Looking at the SONA through its different audiences

By Joe America President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) meant different things to different audiences. Let’s reflect on them. These are my guesses, and you can add your own interpretations in the discussion that follows the article. The Congressional majority and even some minority members who do not want to be seen as … Continue reading

The golden years

By Chemrock Did you know that world ranking in terms of GDP, the Philippines was in 44th position in 2010 and it has moved up to 36th by 2016? That was an incredible achievement under the previous administration. If that doesn’t impress you, by 2016, the Philippine GDP has nudged ahead of Singapore which is … Continue reading

Winter is coming, be prepared!

  By Chemrock The disappearing president is dead as the people of Malawi suspected. His death was hushed up to prevent the swearing in of the deputy president and to enable the installation of someone else to the presidency. Calm down, I am not referring to Marawi but the African state of Malawi, 2013 and … Continue reading

Rappler: anchored to a different standard than other mainstream media

By Joe America What makes good journalism? Good journalism is: Objective news . . . with correctly labeled opinions and interpretations important for deeper meanings. We have to read or watch multiple sources to get good balance. Well-written and well-presented. Informative, which generally means it has context and facts that clarify. Authoritative, which means sources … Continue reading

BPI systems horror of June 6

By Chemrock Having made a comment elsewhere that in deference to some sensitive accounts in BPI, the systems horror of June 6 need to be openly explained, it’s a matter of need to do right that I share some thoughts on what the Senate inquiry revealed. It is also to oblige a request from a … Continue reading