Almost no one will read this article because it is long and contains the word ‘paucity’

By JoeAm In the old days, when we received letters and picked up the ringing phone which had a wire attached, and read the newspaper or caught the news on the TV, we lived with simple understandings. One of them was that this is real. The letter is truly from Cousin Sylvia, the phone call … Continue reading

Heydarian on “petty, elitist, self-absorbed” liberals

By JoeAm A lot of people concluded these past few days that political pundit Richard Heydarian had left his middle ground of carefully parsed objectivity to put his full weight behind the Duterte government. It started with this tweet:     It didn’t make sense to me, that DDS-Marcos folk could back families known for … Continue reading

Joe America called out for issuing black propaganda!!!

Or how Chinese and Russian ‘influencers’ are at work in the Philippines By JoeAm This is perhaps the most meaningful blog I’ve done here in the Philippines over 10 years and 1,500 articles penned. It places us at the cutting edge of the new political, social, and moral landscape that will determine how we and … Continue reading

China’s plan for the Philippines

By JoeAm As I look at what is happening in and around the Philippines, I don’t think it is a great mystery as to what China’s plan for the Philippines might be. I mean, figuring it out is easier than reading tea leaves. The Main Goals The first thing we have to recognize is that … Continue reading

How China is peeling the Philippines like a very blind cabbage

By JoeAm I am impressed with China’s strategic approach to gaining global power. I don’t like it. But I am impressed. China uses small steps unrestrained by laws or matters of fair play, kindness, or respect. She does not need an army. She has agents on the ground. Filipinos, in the Philippines. When push-back occurs, … Continue reading