Four Villains Seek World Domination


Villains are heartless.

Okay, game lovers. We’ve got a good one going here. Big forces vying for world domination. Four of them. Super-villains. Immensely powerful. Far-reaching. Viciously determined.

Slow motion horror.

They are as different as the Riddler and Catwoman, Two Face and Doctor Doom, the Green Goblin and the Joker, Oggy and the Cockroaches. They have entirely different forms and, stripped naked, are not something you’d ogle for very long. They are all bad to the bone, evil to the core, heartlessly cruel. A one-way ticket to ride.

Here they are, the super-villains destined to seal our fate in doom if not recognized for what they are:

  • Capitalism

  • Islam

  • China

  • Ego Arrogance

I’m sure you are muttering “I’m gobsmacked!”

You don’t see the villainy perhaps. You think JoeAm is mixing apples and oranges and green mangoes and kiwi fruits.

But here is what defines a super-villain:

  • Powerful
  • No conscience
  • Acquisitive
  • Brutal

Let me describe these four forces and then turn to our glorious super-hero, the guy with the flowing cape, white hat, black mask and dung-kicker boots, or maybe it is even a woman, who knows.



Those who object to America have it wrong. America is not a peopled entity outside its capitalistic system of commerce. The people are there only as robotic extensions, a borg-like collective, a mass of mindless plugins doing their duty to open doors to prosperity, wealth, and bigness of profit. For the companies.

You see, a battle occurred while we were not looking, and capitalism won. It won over communism and dictatorships and theocracies, all of which seek to constrain. It won over democracies, which were weak and divided against the greater force of monster capital.

You know how you can’t see a flower grow unless you use a stop action camera to grab a frame every hour or so, and then piece them together? That is what happened during the past century.

Capitalism did away with its competitors. Captalism knocked down all constraints and spread across the planet like bird flu on steroids. Capitalism won.

It is no longer American companies that dominate the planet. It is global corporations, entities of no conscience that envelop the planet like a malignant cancer on a pimple. They influence governments as no constituency of voters can. They leverage their ample dollars and buy allegiance. They buy votes, one big contribution at a time.

They often seek alliance with the fourth villain, Ego Arrogant politicians who quietly forget their oaths and the great compassion of working for the good of others. Government under them becomes a Eunuch, a de-shrouded priest of no magic whatsoever.


From magic to magic.

Islam is a great institution, a faith that crosses boundaries like no other since the Catholic expansion under Spain in the 1800’s. It is closed to rational thought. Boxed in by belief, by superstition, by commitment to a cause that blinds its proponents to kindness and binds them to conquest. The worst of its kind are animals, drooling, snarling creatures, terrorists of no conscience, rabid beasts out to destroy on behalf of an intellectual concept, an unproved belief, a superstition cloaked in grand moral righteousness.

This bastion of moral certitude kills in the name of its God, its turbaned men speaking as if the Almighty gifted them with a generously prepaid Globe sim card to the heavenly God, and He is out to spew Old Testament spite and smite and call it Good.

Other religions quiver in the face of this unrelenting beast.


From beast to beast.

China is the center of the world. If you doubt it, ask a native of Bejing. If Islam is a wild beast, China is a quiet psychopath, a nut-case of the first order, manipulating truths and people’s minds as if there were no rules of order, as if hallucinations spewed by its leaders were actually true. This is the most manipulative, self-involved, self-defined large state since Hitler’s Germany.

This villainous nation is blind to the interests of other peoples because other peoples are inferior, inconsequential, warranting no consideration whatsoever other than how they can be used. If the use requires conquest . . . so be it. If the use requires smuggling and bribery and thuggery . . . so be it. If it requires war machines . . . build them.

Ego Arrogance

From thuggery to thuggery.

Capitalism is a system, Islam is an institution, China is a nation, and Ego Arrogance is a state of mind.

Ego Arrogance is an astounding belief that some possess that only they know the TRUTH. Only they see the light.

Many in the US call them Republicans. In the Philippines they are called “Trapos” or Senators. Or even neighbors.

Humility is a curse to such people. Consideration an irritant. Kindness a pox. And the unity of all these egos is an amazing force that denies common sense, denies compassion, denies the common good. It’s output is chaos, absurdity, tossing babies out with the bath water, cutting noses off to spite faces. It is lunatic. And it is legion.


Who you gonna call when ghost-busters have retired?

When the comics are just the comics?

When the good have turned bad, too?

Well, how about calling our super-hero, our Good Guy.

Our super-hero is a hybrid, like Spiderman after the radioactive sting, like Superman removed from the planet Kripton, like Batman with his expensive tools. He is:

Good Guy, empowered by the internet.

Good Guy has stolen the weapon of Big Brother and turned it around. Aimed it dead-on with four barrels locked and loaded and tracking robotically on the four fiends.

The Good Guy is you, and me, and people who find power in humility, conscience in caretaking, see money and goods as a means, not an end, and reject violence except when it is needed to subdue the inherently violent.

Our primary weapon is information.

It is delivered with the speed of electricity.

It knows no shield on this planet.

We need no slogan, no salute, no organization. No remuneration.

We are like gravity.

We are an essential law. Unwritten.

A force of no limit.

A morality beyond words.

We are the Good Guy.

And we are on scene now, real time.

Go forth, my brothers and sisters of the keyboard. Go forth and conquer.

21 Responses to “Four Villains Seek World Domination”
  1. I agree with your definition of a super villain, but the world is not black and white as this blog implies for me.

    let me start with the two ideologies: Capitalism and Islam.

    A.Capitalism- Adam Smith, a moral philosopher, stated this: “in To hurt in any degree the interest of any one order of citizens, for no other purpose but to promote that of some other, is evidently contrary to that justice and equality of treatment which the sovereign owes to all the different orders of his subjects.”

    Justice was thus central to Smith’s CRITIQUE OF THE CRONY CAPITALISM of his time, and to his alternative proposal of a ‘system of natural liberty’ characterised by a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD and commitment to ‘fair play. Source:

    in short, the system we have now is crony capitalism supported by campaign finance. Koch and Smith will even agree with me that it’s not “capitalistic” enough

    B.Islam- A bunch of bad apples twisted by the politics of oil and Israel’s creation. Turkey gives a bright, glimmer of hope. Here are Prophet Muhammad’s quotes:

    1.The strong one is not he who knocks out his adversary; the strong one is he who keeps control over his temper.” Reported by Abu Hurairah and recorded by Imam Bukhari and Muslim. (#45)

    3) “God the Dignified has no mercy for one who has no mercy for others.” Reported by Jarir Ibn Abdullah and recorded by Imam Bukhari and Muslim. (#227)

    15) “Do not rejoice over the troubles of your brother lest God the Most High might have mercy on him and involve you in this trouble.” Reported by Wasila bin Al-As-qa’a and recorded by Imam Tirmidhi. (#1577)

    Also, one can argue that Christianity is a super villain too using biblical text:

    C. China- I like to think that a faction of right-wing leaders exacerbate this thinking just like how Hitler manipulated the Germans during WWII. China has highly censored net access. Remove the authoritarian methods, and we might see a human China.

    D. Ego arrogance– Setting aside your bipartisan example, I think this is a true super villain. Ego arrogance cuts across cultures, religions and socio-economic classes.

    P.S. I hope you and your family are physically and psychologically OK there at Biliran despite the “long, deep swaying, “

    • Joe America says:

      We’re good, David. Thanks for checking. My wife was staggering around like a drunk as the house rode the waves, so it was actually quite amusing at the time.

      You are right, any of the four villains in the right circumstance can offer significant benefits. I was struck, however, by the similarities for four forces of very different qualities. All marching forward, often ruthlessly. Dominating large portions of the planet. Not much in the way. It seemed wise to do a “check” and think about what the balance could be. The internet seems to offer some promise. It beats guns and bombs. I have whipped on Islam, China and Ego Arrogance, but not yet on Capitalism. Guess I better get cracking . . .

      • Joe America says:

        By the way, that article on Christianity is about as hard-hitting a message as I’ve ever read. Bam. Pow. Reading that, one would be inclined to think anyone of any religious persuasion is in denial. The offsetting argument is, okay, then WHY exactly are we here? Are we just elegant bugs on rock?

        • David Murphy says:

          Hi David and Joe, Without commenting on the specifics of the charges against Christianity, many of which are valid, I’d point out that they are based on what people have done in the name of Christianity, which is very different from what Christ taught. If people lived by Christian principles, which are not in fact unique to Christianity, this world would be a paradise on earth.
          Re capitalism, think you’d like If I remember the numbers correctly 40% of the wealth in the US belongs to the top 1% of the population and the bottom 20% of the population share only 7%. Maybe the Philippines is not so very different from the US after all. Wonder what the numbers are here. FWIW, in my experience the hardest thing about helping people is how to do it without destroying their independence and self-reliance. I think the core of any program directed to correcting the imbalance should be 1) insuring that all schools serving the poor and underprivileged are at least equal in quality to the rest of the system. Innovative ideas, including the use of computers and internet should be solicited from educators. (The Common Core State Standards is a horrible example of good intentions gone wrong and should be abolished immediately.) 2) Job and skills training, preferably in association with private enterprise, particularly small businesses should be a integral part of the assistance. 3) Basic life skills like personal finance, family planning, etc., should be required 4) There are a lot of smart people out there who can contribute great ideas as to how to set and accomplish goals for assisting the poor and underprivileged. Their ideas should be heard, considered and incorporated.
          Re earthquakes, only someone who lived his adult life in California would find his house “rolling in waves” to be amusing.

          • Joe America says:

            The link showing the wealth distribution in the US is interesting. It is of course skewed to the north by the Buffet and Gates billionaires. But what is also interesting is the notion of socialism. The Obama health program is essentially a wealth distribution plan, yet many of the same lower income people in the distribution argue vehemently against the health wealth distribution because of that dirty word, “socialism”.

            But your argument is correct, that the Philippines is not that different in that so much wealth is collected at the top. The difference is that the wealth per-person in the US is so much greater. The pool is huge. Here, there is almost nothing at the broad, massive bottom. Like, P3,000 a month, a drip in a small lake.

            I heartily agree with your suggestions. I think the school fees charged here are ridiculous (and in violation of international human rights guidelines which call for free education) because they are unduly burdensome on the poor and keep a lot of kids out of school. Very, very good ideas you offer.

            I am actually terrified of earthquakes. The humor is a paste-over to try to calm myself.

  2. cha says:

    I am relieved to know you and the family are well. Nonetheless, I also feel for those who have lost loved ones and whatever little treasures they may have had in this recent devastation. My parents lost their means of livelihood when the Hyatt Terraces in Baguio collapsed in the 1990 earthquake so It really resonates with me, the sense of loss.

    And yes, it does give one a sense of perspective.All of us, the good and the bad, are powerless when the mightier forces of mother nature strike. Our egos, big or small, are inconsequential to the natural cycle of beginnings and endings, life and death. If at all, the bigger our collectives egos have become, the more magnificent the monuments we build in praise of our grandiose delusions of who and what we are, the greater the repercussions and reverberations of our fall.

    I daresay that what is really mind-boggling is not so much the levels of destruction nature has brought forth upon us or how much pain and suffering mankind has heaped upon each other. What is even more confounding and amazing is how we have somehow managed to remain standing when nature, our own and that of mother earth, is an ever present threat against our survival. Through the sheer efforts of those who choose to push back those too weak to triumph against their own self-destructive nature, and those who lead the way to rebuild and restore, we still stand.

    And so yes, thank goodness for the good guys we have now, and those that came before us. Here’s to all the good men and women, few though they may be at times, who choose to do something as opposed to nothing to keep the bad ones from prevailing. From an unlikely source (the popstar Rihanna), some words of wisdom – “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

    • Joe America says:

      I’m getting a little weirded out. I was in the middle of typing about the poor Philippine defenses to natural disasters when the earthquake hit. Now I’m tying away at an article entitled “Fighting Our Essential Stupidity” and your note arises saying”What is more confounding and amazing is how we have somehow managed to remain standing when nature, our own and that of mother earth, is an ever present threat against our survival.”

      As a people, we are incredibly obtuse. And the temperature rises, and as the carbon burns, we decry God’s acts. But not our own.

      I have come to detest tea party extremists and bayan muna neanderthal brains. They symbolize the worst of us, intelligence that is so convinced of its rightness that it has gone stupid.

      • cha says:

        Obtuse. Stupid. Ted Cruz. (And it rhymes, too)

        And what about Obama’s speech right after the Senate vote, huh? How sober, sensible and so humble is the guy. It’s looking to be a good day, mate!

      • Lil says:

        Haha. Bayad Muna has a chapter in the US and so does another leftist group. What huge hypocrites. They’ve also managed to drag a few of their no doubt kano friends and relatives to their paltry rallies. the pics, are hilarious. the best of pinoy and kano ignorance and herd mentality.

    • David Murphy says:

      Hi Cha, The quote is actually from a “translation” of the fake Latin phrase, “Non carborundum illigitimati”, which is said to mean, “Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” I have some friends who have a Christian teaching mission in Bohol, teaching the squatter kids, and they undertook an aid mission to remote parts of Bohol after the earthquake. It’s nothing special but I find it’s helpful to see what other people were doing while the mayor of Bohol was demanding that the Philippine Red Cross turn over their relief goods to him. We need to see some positive to keep our perspective.

  3. manuel buencamino says:

    Go forth…. But please get a shave and put your pants on before you get up from your chair to change the world. 🙂

  4. andrew lim says:

    I am almost finished marathon viewing “Breaking Bad” and the protagonist (Walter White) actually becomes the antagonist in this wonderful, tightly written crime drama. I’d put it as even better than the Sopranos because the scenarios are very plausible, and the story is written so well.

    If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it. Looks like its writers did it with the ending scenario already in mind, instead of filling the season with episodes that just extend the series.

    As Webb says above, this hero/anti-hero is not as clear cut as it seems. I just read an interesting point from Boying Pimentel’s “The Problem with “Daang Matuwid” (Inquirer columnist) about the “straight path” of Pnoy’s govt. On hindsight, it should have been waged as a political crusade, not a moral one. He cites the case of Lincoln (perhaps you may expound on this in a piece, given your familiarity with US history), who managed to pass his anti slavery agenda, not by portraying himself as the cleanest of them all, but by forging alliances and deals and through other indecent means.

    The anti-slavery crusader Thaddeus Steven called the new law banning slavery in the United States “the greatest measure of the 19th Century passed by corruption, aided and abetted by the purest man in America.”

    Insight: That is how Pnoy and the LP should portray themselves- we will get things done, it will be messy, it will not always pass the test of purity, but by God’s grace, damn it, we will get things done.

    • Joe America says:

      Ah, wonderful lesson there, Andrew. I’m not familiar with “Breaking Bad” but have made mental note to get informed. I am familiar with Inspector John Rebus, a concoction by Scottish writer Ian Rankin, who believes a case is best solved in bars and back alleys with occasional fisticuffs. I hope the good President takes you up on your suggestion, and gets a little more outspoken about what his term is about. And I hope we see crisp action in more filings and having the Ombudsman put out her findings sooner rather than later. He needs to make clear that pork is not the criminal. People are.

      • andrew lim says:

        Just a synopsis of Breaking Bad: a fifty year old high school chemistry teacher in Albuquerque finds out he has terminal cancer. With a stay at home wife, a teenage son and infant daughter, he decides to manufacture crystal meth with the assistance of his former student junkie to secure his family’s financials. Compounding the drama is his brother in law who is a DEA officer.

        The story plays out over five seasons. His fortunes improve, but comes at a huge price. The beauty of the series is seeing the lead character transform from a nerdy scientist to a morally conflicted person to one of the darkest characters on crime TV.

    • cha says:

      My son got me hooked on Breaking Bad. It’s very well written, almost like reading a really good novel and we dissect and discuss almost every episode like we would the chapters of a book. We’re like a two member book club for Breaking Bad. 🙂

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