Philippines’ economic pie – some things to chew over

By Chemrock If you are checking in to find out what condition the country’s condition is in, I would refer you to Manuel Puig’s novel “The Kiss of the Spider Woman”. The whole novel is a conversation between two jailbirds, Molina a homosexual, and Valentin, a Marxist activist. Molina represents the majority of Filipinos, those … Continue reading

Is Marcos greed undermining President Duterte?

By Joe America First, let me thank those who read and comment here, for you provide the insights that I use to try to simplify complex issues. Second, let me ask readers to set aside the issues you may have trouble moving past because they are so troubling. We need to do this to understand the … Continue reading

The inimitable Jeepneys of the Philippines

By Chemrock The mainstay of public transport in the Philippines is the iconic jeepney. With their loud colors, individualistic facade decorations, and unique vehicular bodywork, they make good advertisements in tourist brochures. Apart from beauty queens and sandy beaches, the jeepneys embody the 7,107 islands. It’s more fun in the Jeepneys There was the thrill … Continue reading

The Duterte troll ‘destabilization’ nonsense

By Joe America The Duterte trolls are engaged in an institutionalized attack on our thinking. They take advantage of the fact that objective truth is something all of us have a hard time getting to because of the filters we use that warp our knowledge. We tend to stick with our biases instead of welcoming new information … Continue reading

The Ugly Files: House Speaker Alvarez

By Joe America We Americans know ugly, because we’ve been that from time to time when we’ve looked down on other nations or peoples. Today, we can see a peculiar kind of ugly arising in the US under the obscene banner of “America First”. There are many uglies, both in America and the Philippines, and we’ll … Continue reading