JoeAm in JoeAm

By Wilfredo G. Villanueva Not all bloggers in the Philippines are uncouth, quarrelsome, with a personality only a mother could love—bearers of fake news. His name was mentioned in former President Benigno S. Aquino’s last State of the Nation Address in July 27, last year. Recall the President’s words: “To those like Joe America, a blogger … Continue reading

The Philippine economy sliced and diced: are we being misled?

By Chemrock A group of Duterte’s economists and a group of anti-Duterte economists are arguing with each other from their office windows on different sides of the street.  Never the twain shall meet because they are arguing from different premises. We all want the best for the Philippines, so the questions that economic data raise … Continue reading

Poe’s fake news hearing is dogs barking up the wrong tree

By Joe America The Senate hearing on fake news has two thrusts. One group wants to put a stop to government lies. The other wants to stop citizens from embarrassing senators. The first is important but the senators are going down the wrong path looking for a solution. They are going along with the second … Continue reading

Open letter to DBS & Singapore ambassador

Mr Piyush Gupta, CEO-DBS Ms Kok Li Peng, Spore ambassador to Philippines Sir / Your excellency: You must be aware that President Duterte of Philippines had made allegations of corrupt accumulation of wealth by a Senator Antonio Trillanes IV and that the latter had stashed away those funds in many offshore bank accounts, including one … Continue reading

Dumb journalism makes for a dumb nation

By Joe America I know I occasionally use big words because they just pop out of my typewriter, some of them after hiding there for years. It is quite amusing when one just emerges out of the dense fog of forgotten lore and is perfect for the line-up of thoughts being madly transcribed by my … Continue reading