The ethics of being a relative

By JoeAm The recent post here that criticized three entertainers for aiding and abetting the incivility, killings, and destruction of democracy in the Philippines generated a lot of good discussion both here and especially on Facebook. Most agreed with the point of the article but a lot of people came to the defense of the … Continue reading

The rise of sense and civility in the Philippines

By JoeAm We have talked a lot about institutions in the Philippines, and the erosion of independence among the branches of government. We have examined the weakness of journalism as an institution and the Catholic Church as a moral force and justice as an ideal. But it strikes me that a new institution has arisen, … Continue reading

People don’t trust the yellows because of Kris, Sharon, and Korina

By JoeAm The Liberal Party (LP) forms the core of what many people term the ‘yellows’, or advocates of democracy, the Constitution, civility, and human rights. The class has been broadened by the trolls to include anyone who criticizes the Duterte Administration. One reason the yellows have trouble at the polls and in surveys is … Continue reading

Rappler vs Roxas, Round 2: What is truth?

By JoeAm Last week’s article “How Rappler helped defeat Mar Roxas” generated a lot of discussion here, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Maria Ressa, Rappler’s Executive Editor, responded to the article on Twitter. People contacted me by e-mail and DM to share their thoughts. It ended up being like I had overturned a rock, and … Continue reading

How Rappler helped defeat Mar Roxas

By JoeAm When you spend your whole life in one city, you live the values and speak the language of that city. When you live in one culture for your whole life, you live the values and speak the language of that culture. When you are a reporter in one culture all your life, you … Continue reading