The stream of history

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By Josephivo In our turbulent times, it might be difficult to see in what direction history is taking us. What are the long term trends? What will last? How will the world or mankind look like a (few) generation(s) from now? History gave us some clues. History was not a steady stream of changes, driven … Continue reading

Halleluyah – a blaze of light


  By Chemrock As I write this article, my mind is still fresh with a news article on the killing of 7 innocent people in Bagong Silang, Caloocan City by masked gunmen on motorbikes. They were searching for a certain person whom the folks say was involved in drugs. On failing to find their target, … Continue reading

Enter the New Year, on hope, superstition and maybe a prayer


By Joe America Best wishes to all for the New Year. Resolutions are important, I think. I hope that you will strive for high values based on knowledge, and will have the discipline to align your acts with your values. If you do that, it will be hard for anyone to expect any more from you, … Continue reading

Another day in the Philippines


By Joe America The keyboard warrior pecked at his keyboard.  Perhaps you got the message. The cop picked up his gun. You hoped he was not coming for you. The Christian put away his Bible. He preferred Duterte to Jesus. The communist betrayed the poor. He was on a fast track to power. The poor … Continue reading

Merry Christmas! Putang Ina Mo!


Merry Christmas! Putang Ina Mo! Anno Domini 2016 By Edgar Lores At the end of the year of the Lord 2016, we find ourselves in a divided world. This bifurcated world is reflected in the title. On one side, we have the old world of tradition, of civility and of — dare I say? — … Continue reading