The majority senators are frozen in silence

By JoeAm Majority senators are stuck between a rock and a hard place. That accounts for their silence during all the Independence Day chatter about China’s harassment of Filipino fishermen. In fact, they have been silent on a lot of important issues. Although they look to President Duterte for certain favors in the future, they … Continue reading

Defense Secretary Lorenzana has failed the Philippines

By Joe America Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has a difficult job, without question. He performed it well until this week when he decided to lay the blame for mismanagement of the West Philippine Sea on President Aquino (Who ‘mismanaged’ West PHL Sea? Lorenzana points to previous admin; GMA News). The fundamental rule that Secretary Lorenzana … Continue reading

“What does China have on President Duterte?”

By JoeAm That question comes up repeatedly in my social media pages. Many Filipinos can’t comprehend a foreign policy that has the Philippines giving up it’s brilliantly fought and hard won arbitration hearing against China because “Filipinos would be slaughtered in a war”. They know, and figure the President himself knows, that such an argument … Continue reading

The New Visayas, Playground of the Pacific

By Joe America Sometimes I dream. It gets tiresome dealing with all the bad thinking, bad values, and absurdity of the Philippines. I mean, when you have Supreme Court justices so self-involved that they disregard the Constitution, the situation is pretty hopeless. Then you have the power families tapping the streams of wealth that taxpayers … Continue reading

Time and President Duterte

By Joe America Time is an interesting creature. She stops for no man or woman. She is in our life every day and she decides when that life ends. She inserts herself in our activities to give us stress or forces us to get organized. She tells us how long a President can serve. As … Continue reading