Drug war deaths can fill up the Big Dome

By Andrew Lim Picture the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City. The Dome – site of so many conventions, concerts, games. We’ve all seen it or been there. It has a seating capacity of 16,035 of which 13,581 are permanent. It can be reconfigured to fit various events- basketball, boxing, ice shows, even cockfighting. … Continue reading

Anatomy of a dust-up

By Joe America Reasons readers get angry The social media debate is a hostile debate, in the main. Here are reasons why this is so: Readers confuse opinions with facts and try to argue against them. This invariably leads to ad hominem insults because opinions don’t change much. They are opinions. Readers don’t respect those … Continue reading

Did China send the Shabu to remind us who owns the West Philippine Sea?

By Andrew Lim Is Philippine foreign policy under “regulatory capture” by China? For alert observers of the political scene, it is a puzzling, if not head-scratching event: P6.4 billion worth of shabu made its way to Philippine shores via the Bureau of Customs last May 2017, and there’s hardly any reaction from the President. For … Continue reading

The Philippines and the US: finding a way to work together?

By Joe America Three pieces of information flew into my surprised face a couple of days ago, and out popped this blog. One came from Phelim Kine, the Deputy Director of the Asia Division, Human Rights Watch, regarding US Secretary of State Tillerson’s conversation with Philippine President Duterte at the ASEAN foreign minister’s confab. Kine … Continue reading

A vision of the Philippine future!!!

By Joe America Let’s imagine a likely future for the Philippines. We can draw our deductions from the trends we currently see, including current events, popular will, and various government acts. I shall presume that readers are fairly well versed on social, political, and economic developments in the Philippines. If you have questions or disagree … Continue reading