Notes about a day of protest

By Joe America The number of rallies across the nation, and the size of the Luneta rally in particular, showed that there is a core of objection to martial law and killings that will not be put down by propaganda. The Luneta rally was pretty much ‘non-denominational’. It was not radical commies as I think … Continue reading

Brown noses and Senator Trillanes’ offshore bank accounts

By Chemrock President Duterte announced recently that Senator Trillanes has offshore bank accounts in many countries, details of which he will reveal in time. Right on cue, Ben Tersiona, owner of the website Davao Breaking News, came out with ‘bank documents’ that purportedly showed the various offshore accounts of Trillanes. Radio commentator Erwin Tulfo and … Continue reading

Holding President Duterte to account

By gerverg1885 A news item was posted by a blogger on Facebook that said that “the NBI, in a press conference, declared that the three policemen killed Kian de los Santos and planted evidence(s).” My question was, “why was the one who ordered the killing and dangled the reward money not included?” I added that … Continue reading

Journalists writing about “resilience” are soft

By Joe America Filipinos are so used to being downtrodden that they turn “survival” into a positive trait. I notice all the time that when people are beaten down, but persist, journalists praise them for being “resilient”. The latest case is in Marawi. Residents, many of whom have died or suffered from illness, starvation, and … Continue reading

Why the PCOO accreditation program for bloggers is unethical

By Joe America PCOO is the Philippine Communications Operations Office headed by Secretary Jose Ruperto Martin M. Andanar. Many readers will recall that Andanar was “side-promoted” out of the spotlight to head PCOO following several gaffes when he served as President Duterte’s primary spokesman. Ethics are the rules by which a profession or organization or … Continue reading