRP, as a whole, is the epitome of “crab mentality” where writers feel they’re more intelligent than the rest of the Philippines

    • Joe America says:

      Ha! Sorry to mislead you. 🙂

      Yes, they are a caricature of what they condemn, and the Philippines is moving on. GRP isn’t.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      AHa! Aha! Aha! Aha!
      Government of Republic of the Philippines is = Get REal Philippines
      GRP = GRP
      Which GRP?
      Get Real Philippines supplants the old Governmnt Republic of the Philippines, CRABS and Rabid Dogs.
      New Government of Republic of the Philipines or New GRP compared to GRP, Get Real Philippines.
      Aha! ha! ha! ha!

    • Budi sonata says:

      As usual, pinoys get defensive and butthurt when they should be reflecting on the ills of Philippine society. GRP is the only meaningful site that confront the issues bedevilling the country. And pinoys like you reflect the shallow mentality by putting down GRP. We still need to develop critical thinking skills instead of taking the easy way out outrage.

  2. Lil says:

    I can’t even understand why they let that commie write. Maybe GRP is desperate for page hits.
    If all commies wrote like him, well, no wonder they’re branded as fools.
    He writes worse than writing Pig Latin, at least understand a little Pig Latin 😉

    • Joe America says:

      I don’t get it either. How can GRP editors condemn the sincere efforts of so many capable, honest and honorable Aquino cabinet members – who have tough jobs – and then allow that kind of . . . um . . . quality . . . to infest GRP’s own product. So methinks the big dawg can talk, but can’t DO quality himself.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Oh, Dear. Get Real Philippines is a literary website. It is literary conteststs. It is all tra la la la la. They do not offer solutions. They are highly critical of englsichtzes usage.

  3. andrew lim says:

    I see you’re in spring cleaning mode, taking out the trash. Didnt know they still existed. As irrelevant and toxic as Kit Tatad. 🙂

  4. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Success of Benigno Aquino is pain to GRP.
    Success of Filipinos is pain to GRP.
    Success of Philippines is pain to GRP.
    GRP limit number of comments per person.
    Comments must be in consonance to hate-anything-Filipinos mongering.
    Englsichtzes must be to perfection.
    No tiling-tiling. Ring my bell.
    No free speechts at GRP.
    Hate-baiting bunch led by benign0.
    GRP is church of doom.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      benign0 GaRaPal or GetRenatoPacifico and what is now evolved to be known as Get Real Philippines is benign0 gave me an obituary before he yanked me off in antipinoy. I love it! In fact, seriously, I printed it and had it laminated at Eustaquio ESQ tacked it on to my office wall.

      Nobody, I mean NOBODY, that benign0 ex-commed and banned were dedicated an article except I since the internet was invented by Al Gore. Despite benign0’s literary tra-la-las only I had plenty of followers and copycats. This got the goat of benign0. Why Mariano? Why not him? Why follow Mariano with his despicable englischtze3s, bad grammar and erroneous wrong spellings? Why do Filipinos love to follow a guy who is “unprincipled” with unbridled hate? Why not him, benign0?

      benign0 should understand that Filipinos are busy people. Very busy to make ends meet. I commented in Antipinoy in short digestibale funny unforgetable missives. Filipinos already know who they are their shortcommings and insanities. They just want to be reminded in a funny very very short way. That is why USAToday is everywhere in every nook and cranny in Hotels to motels because USAToday only gives the skinny. Just the facts. Hotel-hopping people are busy people. They want to form their own opinion based on the facts unlike Chicago Tribune and NYTimes or Washington Post where facts is simmered in oppinions of their journalists.

      benign0, has to eat plenty of rice and clear his ears of wax. benign0 lives in his own world but the world do not live in his. Loosen up benign0. Get on the band wagon. The Philippines and the Filipinos have already proved you wrong. Philippines is up and up and away in our beautiful baloon. benign0 is just mad why the Philippines is not going down the way he wanted it. He must have an overdose of ‘toopid Filipino Channel (TFC).

      This is how big I am in benign0’s consciousness: The comments in his article on me shows that benign0’s rant is being ignored.

  5. The Mouse says:

    Speaking of GRP, this thread pretty much feels like it, only a “foreign version” (Apparently, I think they quoted from an old post of yours in your old blog). Hehe

  6. ella says:

    Joeam, I hope more and more Filipinos will read Benigno’s article because I am sure Filipinos who read his article will not be discouraged. They will get mad at benigno and they will strive the be do their best in whatever field they are in.

    So, bye, bye benigno we Filipinos and the Philippines will continue to go north while your blog will continue to go south.

  7. AJ says:

    LOL, I love how GRP got new writers and attracted new comment-ers.

    Mr. de Vega is as emo as the emo pinoy GRP supposedly hates, I believe I even saw him butting heads with another writer (ChinoF I think) over squatters or pro-poor policies.

    Too bad Trosp had a falling out with GRP due to religious beliefs, I’d have loved to see him interact more with de Vega.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      GetRenatoPacifico also known by its initial GRP wanted their readers, comment-ers to think like benign0. So, they have new comment-ears. Whatever happened to the old ones? Ex-commed. Banned. Deleted.

      Funny these GRPs, they espouse free spits but look who is stiffling free spits?

      • AJ says:

        I guess that’s what you get with so much negativity floating around, one small touchy topic and boom! Byebye GRP!

        In fairness to them, I’ve seen a couple for relatively positive posts in the last month, one supporting Bianca Gonzalez and another supporting the right type of pinoy pride.

    • Joe America says:

      Oh my. That would be fun to read. Two peas, one pod too small for the both of them. Amusing.

  8. edgar lores says:

    1. I don’t know the site but very simply any man-made construct – be it nation, church, community, club, clan, family or blog – that does not respect freedom of speech, that constrains discourse, that stifles dissent is unworthy of existence.

    2. Using the link Mariano provided, I wanted to analyze the site’s “philosophy”, but hardly think it’s worth the trouble.

    2.1. Just one observation: The essay Mariano cites uses Bill Gates as an example of GRP’s philosophy of individualism, of personal reward as the primary motivating force of human endeavor. (This reminds me of Ayn Rand.) No doubt that was true of Bill the nerd and the entrepreneur. And no doubt that today Bill the philanthropist gets enormous personal satisfaction from his efforts. But is his motivation to reward himself or to help others? Is Gates being selfish or selfless?

    2.2. The attractiveness of sites like GRP is that they have stumbled on insights that ring true, if not, are indeed true. If you examine their premise of individual reward and consider it in the context of the behavior of most of society, in particular our politicians, you cannot help but nod your head in agreement. But is the structure of logic built on that premise true?

    2.3. I leave the analysis and the answer to you. And your answer will be a reflection of who you are, how you see the world and how you would like to live.

  9. J says:

    Now, Joe, I honestly can’t believe you still read GRP.

    • Joe America says:

      You know, you are very sharp, J. I glance now and then to see if there is any hope for a change in character. It appears there is not. And the content seems even more shallow and bitter with the improving Philippine economy. So I take a whack now and then to do what I can do to hurry their demise.

      • J says:

        They are trying to make profit out of defaming the Philippines, obviously. And I refuse to help them by visiting their site.

  10. ella says:

    The reason why I refuse to read articles or blogs like grp’s is everything is so negative, it is like there is really no hope for the country and her people.

    I am not against criticisms and calling a spade a spade, but please do not ignore the positive. There are a lot of positive things happening. Do not ignore the fact that Aquino’s administration is better than Arroyo’s.

    Yes, the Philippines has lots and lots of problems and we should talk about these, suggests ways to solve these, etc and not just dump these on somebody’s shoulder. Do our part, like maybe during election … educate the electorate not to vote for the corrupt politicians, tell the Filipinos to listen to their religious leaders, teachers, etc but please think and analyze first before obeying. There are more …

  11. bebot says:

    Negative people radiate negative thoughts who psychologically are very unhappy in their own skin, yet the kind of people who earn their living on the back of a projected downtrodden entity / persona – very pathetic – is suggestive Benigno is in personal crisis, that he could be paranoid or psychotic, or that he has a guilt attached to his way of thinking which can be repudiated or turned to blame instead – that is blaming PNOY’s government ( someone/ something to project Benigno’s failure in life).

    • The Mouse says:

      The problem with GRP is they basically think that they are more “intelligent” and “critical thinking” than most Filipinos… they are the epitome of the “elitism” that they claim to hate. But they don’t even have a sound solution to share!

      Rather than closing the class schism, they are further making it wider. They know how to criticize(more of whining, actually), but never know how to reach out.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      GRP defies science. Like poles supposed to deflect but GRP’s negativity seems to attract negative people. Sam Ting Wong here.

    • The Mouse says:

      The Philippines loves America because it sees it as “Papa Sugar”. LOL.

      China on the other hand had never been a good Papa Sugar. It has, most of the times, been an “akyat bahay”.

    • Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

      Filipinos love America and Americans 100%. Problem is America do not love Filipinos. America gave Filipinos a chance to join the union of America but they prefer their lives run like hell by Filipinos than run like heaven by Americans. Now, it is too late.

      Maybe Filipinos love America to liberate themselves of these corrosive retrogressive religion called Catholicism and/or Christianity. Why would they go there when Americans do not declare Holy Week as holiday? Why do christian/catholic Filipinos work on Holy Week when they can voluntarily not work with pay? I do not get it. It appears that Filipinos want wealth over trip to heaven.

      Majority of Roman Catholic / Christian Filipinos do not go to Sunday mass anymore. They’d rather work and work to send money to their unemployed and unemployable relatives.

  12. bebot says:

    I absolutely like the ambience of your blog- relaxed, very welcoming/ accommodating and highly informative. I’m not being patronizing but this is how i feel.

    • Joe America says:

      I’m glad you appreciate the tenor of the site. Fortunately, we have a range of readers and commenters who subscribe to the simple principles that opposing views are worth respecting and objection need not be made personal. That is sometimes a very difficult place to get to when someone disagrees with us; how to retain respect for the other person even if he or she may seem to diminish us by discounting our ideas. It’s a challenge not to let our “need for approval” get in the way of a discussion of issues that generally has very little to do with who we are.

  13. Mariano Renato Pacifico says:

    Some nations still have a soft spot for the U.S., however. Of 39 nations where Pew conducted surveys, here are the 10 where people have the most favorable impression of the U.S.:
    1. Philippines (percentage with a favorable view of the United States: 85%)
    2. Israel (83%)
    3. Ghana (83%)
    4. Senegal (81%)
    5. Kenya (81%)
    6. El Salvador (79%)
    7. South Korea (78%)
    8. Italy (76%)
    9. Uganda (73%)
    10. Brazil (73%)

    Of course Pew interviews Filipinos ALREADY in America. Those American-haters are visa-denied Filipinos.

    • bebot says:

      So GRP has a notion that they belong to the cream of intelligence, I beg to disagree because they are not in the real world of intelligence. Their available intelligence is insufficient as they are unable to wander into that delicate area of strategic, operational, or tactical (methodological) solutions affecting the socio-economic, political and military issues of the Philippines, notably of PNOY’s government. They can’t offer the best course of actions that befuddle the society. I would say they are a bunch of gobbledygook.

  14. begalon says:


    Once again thank you for letting me in your blog site. It is a day and night difference with GRP. I think most of the posters at GRP are obnoxious and out of this world. Domo called me all kind of names he could imagine when I mention PROGRESS in this administration. Benigno did not say a thing. I expect him to say something, but he didnt. A classic “bahala na kayo attitude.”

    • Joe America says:

      Thanks for joining the discussion here. I was reading your exchange on GRP yesterday, and what you got is pretty standard for anyone offering a differing view. It goes personal right away. Push your perspective hard enough and they will eventually ban you. I chuckled because you remained calm and mature in the face of their childish attacks. I try to promote the idea that contrarian views here are welcome, and it is our challenge as commenters to stick with the issue and not get so hung up on “win lose” that we start demeaning people.

      When you think about it, defending established views blocks enlightenment. Welcoming and respecting differing views brings enlightenment.

      • begalon says:

        Wow! I had a low expectation you would read and respond my comment since I respended to a weekold blog. That inspires me to comment on your old views especially the interesting “Troublesome Photo.” I have been reading your old blogs.

        Staying calm produces respect and positive result, WinterSoldier called me bro. Yeah, I am onboard with that principle that “Welcoming and respecting differing views brings enlightenment.”

        In general, I am delighted that I made the old goat (no offense intended) chuckled. haha..

        • Joe America says:

          ha, one old goat to another, no offense taken 🙂

          All comments get flagged to my attention and I generally try to answer to grant back honor to the people who honor our little Society by reading and commenting.

  15. Apo Chumachil says:

    I’m still laughing at your over-optimism (read: half-naiveness, half-stupidity)!

    Did you watched last week’s report from Failon Ngayon about homelessness despite the so-called economic growth?

    Oh! By the way, if Bloomberg will establish a Philippine branch, their presence will be short-lived as most people will deem their news as too far-fetched!


  16. Budi sonata says:

    If you think get real Philippines is the only site critiquing Philippine society n pinoys, think again.! i hate to burst your insular bubble guys, but it’s high time you get down from the clouds you’re living in. It’s obvious from the comments here that pinoys do not bother to search the net to gauge what others think about them. I’m afraid it not not very positive. Not only that, it is also not positive from other foreigners I speak to. I live overseas and even without prodding or asking, they will ask me questions like “why are pinoys so childish n materialistic, why do you have large families, why are you very sensitive to criticism even if it is constructive, why is your country poor when the rest of Asia are already developed countries”, why do parents have a dozen children even if they live under a bridge and cannot feed them and so on n so forth. I must say it is very hard to give positive responses when a lot of them have negative experiences with our kababayans. Let’s face it, even among Filipinos, we do not always interact in a positive way. We are materialistic n always competing with each other. Why do we always greet each other with, ” Naku, tumaba Ka na”! To my mind, these very common greeting points to our catty minds n petty attitudes. It also shows we are perverse because we must enjoy being nasty to each other. Maybe other Asians are like this too, but I don’t know. But even if they are, they’ve created societies and economies vastly superior to ours. We have nothing to brag out. Others laugh and deride our so-called pinoy Pride. They ask, what do you have to be proud about? Your country is a shithole. I hate to say this word, but others use this word in the net a lot to describe d phil. Before you get up in arms about this comments, just remember they also think we are thin skinned. They find this laughable because they think only kids are sensitive, adults shouldn’t be so. One guy gave the ultimate insult, calling us the worst race on the planet. I will not go into the details but it is on the net in u tube. I can hear you now, why should we care what others think of us? If you ask this question, then you are proving to the critics that they are right. Instead of reacting in a defensive knee jerk manner like we always do, if we are truly adults we will think, ponder, n think again n again why we are viewed this way. I am not affiliated with get real Philippines, but they seem to be on the only site that gives an honest, if uncomfortable, truths about us. Most of you here despise get real, instead of appraising whether their message is true or not, or whether we can learn lessons from them. It is said that Filipinos stop learning when they leave school. Others say they never learn anything in school except the three R’s. Even overseas where I live, pinoys are very divisive. They avoid each other because they say, nothing good will come out being friends with pinoys. We are the only ethnic group here who do not have a community centre, a restaurant, or grocery. Businesses fold up because of malfeasance like not remitting the money meant for families back home. Money meant for a community centre disappeared. One meeting I attended, the pinoys were disgruntled, took two hours to decide whether they should donate two dollars for their snacks during meetings. They were unable to decide a two dollar contribution for their coffee n biscuits. The Africans have done well. They have shops, restaurants, cafes, group centres in their communities. We have not. That’s why I’m commenting here. I fully expected for the comments here to be negative and angry, but I was still disappointed to read the usual denials, shooting the messenger attitude, angry defensive responses, childish, petty attitudes. Maybe we can prove our critics wrong, or is it just too much to ask that we grow up.

    • Juana Pilipinas says:

      Have you read more recent articles here? Please do. There are a lot of newer articles here where we confront and explore our (Filipinos) dysfunctional and unproductive behaviors in order to teach others how to overcome them. Most commenters here do not have an ax to grind with GRP. I, for one, read them every now and then but I do not leave comments because I find some of their articles and some authors reply to commenters coming across as arrogant and snarky. I also think their articles are somewhat millennial-centric.

      • edgar lores says:

        I just popped in to see what the fools were up to…

        And they were bashing Vice-president Robredo and claiming that Bongbong was cheated!


        o “Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is right not to trust current VP Leni Robredo”
        o “Overseas Election Results Prove that Bongbong Marcos was Cheated Massively”

        There were two items about that woman — I cannot even bring myself to name her as I feel that doing so would be taken as an invocation, a summoning.

        I would die if she gropes me. Ahaha!

        The Urban Dictionary defines “get real” as “When someone tells you to get real, they want you to get a reality check and to stop behaving as though you’re living in a fantasy world.”

        Now who is living in a fantasy world?

    • Okay, thanks for offering your perspective. I’d say most of us have had more experience with Get Real than you have had with the Society of Honor, but you are entitled to opine even without knowledge.

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